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A weekly podcast where Freya Logan and Jocelyn Seip discuss sports (mainly AFL) like girlz.


Episode 37 - Ellyse Perry  

We had our bye week but we've back with heaps to chat about!

We discuss superstar athlete Ellyse Perry, why Jocelyn is trying to get into cricket and every variation of The Footy Show you could imagine. 

Find out what we think about athletes getting in trouble for drink driving and copping it for requesting trades.

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Episode 36 - Lingerie Football League  

This week we discuss the usual A-League and W-League. We also talk about important cricket news (a dog on the pitch)

We've got opinions on lingerie football and Jobe Watson and athlete mental health.

Our Stephen Dankest episode yet.

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Episode 35 - Welcome Back Freya  

Freya is back this week and we have a lot to discuss

Tune in to hear our thoughts on the AFL Women's pay, gear designs and why we love Rugby 7s

We also do A-League and W-League Tips and Freya's dream talk is BACK.


Episode 34 - W-League  

We have a special episode this week. Freya is away but friends of the show Angela, DC, Joanne and Georgia join Jocelyn to discuss just about every sport under the sun.

We talk about W-League, Netball, Cricket and Jarryd Hayne's iphone.

Tune in to hear who our sports heroes are and why the double standards for bad behaviour annoys us.

Find out how the Cubs celebrated the curse being broken - hint: it's got to do with goats.

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Episode 33 - The Curse of the Billy Goat  

Happy Halloween sports fans!

This week we discuss A-League tips, Melbourne Cup and Gary Ablett trade rumours.

Tune in to learn about the curse of the billy goat and why we want the Cubs to win the world series

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Episode 32 - Elizabeth Cambage & AFL Trades  

AFL trades are done and it's time for us to tell you what we think!

We do Central Coast Mariners hottest in the office, discuss the new AFL women's rules and lay down the law on why we need SBS Zela.

Jocelyn also discusses how much she loves Elizabeth Cambage and athletes on social media.

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Episode 31 - Women's Draft  

We are so happy to discuss the AFL Women's Draft this week!

We also discuss trades, A-League tips and attempt to pronounce the names of the teams in the Women's Welsh Premier League.

We actually remembered Hottest in the Office this week!!

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Episode 30 - NSW Breakers  

It's been a wild week for women in sport and it's time for us to weigh in. We talk NSW Breakers, AFL Draft and US Women's Soccer with Aussie superstars.

We also discuss trades in the AFL and our tips for round 2 of the A-League

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Episode 29 - AFL Grand Final  

Get ready to hear how we spent AFL Christmas!

Hottest in the office returns as we countdown the days til our summer love, A-League, starts.

Find out what Jocelyn thought about the Sting concert she went to and our thoughts on Jimmy shaving his beard and GWS singing some more cool gals.

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Episode 28 - Brownlow Medal  

AFL's night of nights has been and gone and it's time for us to tell you our favourite bits.

We also discuss the NRL & AFL Grand Finals, the Southern Stars dominating Sri Lanka and Jobe's hat.

No hottest in the office this week....because we forgot.

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Episode 27 - Tim and Jobe Watson  

This week we are joined by special guest and resident Western Bulldogs fan, Joanne.

We talk about the Doggies beating Hawthorn, Netball Australia and the Women's VFL Grand Final. 

Find out why we think Tim Watson is the Gossip Girl of the AFL and who are the hottest AFL dads. We also discuss the issues surrounding being fat and playing sport

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Episode 26 - AFL Finals Week 1  

Week 1 of finals done and we have mixed feelings.

Listen in for Freya's tearful farewell of Boomer, Jocelyn's continual teasing of Travis Cloke and who we think are the hottest from the 22 Under 22 team.

We have Paralympics chat, Buddy Franklin goss and Q&A from our listeners

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Episode 25 - AFL Women's All-Star Game  

We went to the AFL Women's All-Star Game on the weekend and we LOVED IT. Listen in for our hot takes about the state of Women's AFL in Australia at the moment.

We also talks about our dream AFL Grand Final acts, AFL babies and how good Aussie women are at netball!

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Episode 24 - Matthew Pavlich & The Women's All-Star Game  

It's the bye-week before finals but footy hasn't stopped and neither have we!

This week we talk about the Women's All-Star Game, Australian Story and how much we love Pav!

Listen for our finals predictions and 40 minutes of Freya crying over the North Four.

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Episode 23 - Moana Hope & The Paralympics  

We've got you covered for Round 22 in the AFL, Round 23 tips and a wrap up on Rio 2016. We chat about what the heck happened with Ryan Lochte and how keen we are for the Paralympics 

Have you heard about Moana Hope - listen to find out all about this absolute queen. 

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Episode 22 - Katie Ledecky and Shane Gould  

Only two more weeks left of AFL tips before finals and we are SO excited.

We have more Olympics discussions and Evelyn joins us to talk about the importance of Simone Manuel winning a gold medal in swimming.

Tune in for the Mr. Worldwide Edition of Hottest in the Office and what we think of Tim Cahill signing with Melbourne City

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Episode 21 - Rio Olympics  

The most wonderful time of every 4 years is here - the summer Olympics! We recap the first week of sport and how much the Aussie women have kicked butt!

We've also got footy tips (don't think we forgot our first love) and Q&A from our listeners

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Episode 20 - Coaches  

There is finally cause to celebrate because Jocelyn got 9/9 on her tips! We look back on round 19 (#boomer427) and look forward to round 20 with some hopeful upsets.

Listen for Hottest in the Office Coaches Edition, how keen we are for the Olympics and more

Get to know the marquee players for the Women's AFL league!

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Episode 19 - Western Bulldogs  

After a sad game for one of us, we've set aside our feud to talk about the Western Bulldogs, Boomer's 327th game and La Course.

This week we met Boomer and saw Jack Ziebell so we're trying really hard to be chill about it.

We praise the NBA All Star Decision and condemn the racist who boo Thomas.

Freya's Dream Talk is back with a vengeance and we have a special guest star: Freya's dog.

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Episode 18 - West Coast  

This week's episode features Freya's excellent tipping and Jocelyn's mediocre caring about tipping at this point.

We discuss Le Tour de France, State of Origin and Gymnastics Funding. 

You'll find out our dream podcast guest and who exactly are the hotties from the West Coast Eagles.

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