Future Tense - Full program podcast

Future Tense - Full program podcast


A critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking, from politics to media to environmental sustainability.


Your personal brand  

Could you be sued for your tattoo? Is a career in sport now about branding over athleticism? The art of personal branding is becoming increasingly complicated.

A Universal Basic Income  

Funded from the public purse, the universal basic income is a no-strings attached minimum payment. So, would it actually work as a way of reforming social welfare?

Employment in the era of exploitation  

Overtime, internships and freelance projects - the idea of work takes on a whole new dimension when there’s no promise of payment.

How to really get under someone’s skin  

We’ll find out whether the psychological barriers to human micro-chipping will inevitably limit the technology’s take-up. And does the rise of biometrics open up a consent debate?

The inside running  

Edible batteries, ingestible sensors, tiny intravenous drug delivery craft and a wound-clogging injectable sponge - new research takes a decidedly invasive approach to problem solving.

The fabric of future life  

When fabric becomes futuristic: a 'gravity loading' space suit, electronic temporary tattoos, sweat eating sportswear and kombucha leather.

New directions for brain research  

Is it possible to modify the brain through exercise, implants or even electricity?

BWF: A conversation exploring personal, community and social histories.  

Is it possible for two different experiences of the same event to be considered the truth? Has art and the media contributed to a drift in historical truth?

Putting our minds to the brain  

Despite decades of intense research, we still know very little about how the human brain actually functions.

The contingent workforce and the growth of digital taylorism  

The size of the so-called “contingent” workforce is on an upward trajectory. We explore what’s driving the trend and what it means for employees. And is a digital form of “taylorism” also on the rise?

What do we mean by innovation?  

Innovation, has become an important part of the political and business lexicon. But is our definition of innovation simply too technology focussed and too business-centric?

Designing for Serendipity  

As oxymoronic as this may sound, would the world be a better place if we all spent more time and energy designing our systems and workplaces to facilitate the possibility of serendipitous findings?

Does handwriting have a future?  

According to some, writing by hand no longer has a place in an age where people type and thumb their way using smart phones and computers. But others believe cursive writing still has an important role to play in cognitive development, particularly when it comes to memory.

The post journalistic world  

Digital news platforms are now losing their control over distribution to the goliaths of the online world – Facebook and Google. So what are the implications for the future of serious, civic journalism?

CRISPR – part two  

Future Tense looks at the regulatory framework that exists to guide CRISPR’s usage - and ponders ethical considerations.

The CRISPR breakthrough  

Future Tense explores how CRISPR, a new genome-editing technology, is now being used to help fight human disease and to produce more resilient and nutritious crops.

Three perspectives on the future of storytelling  

There are so many more platforms available to writers these days and so many more ways in which to tell a story. 

Big data and its influence on sport  

Big data and its influence on sport – the good and the bad. And also why our 'collective memory' doesn’t always make a good base for predicting the future.

Are our perceptions of honesty changing?  

The fine line between truth and falsity is now multi-layered; and there’s also more deceit and outright lies about – or so it seems.

Blockchain, the Age of Fang and being careless with language  

Discovering the flaws that limit the adoption of blockchain technology; acting against the digital threat to Australia's culture; and regaining personal agency through the way you speak.

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