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FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk: Photography

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Welcome to FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk an audio and video podcast that is not your typical photography discussion. The goal of RAWtalk is to keep you on your toes. You never know what the Fro will say week to week let alone minute to minute. If you would like to watch the full podcast video you can do so at


FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 218: Deeper Discussions, Photo News, Flying Solo and More  


Welcome back to FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk, this is episode #218.  On this episode we discus the new Photo News Fix and how that will effect news in RAWtalk.  We have multiple gear of the weeks making it gears of the week.  There is flying solo, followed by the Wheel of Fro and memes.


Enjoy the show and don’t forget to check out the new series called Photo News Fix a few days a week.


00:00:16   51 First Cousins On Your Mothers Side?

00:02:09   Get Your Fix

00:03:21   Who’s Better?

00:05:06   18 Ways to G-A-F-F-E-R Power

00:05:30   Stephen Likes the New Set

00:06:53   Photo News

00:07:25   Fuji Square Film Camera (But It’s NOT A Polaroid)

00:12:15   5D Mark IV CLOG Mode

00:19:11   Andy Warhol Estate Lawsuit

00:24:05   Ahndee Polin Checks In

00:27:19   2 Slots Are Better Than One

00:32:13   Hero Photographer

00:35:21   Our Sony A9 Was Lost In The Mail?

00:36:55   Sony Delays RAWTalk Taping!

00:41:06   Am I Intrigued By The Sony A9?

00:45:43   Gears of the Week (more than 1)

00:49:03   Flying Solo

01:07:55   Wheel of Fro

01:11:46   Memes of the Week

01:17:07   Hashtags of the Week

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 217: Weaponized Drones in the US, Apple is canning the trashcan and STAY OFF THE TRACKS  

Welcome to RAWtalk episode 217 where we bring you Photo News, Gear Of The Week, Flying Solo and much much more. There’s a lot going on so be sure to subscribe on iTunes as well as on YouTube to make sure you never miss an episode of the show.

00:00:16 One More Time for Canada
00:03:22 Nikony Update
00:05:32 Real World Review Updates
00:09:24 Nobody Can Find Us, Not Even The Police
00:15:49 No Plug of the Week
00:15:56 Photo News
00:16:06 Trains Are Dangerous
00:20:35 Is Melania in Focus?
00:26:34 Adobe Can Auto Cut My Fro?
00:28:08 Wow Again Adobe, Turning Day Into Night Literally
00:30:15 Who Shot First?
00:33:45 Official Meredith the Drone Slayer Update and Check In
00:37:25 Lots of Drones
00:39:18 Police May Have Lethal Drones Soon?
00:43:41 Apple says SORRY
00:46:29 Magic Lantern 4K Raw on 5D Mark 3
00:47:32 Atomos Ninja Disco Inferno, Disco Not Included
00:48:36 Gears of the Week
00:54:07 Barb K Checks In
00:54:36 Flying Solo
01:25:15 Wheel of Fro
01:30:27 Memes of the Week
01:35:21 Hashtags of the Week

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 216: "Sorry" Canada, NEW JPEG compression and Cameras BANNED on Flights  


First off I would like to apologize to our Canadian listeners (sorry)!  This weeks show brings us fun, news, laughs and a lot of “sorry”.


This weeks show is brought to you by RODE and the 2017 MyRodeReel competition.  For the full rules on how you can enter for your chance to win some of the $500,000 in prizes click here.


There’s a ton of news this week from cameras and electronics being banned on many flights to the US, new drone restrictions in Canada “sorry”, awesome job opportunity in Washington D.C, camera store robberies and much more. 


We have gear of the week, flying solo, the wheel of FRO, Memes and a bonus MAIL TIME unboxing at the very end.


Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube and iTunes.


00:00:00   What Are You Eating?

