For The Fans Football Weekly

For The Fans Football Weekly


Join #ForTheFans as we bring you our weekly thoughts on the Premier League action and beyond , hosted by @Jakzeh and @DoctorBenjy alongside @Ke8no on iTunes or YouTube - - For any business enquires contact us at


Fam-ing and Blud-ing 12/04/2017  

Have Chelsea won the league? Are Sunderland down? Does Arsenal Fan TV negatively impact the club? These questions and more talked about in this weeks show.

Too Much to Cover 07/04/2017  

With all 4 members of the show back and 2 sets of fixtures played in the last week there's plenty to talk about on this weeks show

I can't Believe this 30/03/2017  

After an international break we're back with a show talking about England and the upcoming Premier League games

Keeno Takes Charge 17/03/2017  

England's Weakest Squad in 20 years? FA Cup dreams crushed? And Man City disappoint. There's plenty to talk about on this weeks show.

Talented Talent 09/03/2017  

Arsenal are in trouble, Drama in Manchester and Barcelona Fight Back

Zlatans Final 02/03/2017  

Zlatan is a God. That is all.

Ranieri Sacked LIVE 23/02/2017  

In todays show we take a look at the FA Cup and Champions League action before in a twist discovering Ranieri's sacking LIVE

Ranieri Out? 16/02/2017  

Liverpool finally won, Proudie returns and Ranieri's under pressure

Have you seen Paul Jewell? 07/02/2017  

We're back with your weekly dose of football, stories and Paul Jewell chat

Gate-Gate 26/01/2017  

3 weeks in a row and there's a show? Miracles do happen.

A Special Guest 19/01/2017  

We're back for your weekly dose of Football chatter and joined this week by a returning guest!

The Christmas Break 10/01/2017  

After an extended break we're back to review the festive football and the fortunes of the Premier League clubs so far

Lie Detector 11/12/2016  

Keeno is away as we bring you the 2nd show of the week, on the cards today is lie detector tests, the Chinese Super League and your normal premier league chat

An Ode To Trundle 09/12/2016  

In a show where we focus on the Champions League group stage which concluded this week we still have time to talk about Russian politics and Lee Trundle in typical FTF fashion.

Charlie Aguero 01/12/2016  

Its time for your weekly dose of Premier League chatter as we take a look back at the weekends results

The Almost Award Winning Podcast 23/11/2016  

Unfortunately we didn't win in the FBAs so Jack won't be dressing up, fortunately we're back this week with another podcast for you!

Corrections 08/11/2016  

After a weeks hiatus we're back with your weekly dose of Premier League chatter

We Need To Talk About Jose... 27/10/2016  

In today's podcast we review the Premier Leagues weekend of football, take a look towards the upcoming fixtures and have another of Ben's weekly features

Jack's Mistake 21/10/2016  

Due to Football Manager launching this weeks podcast is up later than usual we use it as a chance to evaluate the Champions League performances of the Premier League team.

4 in 51 05/10/2016  

Going into the international break there's still plenty to talk about with the clash of the 2 remaining unbeaten teams, the first sacking of the season and Wenger reaching 20 years at Arsenal

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