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Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 27 February 2017  

We reunited Fitzy and Kate Fisher this morning which was hilarious! Plus Pat Rafter joined us and we took your calls on Oh That’s Interesting…. You won't believe who someone saw in the airport in Spain!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 24 February 2017  

Tom from Tom time shares his best 'word of the week' yet, Mel Doyle does a 'Headline off' against Matt De Groot and Fitzy battles Ily in the best wrap up of the week to date.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 23 February 2017  

Wippa has some stories about being hit downstairs apparently he was wrestling his mates after school? The Real House Wives of Sydney came into the studio and friend of the show Guy Sebastian calls through to talk about his lady boy pictures!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 22 February 2017  

Fitzy has an update on the guy who bought his bike and a few lessons on the dangers surrounding kissing! Wippa has a list of things you didn’t know about Gladiator and Colin Fassnidge joins the boys!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 21 February 2017  

A man has been turned into a pork chop after annoying his neighbour…No question is ever a stupid question on the Fitzy and Wippa show, that is unless they can’t figure out the answer and Hugo Weaving steps into the studio!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 20 February 2017  

We bought back a special edition of Punday Monday, Wippa told us why his weekend away with the family was a disaster and we took some great calls with AMAZING CLAIMS.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 17 February 2017  

Rachel Griffiths joins Fitzy and Wippa as well as Bryan Brown and Emeli Sande gives us some great goss on Adele as well as an incredible acoustic cover.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 16 February 2017  

Wippa gets to play his favourite game again sorry Fitzy but it’s time to guess how long did it last! Fitz has found a new invention for wine glasses and Wippa wants to hear more about divorce parties because apparently they are a thing!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 15 February 2017  

Post Valentine’s Day hangovers are over and the boys are looking for your Romantic or Pathetic stories, Fitzy has found a creative way to explain to his boys the Fifty Shades Darker movie and Wippa has a confession for his wife…it involves cupcakes.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 14 February 2017  

Valentine’s day is upon us and although the boys won’t be giving anything to their wives they have flowers for every caller! Wippa is a Netflix Cheater and Kate Richie joins the show to be quizzed on life with an imaginary friend!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 13 February 2017  

Tom Arnold has been booted from the jungle but not from the Fitzy and Wippa Show, Matty Preston is trying his hand at Bold and the Beautiful and Casey Donovan has a useful message that the boys could use!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 10 February 2017  

Wrap up of the week is back with Tom vs Matt De Groot - will it end in another disaster? You'll have to find out (yes it does).

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 9 February 2017  

It’s the perfect day to Go Wippin’ as Wippa sets sail with 23 new mates on Sydney Harbour to pull in some fish! Fitzy has also discovered a new musical that would be great for Wippa and Tom confesses his creepiness around Sylvia Jeffreys.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 8 February 2017  

Happy Ed’nesday! Everything was about the Ginger Ninja today, the boys bought him an Ed Sheeran shaped cake and he bit off the nose! Fitzy also has an issue with the new show description on the website!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 7 February 2017  

All things Superbowl today - can Fitzy and Sarah tell the difference between Tom Ivey and Tom Brady? Michaell Usher gives us some confessions and Fitzy has been caught wrestling!


Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 6 February 2017  

Streakers wearing Elmo costumes, Wippa thinks he could get a piece of IKEA furniture named after him and Fitzy ponders how he would get revenge on a cheating ex!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 3 February 2017  

Gastro on a Cruise ship isn’t amazing but Sarah said she would use it to her advantage, the boys have a confession for John Legend and John Laws has an R rated message for Steve Price.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 2 February 2017  

Dark Tourism is now a thing, Wil Anderson joins the boys to talk Uber-Eats and Uber-Bullies and the guys swap stories on what went wrong at the school play!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 1 February 2017  

Producer Tommy is getting his creep on with Kendall Jenner and Wippa is calling him out on it, Fitzy ‘found’ some audio of Russell Crowe bursting in on a child birth and Jason Dundas joins the boys to talk fashion!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 31 January 2017  

Pinch and a punch for the last day of the month... That works still right? Passenger joins us for a live acoustic and we find Wippa a fishing buddy. So much hilarity and more in today's podcast xo

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