Future Tense - Full program podcast

Future Tense - Full program podcast


A critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking, from politics to media to environmental sustainability.


Dynamic pricing - and should AI be granted “legal personhood”?  

Algorithms use your data to determine the maximum you as an individual are prepared to pay products and services. And - should Artificial Intelligence be granted legal rights?

How to problem solve - the ultimate problem  

Neuroscientist Robert Burton reckons our brains simply aren’t up to tackling the problems of the complexity of modern life. Could collective intelligence help?

What future democracy?  

Is democracy as we know it doomed? And could there be alternative forms of political representation?

Unions, freelance workers and Codetermination  

What can unions do to transform themselves to meet the new realities of the 21st century?

Unions and the future of employee representation  

Australia is now one of the least unionised countries in the OECD. What's behind the union movement's decline and what factors impede its future?

Pop-up culture  

Do temporary outlets suit our social media times and are they the perfect mid-point between the online experience and traditional bricks and mortar?

Chatting with heretics  

Moving forward isn’t just about denouncing fake news and ignorance, it’s also about rethinking some of the assumptions we have around the ways in which we communicate and debate.

Hyperloops and circular runways  

High speed trains travelling in a vacuum tube and planes that take off from a donut-shaped runway – rethinking the way we travel.

Building Wellness  

Building Wellness - it's a new trend aiming to ensure that the buildings we work and live in actively improve human health and well-being.

The 24-hour city  

Could a 24-hour economy improve your quality of life? Edwina Stott takes a look at our perceptions of the night, and how round-the-clock neighbourhoods could look and function.

Your personal brand  

Could you be sued for your tattoo? Is a career in sport now about branding over athleticism? The art of personal branding is becoming increasingly complicated.

Talking with machines  

Voice operated devices and software are popping up everywhere. Is the nature of computer-human interaction changing?

The end of ownership, iFixit and real-time encryption  

If your car won’t work without the software that controls the engine, does it really make sense to talk of owning the vehicle? And what if you could repair your smartphone, but you're not allowed to?

A new age of discovery, cardboard gliders and the Living Transport Lab  

We're discovering new species at an accelerating rate. The disposable cardboard glider or the living transport system? Not quite, they're something completely different.

What do we mean by innovation?  

Innovation, has become an important part of the political and business lexicon. But is our definition of innovation simply too technology focussed and too business-centric?

Augmented eternity and the potential of prediction  

Would you like to extend your 'virtual self' beyond the grave? And could meeting your future self help change your current behaviour?

Witnessing, death and memory  

Social media is old enough now that it’s had to incorporate the reality of death: personal profiles are turned into memorial sites; recordings serve as a last avenue for goodbyes and images increasingly make us a witness to death itself.

From before the cradle to after the grave – the power of the image  

From ultrasound screen shots to online memorial sites, the image reflects our future potential, our current existence and our memory.

Time, play and a word from Lord Russell  

Find out why play is not just unstructured activity and why we are so obsessed with time. And get some old advice for living in the modern world.

Is happiness vastly overrated?  

The ‘cult’ of happiness could be damaging to business performance and the sanity of employees. And research suggests that maintaining a level of pessimism in the workplace is actually beneficial to maintaining a corporate edge.

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