Fox Sports Live

Fox Sports Live


Canadian duo Jan Onrait and Dan O'Toole have launched a revamped version of FOX Sports Live, a nightly show recapping the day's events in the world of sports in only a way Jay and Dan can.


October 19th, 2016: NLCS Tied Up  

Jay and Dan debut a trailer for Clayton Kershaw's new movie and race big wheels with james Hinchcliffe

October 18th, 2016: Trevor Bauer's Drone Repair!  

Jay and Day debut Clayton Kershaw's new cologne and are joined by Eric Karros!

October 17th, 2016: We C.A.N.T. Even  

Jay and Dan unveil Cam Newton's new academy for dealing with the media, and get ready for an exciting week of baseball!

October 14th, 2016: DC Metro Problems  

Jay and Dan wrap up a crazy week in sports and are joined by Jim Ross!

October 12th, 2016: Dana White Stops By  

Jay and Dan preview the new horror movie based on the Chargers 2016 season and chat with UFC president Dana White!

October 11th, 2016: The Cubs Move On!  

Jay and Dan discuss a wacky day in baseball with FS1 MLB insider Dontrelle Willis!

October 10th, 2016: Ortiz's Final Game!  

Jay and Dan discuss David Ortiz's retirement plans and are joined by Frank Thomas!

October 6th, 2016: Vaping with Nate  

Jay and Dan unveil Tom Coughlin's voicemails to Odell Beckham, check out a commercial for Nate Diaz's vape pen and are joined by Anthony Pettis!

October 5th, 2016: CSI Toronto!  

Jay and Dan investigate who threw the beer at the Jays game, unveil some new sports apps and are joined by comedian Brody Stevens.

October 4th, 2016: WR Divas  

Jay and Dan unveil a new reality show, get into a master debate and are joined by Carli Lloyd

October 3rd, 2016: Brady Returns!  

Jay and Dan read postcards from Tom Brady, unveil Trump's attack ad for Lebron and chat with Kenny Florian

September 30, 2016: Mail it in Friday  

Jay and Dan unveil some of Jerry Jones' voicemails and are joined by Mike Pereira to discuss his new book!

September 29, 2016: Musical T-Shirts  

Jay and Dan create a new line of NFL shirts and check in with Tip Withers to see where Les Miles will end up

September 28th, 2016: Insult Institute!  

Jay and Dan show off their new promo for the Conor Mcgregor school of trash talk, unveil the newest debate show on FS1, and have a hilarious conversation with the Sklar brothers.

September 26, 2016: We Got Norm McDonald!  

Jay and Dan have a fun chat with Norm McDonald about Canada, his potential career as a Golf analyst and his new book!

September 23, 2016: Mail it in Friday!  

Jay and Dan preview an awesome weekend in College football and are joined by Coach Dave Wannstedt!

September 22, 2016: Karate Lessons with Tyron Woodley  

Jay and Dan twitch stream the new FIFA 17 game and are joined by UFC Champion Tyron Woodley

September 21: 2016: Bartolo Cologne  

Jay and Dan debut a new fragrance and are joined by Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

September 20th, 2015: Not a Doctor!  

Jay and Dan preview Bill Belichick's new show on FS3, unveil some new sports App's and are joined by Brandon Ingram and Peter Schrager.

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