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The Muslim Brotherhood - Audio  

Today I am going to be exposing the Muslim Brotherhood. I will be using a document published by them that the FBI discovered a number of years ago. This memorandum became a piece of evidence in one of the largest trials of those raising money for Islamic terrorism.

Eurabia - Audio  

Today we talked about Eurabia. We saw how Europe has been taken over by Islam, an Arabic religion. We looked at the conquest of Europe by Islam.

News Items - Audio  

Today we looked at the demonstrations in Charlottesville, the pending war with North Korea, and some issues with President Trump and his team.

The Thought Police Are Active In America - Audio  

Today we had an interview with the founder of the Counter Jihad Coalition. We learned that the thought police are already working in America to shut down any speech that is critical of Islam.

If I Were A Muslim – Part 4 - Audio  

This week we have been talking about the outrageous things Muslims have to defend when their faith is challenged. The Qur'an and other Islamic scriptures are full of errors of fact, of history, and of science. They have to defend making Jesus' mother out to be Aaron's sister, the sun setting in a pool of murky water, and the like.

If I Were A Muslim - Part 3 - Audio  

This wee we are looking at the absurdities that Muslims have to defend. We have seen errors of history, of science, and just plain absurd things that are found in the Islamic scriptures. We will be looking at more of these in today's broadcast.

If I Were A Muslim - Part 2 - Audio  

Today we continue looking at the absurdities Muslims have to defend. There are many things in the Islamic scriptures that are contrary to science and history. Hos can the Qur'an come from a god who is supposed to be omniscient?

If I Were A Muslim - Audio  

In this broadcast I play the part of a Muslim defending his faith. I discuss the issues of the Islamic faith that Muslims have to defend if they want us to believe that Islam is not an evil ideology.

America Has Lost Its Memory - Audio  

Have you ever met someone who has lost their memory? In a sense, America has had national Alzheimer's. We seem to have lost our collective memory.

Quotes On Islam From The Past - Audio  

Today we looked at what people have said about Islam in the past. Islam has left a trail of debris, blood shed, violence, and conquests of non-Muslim nations over its 1,400 year history. What we are seeing today is not some new thing, it is what true Islam has always done when it had the power to do so.

Healthy Mind – Healthy Body – Healthy Soul - Audio  

I have been a preacher of the Gospel for almost 30 years. I preach God’s Righteousness and his precepts, I preach the whole counsel of God, I preach that we can be over comers, that we can have victory over sins, I preach Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus, and I could continue. I have failed to always live up to these principles …. And that has been my weight. In this broadcast I deal with my journey to fix this problem.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 8 - Audio  

Today we are going to look at the secondary sources of Islamic doctrine. This is the main reason for this series, This secondary source is called the Sharia. This is the term for the sacred law of Allah. In Christianity, the only sacred law of God is found in the Bible. We don’t have secondary sources or other books that carry weight in our doctrine.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 7 - Audio  

Every Muslim knows that the penalty for leaving Islam is death. In this broadcast we will look at what the Islamic scriptures have to say about apostacy, the treatment of Jews and Christians, and the credibility of the Sunnah.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 6 - Audio  

Looking inside the Sunnah will help us understand what Islam is all about. Without looking at them, there is no way to understand why Muslims do what they do.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 5 - Audio  

In our study of the Sources of Islamic Doctrine. We covered the Qur’an and now we want to look at the Sunnah. The Qur’an contains the words of their god, Allah, and the Sunnah is the words and acts of the Prophet, Muhammad. The Sunnah is a collection of the testimonies of the companions of Muhammad, what they saw him do and heard him say.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 4 - Audio  

There was only one witness to the revelations from Allah, Muhammad, and he couldn’t write down what he heard. This causes real problems with the manuscript evidence for the Qur’an. There is no original Qur’an dating back to the time of Muhammad that has ever been found. It is also true that we do not have the original manuscripts of the Bible either. The difference is that Muslims claim they do.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 3 - Audio  

There are, with in the Qur’an, three claims concerning how the Qur’an was revealed. 1. It was given to Muhammad in one night. 2. It was given to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan over 30 days. 3. It was given to Muhammad little bits over time.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine – Part 2 - Audio  

When Muhammad received his first “revelations” from the jinn, he didn’t know whether it was a demon or an angel. He feared that his people would think he was demon possessed, and considered committing suicide.

The Sources of Islamic Doctrine - Audio  

The Qur'an is not the only source of Islamic doctrine. There are also the teachings of Muhammad, and his acts. These are called the Sunnah. The Qur'an is one book, while the Sunnah consists of nine books, in its abridged form.

Social Media Submits To Islam - Audio  

Robert Spenser talks to us about Social media's, especially Facebook and Twitter, submitting to the pressure from Islam. They have become the censors of speech concerning the truth about Islam.

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