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Niall Horan, That's Unbelievable, Where were you stuck - 12th September 2017  

The boys sit down with the most down-to-earth superstar ever, Niall Horan. Plus another round of That’s Unbelievable! 

Johnny Ruffo, Amazing Claims, Scott Cam - 11th September 2017  

The incredible Johnny Ruffo talked the boys through the moment he found out he had a brain tumour and how he’s been progressing since his diagnosis. Plus Amazing Claims wow’s the team once again!

Bow Wow, Turia Pitt, Dr Michael Morsley - 8th September 2017  

The OG Bow Wow takes on Tommy in Rap Up of the Week and we talk about animals that solve crimes!

Peter Overton, Pepper Pig, Spanish Songs - 7th September 2017  

There's a major Peppa Pig outrage & newsreader Matt De Groot takes on Peter Overton in Headline Off! 

Vance Joy, James Blunt, Tell Me More - 6th September 2017  

The incredible Vance Joy performs live in studio and James Blunt chats to the guys about his appearance on The Bachelor tonight!

PM Malcolm Turnbull, Gaz Surprise, Royal Baby - 5th September 2017  

For the first time ever, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull joined the boys to chat all things North Korea and his appalling basketball skills! Plus Gaz from Hell’s Kitchen visited the studio to cop a feel from Sarah.

Tom Gleisner, Amazing Claims, School Reunion - 4th September 2017  

Tom Gleisner, host of HYBPA, tested out the boy’s headlines knowledge & we had one of the best Amazing Claims ever!

Rap of the week, Guy Sebastian, Tinder gone wrong - 1st September 2017  

1st day of Spring and we have a special Father's Day edition of Rap up of the week with Fitzy vs Mick Fitzgerald his dad. Also Guy Sebastian pops in for a chat.

Russell Crowe, Macklemore, Beau Ryan - 31st August 2017  

Hollywood superstar RUSSELL CROWE called through to help announce the exciting news – Fitzy and Wippa are giving one lucky fan the chance to win business class flights with Emirates to Dublin to see him perform live! Plus Macklemore and Beau Ryan check in with the boys.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Life Smarts, Lenny's Haircut - 30th August 2017  

The incredible Jada Pinkett Smith opens up about her first few years in Hollywood and what the underground Hip Hop scene was like alongside good friend 2Pac. Plus live shows don’t always go to plan, hear about some of the best live disasters stories!

Amazing Claims, Mystery Flights, Connor McGregor - 29th August 2017  

Fitzy shares a story about how he was unexpectedly hit with a $3k bill after walking out of a Vegas club. Plus, related to The Wiggles and helping Ned Kelly escape from prison, Amazing Claims is back and is more amazing than ever. 

Tony Robbins, That's Unbelievable, Taylor Swift Song - 28th August 2017  

Tony Robbins, the motivator to the stars, talks to Fitzy and Wippa about coaching Bill Clinton and his friend DJ Khalid plus you won’t believe how a caller was reunited with their dog in ‘That’s Unbelievable’!

Dr Chris Brown, Shane Jacobson, Kit Harrington - 25th August 2017  

Dr Chris Brown takes on Fitzy in rap up of the week with special surprise and Wippa gets stitched up Kit Harrington.

Bill Shorten, Dodgy Teachers, Sam Burgess - 24th August 2017  

We talk dodgy teachers, Wippa debuts a new segment you don't want to miss and opposition leader Bill Shorten comes on the show

Matty J, Jared Leto, Warnie - 23rd August 2017  

It wouldn’t be a Wednesday without a Warnie Update, he’s been looking a bit chunky lately and was spotted buying a load of junk food…Matty J joined the boys and Fitz was searching for a scoop and Jared Leto calls in!

Adam Hills, Amazing Claims, Creepy Kids - 22nd August 2017  

Adam Hills joins the boys to chat dual citizenship and see if he can borrow one from an Australian politician if any are listening? We had a brilliant round of amazing claims and Wippa’s son may be an reincarnation of Princess Diana!

That's Unbelievable, Wippa's rocket, Hewie's bday - 21st August 2017  

Welcome back, the boys are refreshed and ready (unconfirmed)… Wippa decided to teach his boys how to launch a rocket, it didn’t end well and Fitz’s wife maybe door knocking for wine! Also we got your unbelievable stories!

Michelle Bridges, Tom Time, Languages - 18th August 2017  

It’s Friday guys take your top off… not you Wippa. Michelle Bridges came into the studio for a huge Rap of the Week against the winless Wippa, spoiler: he’s still winless. Fitzy’s son Huey is learning French to pick up girls and Producer Tom has had to be punished via hair straightener! 

Rhys Darby, Beau Ryan, Tell Me More - 17th August 2017  

Fitzy is back and firing, Rhys Darby stops by the studio and the boys ask about his amphibious car and Beau Ryan has had a new boy and asks some parenting advice from the boys.

Traffic dating, Sarah's birth, Nude parents - 16th August 2017  

Big Fitz has been struck down by the common cold…Barnaby Joyce is copping heat from Amber Heard, Sare is afraid of being nude whilst she gives birth and we played another round of Traffic Dating!

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