00:02:29   Coming Soon   

00:06:45   Plug of the Week

00:12:01   Photo News

00:12:29   Mermaid Wedding

00:15:11   Northern Lights Engagement

00:16:39   Canada's New Drone Restrictions

00:20:15   Meredith Checks In

00:22:41   Sorority Sorry Girls

00:28:44   Real Pied Piper

00:30:47   US Supreme Court Photo Job

00:34:07   No More Four Thirds

00:34:53   Midwest Photo Robbed

00:38:16   Vaydra Optics Robbed Also

00:39:11   How To Talk To A Client

00:49:16   Gear of the Week

00:53:06   Flying Solo

01:21:17   Wheel of Fro

01:25:25   Memes of the Week

01:29:35   BONUS Content, Super Fan Delivers

01:34:40   Hashtags of the Week...kind of



On Mar 25, 2017, at 1:41 PM, Daniel Hyrowich wrote:

00:00:00   What Are You Eating?

00:02:29   Coming Soon   

00:06:45   Plug of the Week

00:12:01   Photo News

00:12:29   Mermaid Wedding

00:15:11   Northern Lights Engagement

00:16:39   Canada's New Drone Restrictions

00:20:15   Meredith Checks In

00:22:41   Sorority Sorry Girls

00:28:44   Real Pied Piper

00:30:47   US Supreme Court Photo Job

00:34:07   No More Four Thirds

00:34:53   Midwest Photo Robbed

00:38:16   Vaydra Optics Robbed Also

00:39:11   How To Talk To A Client

00:49:16   Gear of the Week

00:53:06   Flying Solo

01:21:17   Wheel of Fro

01:25:25   Memes of the Week

01:29:35   BONUS Content, Super Fan Delivers

01:34:40   Hashtags of the Week...kind of

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk Special Edition: An Interview with Hollywood Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut  


Welcome to s special interview edition of RAWtalk.  Generally our interviews go for 30-40 minutes but this one with visionary cinematographer Shane Hurlbut went for over an hour.  It was so good that we kept going and decided to release it as it’s on show.


Shane’s walks us through how he went from not being able to get a job in the industry to becoming the director of photography on some HUGE movies.  Here’s a quick list: Need for Speed, Act of Valor, Terminator Salvation, Semi-Pro, We Are Marshall, Drum Line and many more.


Shane doesn’t just make movies, he helps educate the world on how they can make them as well.  You can find more information about Shane’s Inner Circle here and on his blog


I hope you enjoy this special interview edition of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk!!!


FroKnowsPhoto RAWtak 215  

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 215: Popular Photo Is DEAD, Meeting Super Hero’s In LA and Flying First Class


First things first, welcome to another episode of RAWtalk.  This week I discuss why I was in LA, the guys bust my balls for saying “first class” a bunch of times and I talk about how I met a super hero.  On top of that I an proud to introduce you to my partner in MyGearVault Steve Bellosi.


This weeks show is brought to you by RODE and the 2017 MyRodeReel competition.  This year there’s $500,000 in prizes, all you need to do is try. For the full rules Click Here.


There’s a TON of photo news, flying solo, gear of the week, the wheel of FRO and meme’s.


Oh yea, next week there will be a SPECIAL EDITION OF RAW talk being released with an amazing interview with Shane Hurlbut who is HUGE in the hollywood film making scene.  It was so good that it needed its own episode.


00:00:16   Hopefully Dan Doesn't Mess Up

00:02:41   Fro Team Updates

00:06:38   Plug of the Week

00:10:19   Why Was I In LA?

00:15:03   Did I Mention First Class?

00:18:06   My Personal Project

00:23:08   Don't Do It Kitty!!!

00:25:45   Photo News Lightroom Mobile Update

00:29:50   UHS 3

00:35:22   Video Game Camera

00:39:39   First Photo Of A Black Hole

00:42:09   LEGO Mosaic Maker Camera!

00:44:38   Popular Photography RIP 1937-2017

00:48:32   DIY Digital Back For Nikon Film Camera

00:51:34   Nikon Limited Edition 100 Year Anniversary Gear

00:53:26   Fully Robotic Fashion Studio

00:54:43   Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro

00:56:23   Interview With MyGearVault's Steve Bellosi

01:11:03   Gears of the Week

01:17:41   Flying Solo

01:47:27   Wheel of Fro

01:51:28   Memes of the Week

01:59:29   Special Edition RawTalk Next Week?



FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 214:Develop Your Film At Home, 50 Trillion Pixel Image + Nikon Cancels Cameras  

Welcome back to another episode of the show, we hope you had a good two weeks.  This we start off the show with a rally clap and hope you joined in.


Photo news brings us information about a 50 trillion pixel image, a way to develop your own film at home which I think seems pretty cool, four new SIGMA lenses and a whole lot more.


Gear Of the week brings us a NEW 24 inch teleprompter from the promoter people.  We go FLYING SOLO before spinning the wheel and wrapping the show up with meme’s and hashtags. 


We hope you enjoy the show and as always, thank you for your continued support.


00:00:16   Rally Clap!!!

00:07:49   My Gear Vault Update

00:10:18   Photo News

00:10:25   50 Trillion Pixel Image

00:12:28   Abstract:  The Heart of Design

00:14:42   RANT:  Cropping

00:17:25   The New Max Max Fugi Cameras

00:22:06   Develop Your Film At Home

00:25:51   Sigma Releases 3 New Art Lenses...and a 100-400mm

00:28:11   Press Photo of the Year

00:31:48   Canon Releases T7i and 77D

00:34:50   Canon M6

00:38:31   Drinking Straw Camera?

00:41:25   Nikon Cancels Camera Series

00:46:15   Gear of the Week

00:50:52   Flying Solo

01:18:52   Wheel of Fro

01:25:54   Memes of the Week

01:32:50   Hashtags of the Week

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 213: SHARPEST Lens Ever? The NEXT Ansel Adams and An Interview  

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 213: SHARPEST Lens Ever? The NEXT Ansel Adams and An Interview


On this weeks episode we have an interview with Steve Garfinkel.  He is a younger local concert photographer who tells you how he became a photographer, started shooting shows and now is making a living.  That interview starts at 42:04


Plug of the week: 


We have photo news, fun times, memes and did I mention a good time yet?


If you enjoy RAWtalk please subscribe on iTunes so you never miss a show.  We are now on an every other week schedule for the show to free up shooting / editing time to make more “Real World Reviews” and “5 Min Portraits” 


00:00:16   Intro 

00:05:56   Plug of the Week

00:10:37   Photo News

00:11:24   Album Uploads On Instagram

00:13:24   The Next Ansel Adams

00:17:52   Cardboard Folding Instant Camera

00:20:20   Pentax KP

00:22:02   Lexar 512 Gb 3500x Card with DNA

00:23:17   Manfrotto Founder Passes Away

00:25:49   Shooting Star Drone Show Hosted by Meredith

00:28:35   GoPro Flies The Karma Drone Again

00:31:15   Jared's New Spray Toy Atmosphere Aerosol   

00:32:52   Tamron SP 70-200 f2.8 G2

00:34:42   New Sigma 85mm Is Rated Best Ever

00:35:44   Italian Kodak Style Film Company Ferrania Film

00:38:04   Gear of the Week

00:42:04   Interview With Steve Garfinkel

01:13:35   What's In Your Gear Bag?

01:25:20   Memes of the Week

01:32:08   Wheel of Fro

01:36:39   Hashtags of the Week

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 212: The Lily Drone is DEAD, Leica M10 costs $6,500 and My New App Is Here  

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 212: The Lily Drone is DEAD, Leica M10 costs $6,500 and My New App Is Here

Download MyGearVault right now in the Apple App Store right here

Welcome back to another episode of RAWtalk. For those who don’t know, RAWtalk is now every other week to allow us the ability to focus on some other really cool projects.

We had a busy few weeks with being in Las Vegas thanks to RODE microphone as well as releasing my new app MyGearVault. In this episode we share stories about our trip, how the app works, photo news, gear of the week and much more.

Be sure to subscribe on iTunes, YouTube or anywhere else you enjoy consuming RAWtalk.

A BIG thank you to Maverick Helicopters for taking us and one lucky Fro fan for a flight over Las Vegas.

