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A show about libertarianism and the ideas that influence it. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus.


The CIA Listens to Free Thoughts  

Patrick G. Eddington joins us this week to tell us about the history of the Central Intelligence Agency, how the CIA operates, and what the new Wikileaks revelations mean for our privacy online.

Must You Obey Government?  

Aaron and Trevor have a discussion about the political authority of the state. Should one obey the government? Is there a compelling reason to?

The Cato Institute at 40  

Peter Goettler joins us this week to talk about his role at the Cato Institute, Cato’s history of 40 years of advancing liberty, and what’s next for public policy organizations more generally and for Cato specifically.

How Economists Think About Health Care Economics  

Peter Van Doren joins us this week to talk about health care economics. How much should we spend on health care, and how would we know the answer to that question?

A Muslim Case for Liberty  

Mustafa Akyol joins us to talk about Islam. Is there a Muslim case for liberty? How has Islam traditionally treated the principles of political liberalism?

The Libertarian Student Movement  

Wolf von Laer joins us this week to talk about the movement for liberty on college campuses around the world.

Taking Government Un-Seriously  

Jeremy McLellan joins us this week to talk about his brand of politics and comedy. Does humor have a place in changing people’s political beliefs?

The Truth About Immigration  

Alex Nowrasteh joins us this week to talk about immigration in the wake of Donald Trump’s contentious executive order. Is immigration always good for a country?

Liberaltarianism and Trump  

Brink Lindsey joins us this week to talk about his idea for an alliance between liberals and libertarians in the age of Trump-style conservative populism.

King Obama, King Trump: The Dangers of an Imperial Presidency  

Gene Healy joins us for a special Inauguration Day episode of Free Thoughts. We assess Barack Obama’s legacy as President of the United States and think about what we might expect in the coming years from President Trump.

Wages and Workers  

Peter Van Doren joins us this week for a discussion on how wages are determined in a market economy.

Arguments for Liberty: Kantianism  

Jason Kuznicki joins us to discuss the chapter he wrote on Immanuel Kant for our new book, Arguments for Liberty. What’s Kant’s conception of the good, and what kind of government follows from that?

Harambe to Trump: 2016 Was the Worst  

David Boaz joins us to recap 2016. Did we just have the worst year ever in American politics?

The Gold Standard Won't Be Coming Back  

George Selgin joins us for a discussion about the gold standard. How did America get off the gold standard, and is there any chance of the country returning to it?

The Permission Society: How the Ruling Class Turns Our Freedoms into Privileges and What We Can Do About It  

Timothy Sandefur joins us this week to talk about his new book, The Permission Society. When you should you need a permit to do certain things?

Why Schools Haven't Changed in Hundreds of Years  

Kevin Currie-Knight joins us this week to discuss why we can’t seem to change the way we educate schoolchildren. Is there one best way to educate kids?

Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future  

Johan Norberg joins Trevor this week to talk about the notion of progress and gives us all a few reasons to look forward to the future.

College: Too Costly, Too Little Learning, Too Much Underemployment  

Richard Vedder joins us this week to discuss what he’s identified as three major problems with the way today’s American higher education system works.

Why Can't You Email Your Doctor?  

Dr. Ryan Neuhofel joins us this week to talk about his practice, NeuCare, which is a very different way to approach primary care medicine in the United States.

The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians  

Naomi Schaefer Riley joins us for a discussion about how poorly the US government treats Native Americans, and what can be done about it.

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