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Follow Sports Like A Girl


A weekly podcast where Freya Logan and Jocelyn Seip discuss sports (mainly AFL) like girlz.


Episode 54 - Good Friday Footy  

We've got all your AFL tips, recap on the last round and hot takes on Good Friday footy.

We also discuss weird VFL scores and that guy who thought he could run as fast as Cathy Freeman.

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Episode 53 - Swimming and Code Hopping  

This week we discuss AFL round 3 and 4. Freya is content, Jocelyn is cocky after 1 win. We attempt to tip using our expert knowledge.

We discuss swimming and our swimming heroes!

We also talk about female athletes code hopping - is it good or bad? When is it gonna change?

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Episode 52 - Etihad Salt  

This week we attempt to tip round 3, after a much easier round 2. 

We also discuss Etihad salt, April Fools jokes and Dermott Brereton's weird comments about the AFLW.

We have GREAT news about the USA Women's hockey saga too!

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Episode 51 - AFLW GF  

This week we discuss the best day of the year: the AFLW GF!!!

We ATTEMPT to tip round 2 of the AFL and aim to get more than 1/9 this time.


We also unpack the Ben Cousins saga, masculinity in the AFL and the toxic culture surrounding that.

Jocelyn recaps the USA Hockey women's story and Freya updates us on #SaltBae at Etihad Stadium.

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(Sorry about the audio - Jocelyn was sitting too far away from the mic....classic)


Episode 50 - Women's Hockey  

The storm kept up apart but we've got a very special, jam-packed 50th episode for you all

This week we're on AFL/AFLW overload. We discuss the AFLW GF drama, tip for round 1 of the AFL and predict the AFL ladder.

Here is Freya's stats spreadsheet so you can win every argument - 

We also have Alyssa on to talk about women's ice hockey around the world and at home. We also discuss the USA women's hockey pay saga. 

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Episode 49 - Lydia Lassila  

AFLW is wrapping up and we have some OPINIONS. 

We do the usual tipping, discuss what the women's best and fairest is gonna be like and where the AFLW GF should be.

Jocelyn discussed how good Lydia Lassila is and we launch our dream campaign to get to the Commonwealth Games

We also have the wonderful Angela to talk about soccer.

Episode 48 - Asking Women More  


Except some other stuff too. We talk tennis, footy scheduling and celeb spotting

We've outsourced netball chat again to the wonderful Georgia - 

We've also got an interview with Mary-Anne Thomas MP - check it out!



Episode 47 - Elephants at Arden Street  

We've got all your hottest takes of the week on AFLW, A-League and Arden Street

We also discuss how much it sucks for fat people to exercise without judgement and what the heck Kochie is up to this week.

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Episode 46 - Suncorp Super Netball  

We're back with AFLW tips, JLT goss and opinions on the W-League proposal. #bigforthefuture

Should Tassie get an AFL team? Listen and find out

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Episode 45 - Galentine's Day  

Round 2 of AFLW has happened and of course we are discussing it.

We also give galentine's day shoutouts to our fav gal athletes and discuss the curse of the olympics.

Lengthy chat about the weather....again

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Episode 44 - AFL Women's Part 2  

IT FINALLY HAPPENED - Round 1 of AFL Women's and we have a lot of feelings.

Listen to us talk about what we liked and didn't like about this first week of women's footy and what we are looking forward to most.

We also discuss T20 Cricket, Nitro Athletics and A-League.

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Episode 43 - AFL Women's  

2 more sleeps til AFL Women's and we are SO excited. Tune in for a preview of the league, our tips and to hear what we are most excited for.

We also discuss W-League finals drama, the Australian Open and Rugby 7s.

It's a big one, strap yourselves in.

Episode 42 - Baby Danger  

The countdown is on to Round 1 of AFL Women's and we are so excited. We discuss the first game move to Ikon Park, AFL babies and how weird it is to see ex-players in different uniforms. 

We update you on tennis and A-League and W-League too.

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Episode 41 - Cars and Cheerleaders  

Another week in our summer of sport.

We discuss tennis, soccer, weird BBL merch and what we don't like about sports. Jocelyn wildly speculates about the longest trip in domestic sport. Don't correct her.

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Episode 40 - Summer of Sport  


We've had a break over Christmas and now we are ready to discuss the summer of sport with you!

We have hot takes on cricket, tennis, James Hird and AFL babies.

Why are so many people into darts? Listen to find out

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Episode 39 - Best Moments of 2016  

It's our last episode of 2016 and we discuss our favourite moments in sport this year!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our first year of podcasting - you know who you are (and we thank you in this episode)

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xoxoxoxo all we want for Christmas is you!

Episode 38 - Don't Read The Comments  

It's our penultimate episode for 2016 and it's a big one. 

We talk about the AFL Women's Fixture, the new Women's Footy Show and how good WBBL is. Freya also continues with her niche Swansea City Ladies F.C. updates (spoiler alert: they're awesome)

This is our final contested Brownlow discussion ever....everyone join us in never talking about it again.

We also read the comments on some social media posts about women in sport and it's HILARIOUS. 

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Episode 37 - Ellyse Perry  

We had our bye week but we've back with heaps to chat about!

We discuss superstar athlete Ellyse Perry, why Jocelyn is trying to get into cricket and every variation of The Footy Show you could imagine. 

Find out what we think about athletes getting in trouble for drink driving and copping it for requesting trades.

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Episode 36 - Lingerie Football League  

This week we discuss the usual A-League and W-League. We also talk about important cricket news (a dog on the pitch)

We've got opinions on lingerie football and Jobe Watson and athlete mental health.

Our Stephen Dankest episode yet.

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Episode 35 - Welcome Back Freya  

Freya is back this week and we have a lot to discuss

Tune in to hear our thoughts on the AFL Women's pay, gear designs and why we love Rugby 7s

We also do A-League and W-League Tips and Freya's dream talk is BACK.


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