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Hear some of the best-reported stories from the Financial Times’s investigative journalists. The dialogue in these podcasts is based on interviews, court records and other documents. We pace each story over a series of episodes.


The Panama Papers and the role of tax havens  

The leaked “Panama Papers” show how a Panamanian law firm, Mossack Fonseca, secretly shepherded a web of offshore accounts that resulted in billions of dollars in transactions passing through its doors. Its client list includes some of the world’s wealthiest people, from members of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s inner circle to the prime minister of Iceland. Tom Burgis talks to Vanessa Houlder, FT tax correspondent and Alex Cobham, head of research at the Tax Justice Network, about the significance of the revelations.

Britain's troubled nuclear plans  

Britain's nuclear plans are in trouble after the French company building and designing a new facility at Hinkley Point said it needed more funds to proceed. Tom Burgis discusses what's behind the delays and cost overruns with French nuclear scientist Bertrand Barré, and FT energy correspondent Kiran Stacey.

Global land disputes  

Global market forces are coming into conflict with local populations as the commercial value of land increases. Tom Burgis, Michael Peel and Pilita Clark travelled to Ethiopia, Myanmar and Indonesia to look at some of the disputes that have arisen over the sale and use of land. They discuss their findings.

Hanergy and China's corporate debt spiral 2/2: The crash  

In May last year Hanergy, a little known Chinese solar energy company, was worth almost $40bn, at least on paper. But in one brutal half hour of trading in Hong Kong, its shares came crashing down. FT reporters Miles Johnson, Lucy Hornby and Cynthia O'Murchu investigate the trail of debt that led to its spectacular decline. Music by David Sappa

Hanergy and China's corporate debt spiral 1/2: Flying high  

For a few short months, Chinese entrepreneur Li Hejun became the richest man in China. FT reporters Miles Johnson and Lucy Hornby tell the story of the dramatic rise of his solar energy company, and what it says about levels of corporate debt in one of the world's biggest economies.

Cyber Insecurity: The fight back  

Are hackers winning the battle for cyber security? FT West Coast editor Richard Waters speaks with San Francisco correspondent Hannah Kuchler and investigations correspondent Kara Scannell to discuss how banks, companies and governments are finding ways to marshal their defences. Find more reporting on the topic at FT.com/cyberinsecurity. Music: "Guttersnipe" by Jim Rooster.

The Steinmetz affair 4/4: The Magnate  

In the final episode of the series, FT investigations correspondent Tom Burgis looks at the man behind BSGR, the mining company at the heart of an intercontinental corruption probe. Find out more at ft.com/steinmetzaffair

The Steinmetz affair 3/4: The Inquiry  

In the third episode of the Simandou saga, FT investigations correspondent Tom Burgis reveals how BSG Resources lost its multi-billion dollar iron ore rights in Guinea, and its attempt to fight back. Find out more at ft.com/steinmetzaffair

The Steinmetz affair 2/4: The dictator's wife  

In the second episode of the Steinmetz tale, FT investigations correspondent Tom Burgis uncovers the story of a Guinean dictator’s wife, a French intermediary and a multi-million dollar bribery scheme. Find out more at ft.com/steinmetzaffair

The Steinmetz affair 1/4: The Mountain  

In the first of a four-part series, FT investigations correspondent Tom Burgis tells the story of the intercontinental legal battle that has broken out among big mining companies over the iron ore buried beneath Guinea's Simandou mountain range. Find out more at ft.com/steinmetzaffair

Welcome to FT Investigations  

Tom Burgis, FT investigations correspondent, explains our new podcast, launching here on Monday, June 29.

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