Fitzdog Radio - A Comedy Podcast

Fitzdog Radio - A Comedy Podcast

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Fitzdog Radio! A place where Greg can continue his Sirius / XM Show on Howard 101, and give you more interview time with the guest, and more funny.


Jen Kirkman - Episode 607  

From Chelsea Lately, your bookstores and your comedy clubs, the outspoken Jen Kirkman turns in an awesome interview as always.

Joey Diaz - Episode 606  

Born in Havana, Cuba, Joey Diaz talks about his feelings on Fidel Castro dying this week. Sadly, we also talk about his fungus toe.

Omar Epps - Episode 605  

In his triumphant return to the show, Omar Epps talks about having a daughter the same age as Greg’s. (Sadly that age is 13.)

Nick Offerman - Episode 604  

From "Parks and Recreation" and his own woodshop, Nick Offerman weighs in on the election and inner peace.

Macy Gray - Episode 603  

Sometimes dreams come true -- Greg reached out months ago to one of his musical idols and here she is. Macy Gray has a great laugh.

Scott Aukerman - Episode 602  

Scott Aukerman created "Comedy Bang! Bang!" and "Between Two Ferns," but now in his biggest career move yet he takes on the Fitzdog.

Chelsea Handler - Episode 601  

Chelsea is inspired by the election to work even harder. She also explains the training regimen that allows her to drink at will.

Alison Rosen - Episode 600  

Greg and Alison discuss whether one should go through life self-assured and accepting or kicking and screaming in an insecure rage questioning who we are. And some news stories.

Brad Williams - Episode 599  

When it comes to landing three-ways, having an Asian fiancee with a black belt has made Brad Williams a little person in big demand.

Jim Norton & Sam Roberts - Episode 598  

Radio team Jim Norton and Sam Roberts talks real estate, Trump and getting transvestites past your doorman.

Ritch Shydner - Episode 597  

Legendary American comic Ritch Shydner shares great stories about Kinison, Hicks and Kevin Meaney.

Kliph Nesteroff - Episode 596  

Author of The Comedians Kliph Nesteroff talks shop with Greg and describes how LSD had a profound influence on many top comedians.


R.I.P. Kevin Meaney  

An interview with the late great Kevin Meaney where he talks about rage, coming out of the closet and having a crush on Ellen DeGeneres. He was one of the best

Brian Huskey - Episode 595  

From Veep and Bob’s Burgers, UCB alum Brian Huskey talks about being THAT guy you recognize from his hundreds of roles in Hollywood.

Sarah Colonna - Episode 594  

Greg tells his friend from Chelsea Lately how much her star football player husband is worth, and she decides to buy some new shoes!

Jesse Ventura - Episode 593  

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura talks about weed, WikiLeaks and Washington.

Sunday Papers - Episode 592  

Get your Sunday Papers! Fresh take on this week's news from the Fitzdog.

Rob Corddry - Episode 591  

Hot off winning TWO Emmy Awards, Rob Corddry talks about his new HBO show Ballers.

Matt Braunger - Episode 590  

The return of the lovely Matt Braunger brings a lively discussion of pot legalization and commercial shoots.

Norm Macdonald - Episode 589  

Everyone's favorite comedian Norm Macdonald talks about his memoir, "Based on a True Story."

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