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FOUR GEEKS IN A PUB is a Podcast based on the social science of people having deep & insightful conversations while having a drink in a pub. Recorded monthly in a public house & presented by Phil Mason, he and 3 other guests will have a rounds of drinks & rounds of questions covering everything from the world of film, games, comics & general geeky stuff that no one else cares about. Host – Phil Mason Sound Tech – Peter Beeston (But he’s not allowed to talk) Logo design by Stuart Wood


Four Geeks In A Pub Episode 6 (Christmas Special)  

T'was the night before Christmas when all through the pub, and not a creature was stirring...except 4 Geeks chatting about movies, one sound guy & some very busy bar staff. The holiday season is here, the seasonal ales are on sale, which means it's time for our Christmas special. On this months episode we discuss what is the best Christmas movie of all time *cough* Die Hard *cough* and the results may surprise you! Also we decide to show how old we are, get nostalgic and recall some of the best toys we got on Christmas morning, and whether they were better than kids have now? Merry Christmas everyone! Recorded in The Harlequin, Sheffield on 3/12/14 GUESTS Jaimie Watts Matt Ferguson ( Greg Kirby (Also Pete is allowed to talk a bit, because it's Christmas)

Four Geeks In A Pub Episode 5  

DC and Marvel have announced their line up of films for the next 5 years, which means I'll be in my mid-thirties before I get to see Avengers 3! But is this a good thing knowing so far in advance? We discuss the next 40 films worth of super hero movies in length. We also chat about story lines and events from comics that the studios probably SHOULDN'T adapt, for one reason or another. Recorded in The Harlequin, Sheffield on 12/11/14 GUESTS Rhys Howell Matt Ferguson Ian Fallon

Four Geeks In A Pub Episode 4 (Halloween Special)  

The hour is late, the moon is is waxing, and the things which go bump in the night are crawling out into the nights air...which means it's nearly last orders at the bar. On our Halloween special we ask our special guests what they think of the current state of modern film horror & which 3 films you should be watching on Halloween night. Also the pub is haunted. What horrors await our 4 geeks over the next hour? Listen and see... Recorded in the Old Queens Head, Sheffield on 16/10/14 GUESTS Alice Schofield ( Shelley O'Brien Jim 'Grizzly' Kent (

Four Geeks In A Pub Episode 3  

Young gamers of today have no idea how good they have it, with their HD graphics, online multiplayer and DLC! *shakes fist* But how did we get to where we are now? Over a round of drinks we discuss the '10 Games the youth of today need to play to appreciate where we are now with gaming'. We start to show our age...a lot! Also on the agenda, Video game adaptation movies; Why isn't there really a good one? We attempt to unravel the mystery... Also PETE TALKS! Recorded in The Rutland Arms, Sheffield on 18/09/2014 GUESTS Alex Bell Greg Kirby Pete Beeston (Who has special permission to talk on this episode)

Four Geeks In A Pub Episode 2  

So we now know what came out of SDCC 2014, but what did we think of it? Also what actually is a 'Cult' movie*? These are the questions we ask this months panel. *HINT: It's NOT Sharknado Recorded in The Rutland Arms, Sheffield on 15/08/14 GUESTS David Brooks Matt Ferguson Greg Kirby

Four Geeks In A Pub Episode 1  

EPISODE 1 What do we want to see from SDCC this year? What films do we actually WANT to see a remake of? And have Microsoft sh*t the bed? We ask these questions and more on this months episode of FOUR GEEKS IN A PUB. Also there's a ghost. Recorded in The Three Tons pub, Sheffield on 19/07/2014 GUESTS Adam Moore Stuart Wood Jaimie Watts

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