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Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 27 October 2016  

Wait until you hear the unbelievable cover song Betty Who performed for us live on air this morning – plus Scotty Cam revealed the worst 3 jobs he’s seen in the past 12 seasons of The Block – what one couple did to their room would put anyone off buying a home.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 26 October 2016  

It’s our favourite time of the week – Letters to the Editor – where Sarah stitches us up with your feedback on the show. Where does the positive feedback go? Surely someone is sending us a nice email. Anyone?

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 25 October 2016  

This morning we brought back one of our favourite segments – Oh, that’s Interesting! – Which massive American comedian was spotted complaining about their food? And you won’t believe who was buying a fish in Penrith – okay, mainly because we didn’t believe the caller either.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 24 October 2016  

For our latest parody song, we’ve aimed high. Forget all you knew about Wham’s songs from the 80’s, it’s time for the new classic “Donald Trump has got to Go Go.” Sarah even has a solo! Check it out in today’s podcast.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 21 October 2016  

We’ll be honest, there was a moment at Fitzy’s 40th party which was disastrous. It involves Wippa wearing a mullet wig and address the audience. Find out why he was booed off-stage in today’s podcast. Plus, Guy Sebastian takes on our producer Tom in the latest edition of Rap Up of the Week!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 20 October 2016  

Did you know that the underwear you wear on a first date says a lot about you? Needless to say, Wippa’s suggestion that the team go commando tomorrow received a “mixed” reaction. Plus, find out the alarming new craze Fitzy has found taking place in Sydney too often than it should be..

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 19 October 2016  

Kim Cattrall, chats to us in today’s podcast – you won’t believe how Sex and the City ruined her love life. Plus, it’s our favourite segment and this week in Letters to the Editor everybody in the team cops a spray.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 18 October 2016  

This morning, another fantastic edition of This is Your Life as we celebrated the life of Fitzy. Fellow Big Brother housemate and Friday Night Download co-star Bree Amer called through to share some memories of life inside the house. Plus, Hugo Weaving once was proclaimed a hero after answering a passerby’s pleas. Find out what happened in today’s podcast.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 17 October 2016  

On today’s podcast Wippa played Mike Munro as we took a look back in time for “This is Your Life” to celebrate Fitzy’s birthday week. What happens when we reunite him with his first kiss and his first footy coach? Just to clarify, they are separate people..

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 14 October 2016  

It’s not the traditional way to celebrate a Grand Final win, but NRL champion Michael Ennis joined us to take on Wippa in an EPIC rap up of the week! Plus, two of our favourite segments – we find out what you’ve only just realised, plus Dodgy Teachers is back!

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 13 October 2016  

This morning we asked the question – would you tell your neighbour if their partner was cheating? Plus, an amazing story from a caller today who sat next to a dead person on their flight. What a disaster! Plus, Sam from the Bachelorette joins us to tell us all about last night’s episode.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 10 October 2016  

This morning, our friend Chrissie Swan visited us to crack the case of the year – is Chrissie going insane? We went through the evidence and delivered our verdict in today’s podcast. Plus, what happened when Fitzy encountered a frustrated father and a distraught child in the park? The answer may surprise you.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 12 October 2016  

Our friend Joel Creasey paid us a visit today to make the startling claim that Hilary Clinton is stealing from him. We’re not sure where he’s going with this either, but we’re prepared to listen. Plus, NSW Premier Mike Baird called through to explain his backflip on the state’s greyhound racing ban.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 11 October 2016  

This morning, we found out something truly remarkable about Celine Dion – she’s only kissed one man in her life! You won’t believe the calls we took when we asked whether there was anyone in Sydney with the same story. Plus, what’s the one thing Footy star Trent Merrin has given up for this weekend’s test match? It’s divided his family and you’ll find out in today’s podcast.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 7 October 2016  

In today’s podcast, we pulled a killer stitch-up on our producer Tom when his hairdresser called to complain about all the mentions they get on air. Plus, Dr. Oz gives us the lowdown on what Donald Trump’s medical reports means about his ability to run for President.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 6 October 2016  

This morning, Wippa finally puts to bed the big debate – was his cover band, Platnium, any good? Luckily he pulled out the big guns to give evidence, with Megan Gale as witness #1. You’ll be surprised by her review..

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 5 October 2016  

This morning was the ultimate battle of wits, as Bachelorette Georgia Love went one on one with our newsreader Matt De Groot in a headline challenge. Plus, you’ll never believe what hobby Lisa has taken up in her spare time. Wippa was outraged.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 4 October 2016  

This morning Robbie Williams revealed the lengths he went to in order to get Ed Sheeran’s help with his new album. Plus, newly crowned NRL champion Mick Ennis called through after a long weekend of celebrations to talk about the big Grand Final victory.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 30 September 2016  

Keith Urban came in to visit. You won't believe what he revealed about him and Nicole! He also took on Fitzy in Rap of the Week.

Fitzy and Wippa Podcast 29 September 2016  

Today is Wippa’s birthday so we treated him to some of his favourite things – his fave singer Jessica Mauboy came in and we challenged her to perform her favourite movie themes while his I’m a Celebrity campmate Havana Brown reminisced about the horrid 48 hours he spent in the South African jungle.

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