Future Sandwich

Future Sandwich


The Podcast that has a sandwich with people making the future happen today.


Virtually Reality  

We talk how Virtual Reality has the potential to impact every industry, as well as blur the lines of what is real, and what is virtual.

Hello Robots  

Whether you see Artificial Intelligence as an opportunity or a threat, it is enriching our daily lives, and has the potential to fuel the next human revolution.

Skip Ads  

This episode we look at how we are living through the last days of Advertising as we know it. If everything is ad-free and on-demand, how are Agencies adapting to this entirely new landscape?

Asteroid Inc.  

The Space Race is on again, thanks to the real possibility of making Asteroids our fuel stations in space.

Breaking Down Bitcoin  

Future Sandwich :: Episode 2. Breaking Down Bitcoin. Featuring Founder of TheWeekInBitcoin, Alan Tsen and News Corp's Nic Hodges, & Author, Steve Sammartino.

The Driverless Car Race  

Episode 1 of Future Sandwich :: The Driverless Car Race. We take a Tesla Model S for a spin, and talk with Nic Hodges & Steve Sammartino about when we won't need to worry about getting a Driver's License.

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