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A show about libertarianism and the ideas that influence it. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus.


Communicating Liberty Through Film and the Making Of "Freedom on Trial"  

John Papola joins us to talk about the conception and production of’s newest video series, Freedom on Trial.

Explaining the Rise of Donald Trump  

Ben Domenech joins us this week to discuss Donald J. Trump’s candidacy. What is Trump doing differently?

Rituals of Freedom: Libertarian Themes in Early Confucianism  

Roderick T. Long joins us to talk about libertarian themes in Chinese philosophy. How much do libertarianism and early Confucianism have in common?

Politics As a Peculiar Business: Insights from a Theory of Entangled Political Economy  

Richard Wagner provides an overview of public choice economics and considers how limited governments are incentivized to morph into destructive regulatory systems.

Thin Blue Lies: How Pretextual Stops Undermine Police Legitimacy  

Jonathan Blanks joins us for a discussion about police stops and the Fourth Amendment. Is there a war on cops?

Against Democracy  

Jason Brennan joins us to talk about his new book, Against Democracy. What seperates good voters from bad voters?

Confounding Father: Thomas Jefferson’s Image in His Own Time  

Robert McDonald joins us for a discussion about the life of author, musician, inventor, architect, philosopher and statesman Thomas Jefferson.

The World According to Star Wars  

Cass R. Sunstein joins us this week to talk about his new book, The World According to Star Wars. How did the Star Wars franchise become a cultural touchstone?

Our Republican Constitution: Securing the Liberty and Sovereignty of We the People  

Randy E. Barnett discusses his new book, Our Republican Constitution. What’s the difference between a constitutional democracy and a constitutional republic?

Liberty and Coercion: The Paradox of American Government from the Founding to the Present  

Gary Gerstle discusses his book on American history and governance, Liberty and Coercion: The Paradox of American Government from the Founding to the Present.

The Free Market Existentialist: Capitalism without Consumerism  

William Irwin joins us to talk about existentialism and libertarianism. What did thinkers like Sartre and Neitzsche have to say about capitalism and human freedom?

Hayek’s Modern Family: Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions  

Steven Horwitz joins us for a discussion on family and how it has changed over the years. Where does classical liberalism fit into the conception of a family?

John Stuart Mill's On Liberty, Part 1  

This week Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, John Samples, and Matthew Feeney discuss 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill's idea of "civil liberty."

How American Politics Went Insane  

Jonathan Rauch joins us for a discussion on the current political landscape in America. Why are we seeing so many renegade political actors these days?

Campus Freedom  

Robby Soave joins us this week to discuss a disturbing new kind of censorship on American college campuses.

Specialization and Trade: A Re-introduction to Economics  

Arnold Kling joins us to talk about his new book, Specialization and Trade, which was recently published by

How New Technology Is Changing Law Enforcement  

Matthew Feeney and Adam Bates discuss new technologies that are changing law enforcement. Can we balance police effectiveness and respect for privacy?

The Constitution in Practice: From Liberty to Leviathan  

Roger Pilon joins us again to give an outline of Constitutional jurisprudence from its signing in 1787 through the New Deal era and into modernity.

The Philosophical Foundations of the Constitution  

Roger Pilon joins us to discuss the United States's founding documents and the philosophy of the men that drafted them.

The Statrix: How Government Warps Our Perception of the World  

Trevor Burrus shares his theory of how government reorganizes the world around its own policies and programs.

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