00:16 Show Starts
05:17 My Gear Vault App Trailer
13:25 Over Priced Compared To Mine?
19:36 Rode Las Vegas Trip
24:11 Maverick Helicopter
31:01 Fro Team Golfing
32:20 The Big Event
37:44 Photo News: New Leica
39:07 The Piece Sign Is Dangerous
41:05 Fro Factory Internet Speed
42:55 Lily Drone Dies
45:30 360 Inauguration Photo, Really 220?
46:52 Meredith Checks In
48:26 Presidential Portrait Taken With What?
55:05 Pete Souza Mini Doc
54:27 VSCO Shuts NY Location
55:53 Adobe Voice Commands
58:45 New Rode Microphones
1:03:53 Meet Todd's New Boss
1:10:13 New Fugi Cameras
1:10:57 Gear of the Week
1:14:34 Flying Solo
1:42:41 Wheel of Fro
1:47:14 Memes of the Week
1:53:03 Hashtags of the Week

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 211: Kodak Ektachrome Is Back, Nikon Turns 100 + Triple Photo Critique  

Let's start off the show with an announcement. RAWtalk will be moving to bi-weekly opposed to each week. The reason for the switch is to allow us to focus on making more "Real World Reviews" and "5 Min Portraits".

This weeks show is brought to you by LEXAR. LEXAR is the official card and card reader of RAWtalk.

Starting at 50:05 we have the triple critique. First we start off by critiquing Todd's first time using the Canon 5D Mark IV. Next we check out Stephen's concert photos shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV. Finally we look at my low light concert photos as a recent show.

00:00:16 Ready to Rumble?
00:01:42 RAWTalk ANNOUNCEMENT!!!
00:08:16 Plug of the Week
00:11:28 Jared's Dad Checks In
00:12:45 Photo News
00:12:59 Nikon is 100
00:14:16 Keep Your Drone Cozy
00:17:02 GH5
00:23:30 Kodak is Back, All Right
00:27:27 1 of 4 D-Day Film Rolls Survived
00:32:36 32 Inch 8K Display
00:36:07 2 Billion Dollar Chipotle Law Suit
00:42:20 Triple 4K Display Laptop
00:44:43 RED Helium is a 108?
00:46:20 Gear of the Week
00:50:05 Todd's Photo Critique
01:06:36 Stephen's Photo Critique
01:27:45 Jared's Photo Critique
01:37:17 Memes of the Week
01:42:25 Wheel of Fro

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 210: Only Hire Photographers With Nikon Or Canon? + a 2,000,000 Gig Photo  

First things first do you notice anything different about the location?  If you guessed it’s a new location, you would be correct  This is the first show to be recorded at the FroFactory and we could not be happier to be in the space.  I am looking forward to what we will create over there. 


Brides magazine wrote an article that has since been changed but originally made the statement that you should only hire photographers to shoot your wedding who have either Nikon or Canon cameras.  Yea, that’s an interesting statement to make, we discuss at 24:30


It’s a NEW year, a NEW location and we have a NEW mentality and direction for where the content is going to take us this year. 


00:00:16   Where Are We?

00:05:40   Stephen and Todd Got New Cameras

00:09:39   Plug of the Week

00:11:43   A Gift for the Empty Loft

00:15:49   Photo News/365 Calendar Challenge

00:20:00   A Clever Proposal

00:21:35   The Largest Photo...EVER

00:24:30   "Pro Tips" from

00:30:31   New Free Lightroom Plug-in

00:32:04   Magic Lantern DNG Break Through

00:34:44   Aperture Wrench

00:36:59   A Post Wildfire Photo Story

00:37:59   Turn Your DSLR into a 360 Camera!

00:40:26   Gear of the Week:  Amazon Dot

00:45:12   Flying Solo

01:21:17   Wheel of Fro

01:26:23   Memes of the Week

01:32:01   Hashtags of the Week

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 209: Watch Out For FAKE Canon Lenses, Camera Encryption and Nikon Does 360  

Welcome to the Holiday edition of FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk. It looks like somehow Santa was able to squeeze down my gas fire place to bring some holiday cheer.

