Fitzdog Radio - A Comedy Podcast

Fitzdog Radio - A Comedy Podcast

United States

Fitzdog Radio! A place where Greg can continue his Sirius / XM Show on Howard 101, and give you more interview time with the guest, and more funny.


Joe List - Episode 655  

Comedian Joe List announces that he just told his mother he loves her for the first time.

Robert Kelly - Episode 654  

Greg hangs with old Boston pal Robert Kelly in Greenwich Village, USA.

Aunty Donna - Episode 653  

Australian comedy phenoms Aunty Donna pitch Greg their new hit sitcom.

Duncan Trussell - Episode 652  

Illegitimate son of Timothy Leary and amazing comedian Duncan Trussell explores infinity and Jesus.

Todd Barry - Episode 651  

Big-time comedian with medium energy Todd Barry talks to Greg at the Comedy Cellar studio.

Sean Donnelly - Episode 650  

Irish-American NYC comic Sean Donnelly joins Greg in the "Williamsburg Fitzdog Studios."


David Feldman<BR />Episode 649  

Dear friend and legendary comedian/broadcaster David Feldman once again makes Greg cry laughing.

Chris Voth - Episode 648  

One of Denver's top comics, Chris Voth, visits Greg at his condo.

Neal Brennan - Episode 647  

Greg once again hangs with his friend and "Chappelle’s Show" co-creator Neal Brennan.

Caroline Rhea - Episode 646  

The fabulous Caroline Rhea joins Greg in his Denver condo for a few good laughs.

Xzibit - Episode 645  

West coast badass rapper and host of “Pimp My Ride” Xzibit sits with Greg and talks about real life.

Tom Segura - Episode 644  

Tom Segura shares tales of being astral gendered on the road.

Beth Stelling - Episode 643  

Fellow writer on “Crashing” and standout stand-up Beth Stelling goes deep with Greg while also providing some solid laughs.

Alison Rosen - Episode 642  

Greg’s pal and future co-host on their new podcast “Loin Fruit” talk about where babies come from.

Tait Fletcher - Episode 641  

MMA star/stunt man/actor Tait Fletcher shares his philosophy about trying to scare yourself every day.

Wheeler Walker Jr. - Episode 640  

Wheeler Walker Jr. returns to the show to talk about his new album and perform a couple of tunes.

Laurence Fishburne - Episode 639  

Hollywood legend Laurence Fishburne talks to Greg about his long career and new 10-part podcast called, "Bronzeville."

Jo Koy - Episode 638  

The mighty Jo Koy talks to Greg about how they are both going to blow their kids' college money.

Mike Gibbons & Sunday Papers - Episode 637  

Fitzdog Radio sidekick Mike Gibbons jumps in on a special edition of the Sunday Papers!

Ken Jeong - Episode 636  

Ken Jeong talks to Greg about working on his hit ABC show "Dr. Ken."

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