Flats and Shanks

Flats and Shanks

United Kingdom

David Flatman and Tom Shanklin are two former professional rugby players. Having been flatmates while playing at Saracens, their friendship endured, and now they’d like to share with you bunches of views and thoughts and jokes. Please, do let the chaps know if you like it (or don’t!).


Episode 28: The one where Flats dresses like Super Gav.  

This week we talk non-stop for over forty three minutes

Episode 27: The one from Bazz's flat  

You know what it's normally like? Yeah? Well it's like that again

Episode 26: The gossipy one  

It's Haye's Achilles, our first bet, and the WRU's Halfpenny saga

Episode 25: The poddy one  

This week we talk all sorts. Seriously, all sorts

Episode 24: The Warren Gatland one  

This week we talk about a few things but, to be honest, it's all about a brilliant chat with Warren Gatland

Episode 23: Let's get physical  

This week we talk about movies on Netflix, the Six Nations, and players contracts.

Episode 22: The one with the picture of Shanks having a lie down.  

This week we get so serious it hurts. Soz

Episode 21: Bit  serious, bit trucky  

This week we talk about Billy Vunipola's big heart, poor man management, and the Six Nations.

Episode 20: Fresh as daisies  

This week we discuss Sir Gareth Edwards' violent side, scrapping in training, and how we might stitch each other up.

Episode 19: The one where we are both a bit tired  

This week we talk about dragging flashers from rivers and healthy pursuits

Episode 18: The one that's too long  

This week we talk about red cards, Mike Phillips' grey hairs, and Christian Wade chewing gum

Episode 17: The Body Mass Index one  

This week we discuss precisely how fat we are, Richard Cockrill's sacking, and monkey lamps

Episode 16: The Will Carling one.  

This week we talk big softies, high brow literature, and hair dye with Will Carling Esq. And Flats gets very excited over Lineouts.

Episode 15: Cheap Shots and Gangster Leans  

This week we ramble almost ceaselessly, then talk about Dylan (Hartley, not Bob).

Episode 14: Drinks in Dubai and Daisy the Cat  

This week we find out precisely what Shanks calls work, we talk about the George North thing, and Flats' cat ruins everything

Episode 13: Brian O'Driscoll and his life  

This week we chat about life with Brian O'Driscoll and he ends up feeling weird about Shanks' invite to meet up in Dubai. So awks.

Episode 12: Two men in a box  

This week, from Shanks' second home, we talk about those nasty Kiwis, those excellent Irish, and those poor old Welsh.

Episode 11: Jack Nowell and his multicoloured human coat  

This week, like opportunist thieves, we sheephooked Jack Nowell while at Sandy Park. We talked ink.

Episode 10: Can you catch the ginger gene?  

Welsh legend Martyn Elwyn Williams joins us in Cardiff for a chat that, frankly, we wish had gone longer #

Episode 9: Early birds catch the complimentary mints  

This week we chat with British and Irish Lion Lee 'The Angle' Byrne as he makes his way to the gym for some chest and guns work (you don't see legs in nightclubs).

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