If you are in the market for a Canon 50mm 1.8 be sure you’re not getting a FAKE one. Hear the story at 25:15

There is plenty of photo news for you this week starting at 10:11. Get your VR goggles ready as we filmed a special segment of the show with the Nikon KeyMission360 which you can check out over on the website as well as youtube.

We have some special call in guests as well as flying solo, memes and the Wheel Of FRO.

This is the last episode of 2016 and we want to wish you all a happy and a healthy new year. We truly appreciate your connoted support as we strive to make bigger and better content day in and day out.

00:00:16 Where is Stephen?
00:02:28 There's Stephen
00:05:19 Presents from Todd
00:09:29 A Gift For YOU
00:10:11 Photo News: Camera Encryption
00:13:56 An Unethical Frame
00:16:36 The Necessary Evil
00:18:25 A New Way To Say No
00:23:46 A Filter For At Night
00:25:15 Fake 50s
00:26:46 New Light Weight Tripod
00:27:56 Charlie Gluten Checks In
00:29:12 Follow The Stolen Phone
00:36:25 What Does Becky Want For Xmas?
00:37:31 Meredith Wants A Mug For Xmas
00:38:08 Gears of the Week: Nikon Key Mission 360
00:45:30 Matthews Hollywood Baby Jr
00:47:57 Flying Solo
01:04:37 Naruto Xmas Request
01:24:14 Wheel of Fro
01:28:27 Memes of the Week
01:38:45 Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year
01:40:36 The Elf Gives Out Presents

FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 208: Introducing the DUMBEST Camera Ever, 1780mm Nikkor Lens and the ROCK  

Let me touch on the first story in the headline first.   This Relonch has taken old Samsung cameras, wrapped them in colorful leather and is renting them for $99 a month.  Oh yea, they only have a power button and a shutter button and the LCD screen is covered.  To hear the rest of this news story tune to 18:27 of this weeks show.


Photo News is jam packaged with stories about Drone crashes at a wedding, Time Magazines Trump photo, SI cover photo taken with a cell phone and much more.  Photo news starts at 17:26


There were some fantastic Flying Solo quesitons this week and you can see if I answered yours at 51:48


We wrap the show up as always with the Wheel Of Fro, meme’s and the hashtags of the week.


Thank you all for your continued support.


00:00:16   You'll Paint What For Some Gluten?

00:03:05   FRO SHOW Episode 2

00:17:26   Photo News

00:18:27   1 Button Camera for $1200 Bucks-A-Year

00:23:04   Lost Friends Over Drone Injuries

00:25:58   Nikkor 1780mm Lens With A Truck Tripod

00:28:07   TIME Mags Trump "Devil" Cover

00:29:15   "The Rock" Photo Shoot on a Cell Phone

00:37:19   Capture 1 Pro v10

00:40:07   Lightroom Reference View

00:45:17   Mermaids Hate Plastic Bottles

00:47:10   Canon Lens with Mounts on Both Sides

00:48:17   Gear of the Week

00:51:48   Flying Solo

01:16:00   Wheel of Fro

01:18:19   Memes of the Week

01:24:31   Hashtags of the Week

She Was Arrested In Russia Urban Exploring, DRONE Guns and Hanukkah Harry: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 207  

It’s true, this weeks guest Rebecca Bathroom was detained by the Russian military while urban exploring.  It turns out they thought she was a spy, was she?  Find out starting at 37:34 of the show.


Todd brought in his new toy aka Sony Playstation VR for us to try out, catch some bonus footage at the end of this episode.


We have a ton of photo news from Getty, OK Go, Facebook, Kaiman Won and a NEW Drone gone from Drone Shield. 


Be sure to check out the interview, gear of the week from Kino Flow and the meme’s. 


We appreciate your continued support of us and the SHOW!!!


00:00:16   Todd Brought His Toy

00:01:53   Who's on the Show?

00:02:47   New Fro Factory Item

00:05:45   48 Hours to Haggle

00:07:40   What Does Morgan Want for Xmas?

