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Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 20 January 2017  

Outgoing Premier Mike Baird joins the show for final goodbyes and to relive some of his best bits, the boys cross live to Washington for Trumps Inauguration and Big Dickie Wilkins raps the week up against Wippa!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 19 January 2017  

When the cats away the mice will play, unfortunately producer Tommy is out of action due to pink eye.. so the boys gave him an early morning wake up call, as well as providing a public service announcement on talkback radio.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 18 January 2017  

We are feeling hot, hot, hot and so are the people of Sydney, apparently not having sex can make you live longer and Fitzy would love to chat to a nun. Also Wipps learnt a lesson about sliding down kids slides – it’s not good for his mild arthritis.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 17 January 2017  

Everyone loves a Tuesday.. Sarah Harris joined the boys and they wanted to know her opinion on the ‘Jacket Gate’, Beau Ryan called the show with something to say to Fitzy plus Fitzy decided to stitch up his poor parents!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 16 January 2017  

HAPPY 2017 EVERYBODY! We were back chatting all things Shannon Noll and the arrest at a strip club. Plus you won’t believe what kind of gym Wippa has joined… it will shock you!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 2 December 2016  

It’s the last podcast of the year! So we’ve organised a big one for you – Shane Warne called through to tell us if Emily Ratajkowski ever got back to him on Instagram plus the ultimate End of Year Rap, it’s Fitzy and Sarah against Tom and Wippa. Enjoy!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 1 December 2016  

We were live from The Qantas Heritage Centre waiting to board our very own plane to take some special people to Australia Zoo. Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris also came to visit before we jumped on board and spoke about the demise of Dolly Magazine … You won’t believe what Dr Chris revealed he learnt from Dolly as a teen. Listen to find out!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 30 November 2016  

This morning we brought Guy Sebastian in for everybody’s new favourite game – Dial-A-Carol! It was Christmas Carols by request as Guy got us into the Christmas spirit in style. Plus, more shocking Christmas party confessions and the final Letters to the Editor of the year.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 29 November 2016  

This morning we asked for some juicy Christmas party confessions and boy did you deliver. What did one listener do with some Christmas ornaments and a body part? This one isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 28 November 2016  

This morning Matthew McConaughey joined us to share his favourite memories of living in Australia as a teenager. Wait until you find out what happened on his first day working at ANZ bank – the police were called!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 25 November 2016  

You don’t know what you’re going to get with Lady Gaga – one day she’s in a meat dress, the next she’s jamming in a studio while on the phone with us. We speak to Lady Gaga in today’s podcast about Kanye West’s recent issues, her dad’s cooking and an impromptu performance!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 24 November 2016  

Yesterday while Fitzy was in the office, he received a call from his wife BJ – who was frantic. There was a very particular reason why she demanded he come home, one which may puzzle you. Find out in today’s podcast.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 23 November 2016  

Justin Timberlake, what a guy. We speak to him in today’s podcast where he revealed the time he trashed a hotel while in *NSYNC. Plus, James Arthur performs for you live (well.. delayed. Because this is a podcast)!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 22 November 2016  

When you get invited into Robbie Williams’ hotel room, sometimes you don’t know what to expect. What we got was an amazing interview that ended with Fitzy and Robbie discussing the merits of having the snip! Plus, as if things couldn’t get better, the beautiful Jen Hawkins drops by.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 21 November 2016  

This morning Wippa explained why he wants to buy the Queen’s underwear and as we await the inevitable A Current Affair story on Schoolies, Fitzy had an update on what happened over the weekend on the Gold Coast. Spoiler: It’s not pretty.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 18 November 2016  

Happy Friday! This week in our Rap of the Week, Sarah takes on Wippa – who has come equipped with a smoke machine, costume and dancers. Could this be a disaster or the best thing you’ve heard all week? Find out in today’s podcast.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 17 November 2016  

In today’s podcast we catch up with Aussie superstar Jai Courtney (you’ll know him from Suicide Squad and the latest Die Hard and Terminator films) plus ladies man Jon Hamm (you’ll know him from that photo where he’s not wearing underwear. Ladies, you know the one).

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 16 November 2016  

From the man who brought you the Gladiator Running Club comes the new sensation that’s set to take over the world. Find out what Wippa has come up with now in today’s podcast! Plus, we asked for your amazing claims to fame and you sure delivered.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 15 November 2016  

Things got awkward when Little Mix join us on today’s podcast when they ripped the questions out of Wippa’s hands after one question took things a bit too far. Find out what happened by downloading this podcast – you won’t hear this on Serial..

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 14 November 2016  

Happy Monday Everyone! The boys got Dami Im to call The Veronica’s and Peking Duk to quiz them about Eurovision and it got horribly awkward. You won’t believe how they respond! Plus Fitzy reveals something very close to him that he’s giving up- and it’s going to affect all of us!

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