Fitzdog Radio - A Comedy Podcast

Fitzdog Radio - A Comedy Podcast

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Fitzdog Radio! A place where Greg can continue his Sirius / XM Show on Howard 101, and give you more interview time with the guest, and more funny.


R.I.P. Kevin Meaney  

An interview with the late great Kevin Meaney where he talks about rage, coming out of the closet and having a crush on Ellen DeGeneres. He was one of the best

Brian Huskey - Episode 595  

From Veep and Bob’s Burgers, UCB alum Brian Huskey talks about being THAT guy you recognize from his hundreds of roles in Hollywood.

Sarah Colonna - Episode 594  

Greg tells his friend from Chelsea Lately how much her star football player husband is worth, and she decides to buy some new shoes!

Jesse Ventura - Episode 593  

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura talks about weed, WikiLeaks and Washington.

Sunday Papers - Episode 592  

Get your Sunday Papers! Fresh take on this week's news from the Fitzdog.

Rob Corddry - Episode 591  

Hot off winning TWO Emmy Awards, Rob Corddry talks about his new HBO show Ballers.

Matt Braunger - Episode 590  

The return of the lovely Matt Braunger brings a lively discussion of pot legalization and commercial shoots.

Norm Macdonald - Episode 589  

Everyone's favorite comedian Norm Macdonald talks about his memoir, "Based on a True Story."

L.A. Podfest 2016 - Episode 588  

LIVE from the LA Podfest, Nikki Glaser sits in with Mike Gibbons and talks about her new plan to have an open relationship with her boyfriend.

Karen Kilgariff - Episode 587  

Greg’s old friend Karen Kilgariff talks about her #1 podcast “My Favorite Murder” and Irish dads.

Alison Rosen - Episode 586  

Premier podcaster & cool chick Alison Rosen has a marathon talk with Greg. Hilarious mixed with heavy.

Kurt Yaeger - Episode 585  

From Sons of Anarchy and the X Games, Kurt Yaeger talks about recovering from losing his leg and living in Texas.

Samm Levine - Episode 584  

Samm Levine talks about working with Tarantino and joining the mile high club (not w/ Quentin.)

Sunday Papers - Episode 583  

Greg brings you a new edition of the "Sunday Papers."

Jeff Garlin - Episode 582  

From Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Goldbergs, Jeff Garlin talks about the new season of Curb.

David Feldman - Episode 581  

Emmy award winner and legendary comic David Feldman opens up about his divorce and how Playboy ruined his life.

Joey Diaz - Episode 580  

Joey "Coco" Diaz recounts tales of murder, theft, and putting cocaine somewhere you wouldn't believe.

Melora Hardin - Episode 579  

Recently nominated for an Emmy, show favorite Melora Hardin talks to Greg about gas and other things.

Tom Green - Episode 578  

Tom Green and Greg open the phone lines and talk about comedy and Trump. (At the same time.)

Adam Carolla - Episode 577  

Greg’s cohort the Aceman talks about family and the future of African Americans in this country.


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