00:09:16   Hanukkah Harry

00:10:28   Photo News

00:10:35   Homework to Rent Film Gear

00:15:22   Getty Settles for Less Than a Billion

00:18:40   Photographer Sues Facebook

00:20:07   Nikon on Sony!?!? With Auto Focus?!?!

00:21:36   Merediths New DRONEGUN

00:25:32   OK, Go. For 4.2 Second Music Video.

00:28:33   3D Print-A-Lens?

00:30:08   Casey Neistat and CNN Team Up

00:33:37   Kaiman Wong Moves On

00:37:34   Interview with Rebecca Bathory

00:39:07   What Is Rebecca Working On?

00:43:50   Arrested In Russia!

00:47:09   So You Loved Russia?

00:51:33   How Do You Fund Traveling the World?

00:53:31   What Gear Do You Use? $$$

00:59:10   2 Books

01:02:33   Gear of the Week

01:08:54   Memes of the Week

01:15:25   Wheel of Fro

01:19:11   Hash Tags of the Week

01:20:55   I Try VR...Not Porn

A Custom FRO Hockey Jersey, A COKE Selfie Bottle, Elton John LOVES Photos: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 206  


Yes it’s true I had customer FroKnowsPhoto I SHOOT RAW Hockey Jerseys made, check those out at 7:26 and all the other photo news including the Coke selfie bottle starting at 10:45


This weeks show is brought to you by the FroKnowsPhoto BlackFroday through Dec 2nd sale.  Get all my guides up to 50% OFF check out


We have Photo News, Gear of the Week, Flying Solo, Wheel Of Fro the Memes and MORE, so please continue joining us each and every week. 


00:16   I went to a freak show...

02:23   "Brought to you by YOU!"

04:54   Black Froday Sale

07:26   Holiday Gifts for Stephen and Todd

09:28   You want a Fro Jersey?

10:45   Photo News

11:02   Hitachi Lensless Camera

12:20   Casey Neistat Ends Daily Vlogs

14:27   Elton John's Photo Collection

18:04   Photographer Becomes Detective

19:06   Special Edition Polaroid

20:28   Google App Enhances Low-Res Photos

22:55   Time Mags 100 Most Influential Images

24:25   Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle

26:25   Richard Prince and Another Law Suit

27:28   Meredith Checks In

28:40   Multiple Gears of the Week

32:57   Flying Solo

57:46   Wheel of Fro

1:01:32   Memes of the Week

1:05:31   Hashtags of the Week

I’m On A BOAT, Meridth’s New Cabinet Position and Apple Makes A $300 BOOK: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 205  

Why was I on a BOAT you may ask? I went on what was called “Summit At Sea” which was a chartered cruise for entrepreneurs. I knew going into it that my focus was to meet people and strike up meaningful conversations. I did attempt Yoga but that didn’t end too well. Check out the entire discussion to lead off this weeks show.

This weeks show is brought to you by YOU!!!!

Photo NEWS is packed with a ton of stories this week since we filmed last weeks show early. We have everything from DRONE Stories to camera guns and much much more. Photo news starts at 17:51

Thank you all for you

00:00:16 Another Hair Cut Stephen?
00:02:06 I Was On A Boat
00:04:40 Who Was On The Boat?
00:08:05 I Took A Yoga Class
00:10:25 Healing Rooms and 7th Place Trophies
00:13:07 Who I Saw Speak...Gary and Perry
00:17:51 Photo News
00:18:30 Meredith and the DTF
00:20:23 GoPro Karma Failing
00:23:41 DGI Phantom 4 Pro
00:29:36 DGI Inspire 2...for Filmakers in Berets
00:32:34 D5600...Not in the US?
00:33:38 Shooting Photos Literally With A Gun
00:34:37 Magic Lantern and the 5D Mark 4
00:35:31 Split a Camera in Half with Water?
00:36:30 Creepy Instagram Copy Cats
00:39:00 Instagram "Buy" Option
00:41:59 Google "Photo Scan" App
00:43:36 An Apple Book made of Actual Paper
00:45:53 CMOSIS 48 MegaPixel Full Frame Sensor
00:46:33 Todd Reenacts the Locals at the Fro Factory
00:52:57 Gear of the Week
00:54:34 When There IS and ISN'T a "Sponsor" RANT
01:01:23 Flying Solo
01:31:32 Wheel of Fro
01:35:27 Memes of the Week
01:42:43 Hashtags of the Week
01:44:17 Jared's Not Sleepy...Highlight Reel

