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The Bachelor, Haim, Kendall Jenner - 26th July 2017  

Matty J from the Bachelor, the girls from HAIM hang and it’s Ninja warrior time!

Traffic Dating, Fussy Food eaters, Seal and Delta - 25th July 2017  

We play traffic dating, talk to fussy food eaters and are Seal and Delta in love?

Matt Preston, Parenting Fails, Picking up at a funeral - 24th July 2017  

Matt Preston hung out, we ask have you ever picked up at a funeral and Wippa has some parenting fails!

Ben Fordham, Queen's fav song, donkey's in China - 21st July 2017  

Ben Fordham takes on Rap Up Of the Week, what are the queens fave things? And there's a donkey shortage in China.

Ian Thorpe, Beau Ryam, Tom Time - 20th July 2017  

Ian Thrope, Delta Goodrem is in trouble, and Beau Ryan hangs out!

Kate Ritchie, Ed Sheeran, Whatcha say - 19th July 2017  

Kate Ritchie talks about her racey shoot, Ed Sheeran is on another TV show and our favourite game Whatcha say is back.

Rob Sitch, Team presents, Amazing Claims - 18th July 2017  

Rob Sitch, Fitzy has presents for everyone! And we hear your Amazing Claims

Gladys Berejiklian, when your wig fell off, what's living inside you - 17th July 2017  

We’re back! Gladys Berejiklian makes good on her origin bet, Fitzy’s now a Private Investigator and we track down the oldest nightclubber!

Niall Horan, Miss Universe, Wippa Snapper - 30th June 2017  

Niall Horan takes over and we let you ask the question! + Metro wippa snapper is back. 

Iggy Azalea, Christian Wilkins, Tom Time - June 29th 2017  

Iggy Azalea, Christian Wilkins and everyone's fav segment Tom Time!

Katy Perry, Ben Fordham, Census - 28th June 2017  

Katy Perry, Ben Fordham and Sarah makes the census SEXY!

Sam Burgess, Sam Mac, Sarah's baby - 27th June 2017  

It’s SAM DAY! The Rabbitohs Sam Burgess, Sam Mac from Sunrise plays Traffic Dating and we find out the gender of Sarah’s baby

Jessica Mauboy, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler - 26th June 2017  

Jessica Mauboy hangs out, what you’ve done to get out of a ticket and hear the behind the scenes from Wippa’s Rap Tour

Larry Emdur, Kylie Gillies, Rap King Day - 23rd June 2017  

Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies take on Fitzy and Wippa in Rap up of the week. Who wins? Who loses?

Beau Ryan, What you found in your wall, Wippa Rap King - 22nd June 2017  

Beau Ryan, what you found in your wall and the Wippa Rap King rehearsal you have to hear.

Gladys Berejiklian, Laurie Daley, Dr Karl - 21st June 2017  


Sarah Harris, Sabre Norris, That's Unbelievable - 20th June 2017  

Sarah Harris, Sabre Norris and we hear your unbelievable stories!

Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Hudson, Amazing Nicknames - 19th June 2017  

Hailee Steinfeld, Jennifer Hudson and we hear your Amazing Nicknames

Wippa's rap single, Chris Rock, Dog nappers  

Wippa releases his debut single ‘BORN TO RAP’, Chris Rock calls in and we hear when you’ve had a few too many and bought silly things on ebay.

Teri Hatcher, Tom Time, Mick Fitzgerald - 15th June 2017  

Terri Hatcher, Tom Time and what’s Fitzy’s dad Mick being doing that he shouldn’t?

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