Fresh Off The Hill

Fresh Off The Hill

United States

The podcast and animation series with the best snowboarders in the world!


Fresh off the Hill - Podcast #2: Jeremy Jones - Part 1  

Thrilly and Shallowtree hang out on the Fresh off the Hill chairlift with big mountain snowboarder, Jeremy Jones. In this, Part 1 of the interview, they talk about the dangers of mountaineering, shaking snow with music and the Protect Our Winters initiative.

Fresh off the Hill - Podcast #1: Ulrik Badertscher & Kim Rune Hansen - Part 1  

Norwegian pro snowboarders Ulrik Badertscher and Kim Rune Hansen join Thrilly and Shallowtree on the chairlift for the first ever episode of the Fresh off the Hill podcast. In the wild monkeys and cats have a questionable relationship. In the human world, Ulrik and Kim Rune from Norway have an unquestionable friendship. But we did ask them some questions... about monkeys and pussy cats, and some snowboard stuff. They're two riders at the top of their game, pulling wild tricks and roaming the contest jungle.

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