The TRUE and Fascinating Story Behind the "Gary Fong Dome" (Interview): FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 204  

As you know, I love doing interviews.  When Gary Fong let me know he was going to be in Philly for a few days I invited him over to the loft to get on the show.  I got to learn about how he got his start as well as come up with the Fong Dome.  The interview starts at 3:56.


I want to remind you this episode was filmed the same day as episode 203 back on November 2nd.


00:00:16   Todd's New Toy and Task

00:01:39   Why is this RAWTalk different?

00:02:31   Let me see that Fong!!!

00:03:56   Interview with Gary Fong

00:46:12   Gary Fong Interview Wrap-Up

00:48:16   Gear of the Week

00:51:05   Flying Solo

01:26:40   Wheel of Fro

01:30:42   Hash Tags of the Week

The Most Distasteful Wedding Photo Ever, Instagram BANNED My Photo: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 203  

Let’s start off with that distasteful wedding photo, yes it’s flat out distasteful.  On top of it being a not great photo it’s one of those photos as a photographer you simply say na, you know what, i’m not shooting that.  That’s the type of photo your friend takes with a cell phone but not you as a working professional. 17:29


Instagram decided to take down my halloween costume photo stating that it did not meet community guidelines.  I don’t know about you but i’ve seen photos of woman wearing far less and showing more that I guess are perfectly fine to be there. 


This weeks show is brought to you by RODE, WE LOVE RODE, we use RODE and you should check them out as well. 


Stephen loads us up with Photo News Stories, we have an 8TB Western Digital Hard drive for gear of the week and as always we round the show up with Flying Solo, Wheel of Fro and Memes.  


I hope you enjoy RAWtalk each and every week.


00:00:16   There is an imposter in town!

00:02:30   My Instagram Pic Removed?!?

00:04:20   Plug of the Week

00:08:02   I went to a Wedding, met the photographer, it went well

00:11:35   Stephen Shoots Group Love

00:15:11   Photo News Start Here, Top Photographer

00:17:29   Couple take frisky wedding photo

00:21:15   Inside Look at Nikon Glass Factory

00:22:28   Yongnuo releases 2 new items

00:23:23   Star Wars Action Figure Pics

00:24:52   Microsoft Surface Studio

00:28:50   Surface Book i7

00:29:10   The New Mac Book Pro

00:33:13   Apple teamed up with LG=5K Display

00:35:10   Afghan Girl Arrested

00:38:05   24 Karat Gold Drone

00:39:20   Life Light

00:41:10   Gear of the Week

00:43:00   Flying Solo

00:57:33   Wheel of Fro

01:00:19   Memes of the Week

01:04:42   Hash Tags of the Week

DRONES BANNED, KODAK’s stupid phone and Costumes: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 202  

Welcome to the 2016 FroKnowsPhoto Halloween Episode. I think this years costume are pretty darn good, I hope you enjoy the show.

Sweden decided to BAN ALL unlicensed fling of DRONES. This means you can’t simply take your drone out to fly unless you have approval. This sounds a little overreaching, what do you think? Story starts at 30:42

We have a TON of photos news, Flying Solo video questions, Gear of the week, Wheel of FRO and finally MEMES.

Thank you all for your connoted support of the show. Don’t forget you can subscribe on iTunes to have each new episode automatically download.

00:00:00 Special Halloween Intro
00:00:40 This Years Costumes
00:03:45 And The Show Starts
00:06:03 Photo Plus
00:07:25 Hoya!!!!!
00:11:30 Meredith's New Toy
00:12:32 I got yelled at on stage!
00:16:08 Photo News
00:16:15 One Shot VR Lens
00:17:25 New Nikon 19mm Tilt/Shift Lens
00:18:04 The New Nikon 70-200, Priced not to...
00:20:58 Photographer Suing Trump
00:22:42 What's Kodak Precious?
00:25:37 The Apple "Bokah"
00:28:39 CFexpress, 8Gb's a second!!!
00:29:52 The Oldest Production Nikon Camera Up For Sale
00:30:42 Sweden agrees with Meredith
00:32:35 World's Brightest Flash Mounted to a Drone
00:33:28 Our Buddy Mike Kelley
00:34:47 Gear of the Week
00:38:35 Flying Solo
01:04:51 Wheel of Fro
01:08:59 Memes of the Week

FroKnowsLEGOS, Cooled Nikon Cameras and Ai Critique Robot: FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk #201  

Everything is SO AWESOME right now here at FroKnowLegos, how cool is our LEGO Loft???  Turns out Dan decided to take the LEGO discussion to extremes one night and spent a few hours turning a bunch of LEGOS into RAWtalk and my loft, how do you think he did?


The JIGUNDA HUGE Camera Giveaway Contest II is in full swing.  It is brought to you by me by the way.  If you would like to win your choice of a Canon 5D Mark IV, Nikon D810 or Sony A7RII please go to to get entered. 


There’s a whole bunch of photo news including two NEW Sony cameras, the A6500 and the RX 100 Mark V.  A picture of Abe Lincoln sold for $24,000 and now a ROBOT will critique your photos.


We have FLYING Solo quesitons being asked via video, Gear of the Week, The Wheel Of FRO and finally MEME’s.  Stay tuned at the very end of the show for a special cribs style tour of my loft as LEGOS.


00:16   Fro Knows LEGOS

01:15   Does Dan Really Stutter?

04:00   Meredith Checks In

04:46   Taco Bell Becky Checks In

05:18   Mega Huge JIGUNDA II Announcement

07:27   Photo News

07:44   Sony A6500

10:24   Sony RX 100 Mark 5

11:56   D5500a Cooled

12:49   Remember Joe Cool?

16:38   Historic Photo of Abe Lincoln

19:39   New "AI" Photo Critic

21:19   Wedding Photographer Robbed!

23:01   Shooting Photos Literally

24:21   Lens Baby Trio 28

27:28   I SHOOT JPEG

29:05   Gear of the Week

32:58   Flying Solo

51:52   Wheel of Fro

57:22   Memes of the Week

1:04:22   Hashtags of the Week

1:06:20   Tour of the RawTalk LEGO Loft


Should u have to #ASKFIRST before taking photos in public? LEGOS Are Cool FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk 200  

First things first I must mention this is episode #200!!!! Yes that accounts for a span of four years worth of episodes which is pure insanity.  We could not have done it without all you guys watching and interacting with the show.  This show would also not be possible without Stephen who somewhere around episode 37 took the reigns on audio and quickly found himself editing and producing the show.  The show would not be where it is today if Stephen didn’t take so much pride in it.


The biggest news story of the week can be found at 28:12 of this weeks show and its about #AskFirst before you take photos.  Should you have to ask first if you’re in public or should you be able to just shoot?  What do you guys think?


Gear of the week brought us the NEW GoPro Hero5 which based off of this weeks show we just may need to tweak some settings on.


We have Flying Solo, Wheel of Fro and finally the MEMES.  If you would like to send in your meme’s please send them to and maybe we will showcase yours.


Again we could not do this show without you so here is a BIG THANK YOU!!!!


00:00:20   Poke Philly

00:01:48   200 Episodes...not special

00:06:34   Jared's College Fashion Shoot! 

00:11:24   Photo News

00:28:12   #AslForst

00:41:40   Stephens Secret Hobby

00:45:15   Gear of the Week

00:47:42   Flying Solo

00:54:05   What it takes to work for Jared

01:16:02   Wheel of Fro

01:19:15   Memes of the Week

01:23:06   Hashtags of the Week

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