Real Talk - Episode 60: BYOS  

In Episode 60 we talk about Alan Wake being removed from digital stores, Splatoon 2's shortened map rotation, Rime's Switch price change, and the Switch now storing credit cards! Major Topics include: 1)Do we prefer maple or fake syrup? 2)Have we ever gotten in trouble with the police? 3)Are we ever recognized outside of a convention?

Real Talk - Episode 59: Our Biggest Loser  

In Episode 59 we talk about Splatoon 2's Squid Sisters Stories, Fire Emblem Echoes's season pass, Nintendo shipping Switches by plane, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga's rumored remake, and details on Risky's gameplay in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! Major Topics include: 1)Our Top 5 most Played Fighters in Smash Wii U 2)How do we feel about mini-maps in games? 3)How are we liking the Switch Joy-Con and Pro Controllers? 4)Have we ever dieted?

Real Talk - Episode 58: Bowser Jr's Booty  

In Episode 58 we talk about Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 receiving a rating in Korea, Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite's release date, Nintendo not hold a traditional press conference at E3, and the return of Night Trap! Major Topics include: 1)How do we feel about playing portable games in public spaces? 2)What other remakes in the style of Wonder Boy would we like to see? 3)Our ideal way to play through the Kingdom Hearts series 4)Our favorite pizza place

Real Talk - Episode 57: Kicking It Old School  

In Episode 57 we talk about Super Bomberman R's upgrade to 60fps, Target and Nintendo's ad collaboration for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the rumored SNES Classic, and localization of the Splatoon manga! Major Topics include: 1)Will the Switch have multiple iterations like the PS4 Pro or Xbox One Scorpio? 2)What games stand out as early Game of the Year candidates? 3)Will Nintendo censor Mother 3's Magypsies and should the game be supported if they do?

Real Talk - Episode 56: I Will Always Be More Physical  

In Episode 56 we talk about the Switch's and Zelda's sales success in the US, the Russian Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle, NES Classic being discontinued, Microsoft's announced digital refund service, and Peter Moore leaving EA! Major Topics include: 1)Do we prefer physical or digital games? 2)What would we think of a Playstation Switch? 3)Should the next Zelda be more linear? 4)Our thoughts on Samurai Jack

Real Talk - Episode 55: French Fries and a Frosty  

In Episode 55 we talk about the spec reveal of Microsoft's Project Scorpio, Atlus's strict streaming guidelines for Persona 5, the death of Mad Catz, and Bloomberg's optimistic outlook for the Switch's future! Major Topics include: 1)Do we prefer showers or baths? 2)Our favorite fast food joint 3)Do we prefer 2D or 3D Zelda?

Real Talk - Episode 54: Deja Vu  

In Episode 54 we talk about Super Bomberman R's free DLC, the latest patch for Breath of the Wild, LEGO City Undercover's box art confusion, the Switch's sales success in Japan, and Persona 5 blocking PS4 streaming! Major Topics include: 1)Tips for visiting Japan 2)How do we judge games for review? 3)How will other Switch games balance brief and long play sessions like Zelda?

Real Talk - Episode 53: We All Gotta Splat Sometimes  

In Episode 53 we talk about Super Mario Run coming to Android, Nintendo's response to the Joy-Con connection issues, the announcement of the Seiken Densetsu Collection for Switch in Japan, and the latest teaser for the Mega Man cartoon! Major Topics include: 1)Our best vacations 2)What new Disney World do we want in Kingdom Hearts 3? 3)What games do we wish we had time to play?

Real Talk - Episode 52: Pretty Crap  

In Episode 52 we talk about Nintendo doubling production of the Switch, someone actually finding all 900 Korok Seeds in Zelda, the announcement of the Disney Afternoon Collection, and Super Bomberman R's sales success! Major Topics include: 1)Are we interested in any sports? 2)Can the time of day heighten or lessen the impact of a game? 3)Our most anticipated Switch Indies 4)What's our exploration strategy in Breath of the Wild?

Real Talk - Episode 51: Flying Solo  

In Episode 51, it's all Derrick, all the time! He talks about the Switch's sales success, Zelda's Art Director's comments on Link's hat, Shantae's Hardcore Mode, and the Switch Pro Controller's hidden message! Major Topics include: 1)What did we think of Logan? 2)Our favorite fast food chain 3)Our thoughts on mobile pricing models 4)Do we like to cook? 5)What adult TV shows did we watch as kids? 6)What other career would we choose if we could? 7)What flavors should Switch cartridges come in? 8)What don't we like about the Switch? 9)What jobs did we have in the past? 10)Do we consider a game's price when writing reviews?

Real Talk - Episode 50: Nintentional Decisions  

In Episode 50, we talk about Pokémon 20th anniversary movie trailer, the Switch's awful-tasting cartridges, the Breath of the Wild prototype, and the announcement of a new Capcom collection! Major Topics include: 1)How did our family and friends feel about our pursuit of game journalism as a career? 2)Our thoughts on Kid Icarus: Uprising and its future 3)Do we wear pants while we work? 4)Which members of GameXplain embody each piece of the Triforce?

Real Talk - Episode 49: Switch Envy  

In Episode 49, we're joined by Ted "ExandShadow" Wiesen to fill in for a missing Andre and Ash! We talk the lack of the Virtual Console at Switch launch, the current Switch line-up, the Joy-Con issues, and the new details on Dragon Quest Heroes 2! Major Topics include: 1)What games would we have played more if we could've taken them on the go with the Switch? 2)What unique ways would we like to see the Joy-Con used? 3)Has our favorite Nintendo franchise changed over time? 4)What makes gamers feel that the Console Wars are so important?

Real Talk - Episode 48: The Ruffles Pope  

In Episode 48, we talk about the Johto update to Pokémon Go, Nintendo stating that a 2D Zelda on Switch is possible, the leak of the Switch UI, and the PS4 Pro's Boost Mode! Major Topics include: 1)What's our favorite snack while gaming? 2)What difficulty in games do we select? 3)How important is it to match a reviewer to the game?

Real Talk - Episode 47: We Finally Did It!  

In Episode 47, we talk about Castlevania getting a Netflix Original Series, E3 being opened up to the public, Skylanders skipping a new release in 2017, the cancellation of Project Giant Robot, and what it took to make the Super Mario Odyssey Analysis! Major Topics include: 1)What are our worst pet peeves in games? 2)If we could meet any celebrity, who would it be? 3)How long do we think it'll take us to complete Breath of the Wild? 4)Our Top 5 Most Played Wii U games

Real Talk - Episode 46: Happy Anniversary!  

In Episode 46, we reflect on our first year of the Real Talk podcast as well as talk about about the PS4 getting external hard drive support, Nintendo's online pricing for the Switch, Yooka-Laylee on the Switch, the delay of Animal Crossing mobile, and our thoughts on Fire Emblem Heroes. Major Topics include: 1)Do remakes devalue the original? 2)Are there strategy guides we love or loathe? 3)Our favorite couples in gaming

Real Talk - Episode 45: Hidden Costs  

In Episode 45, we talk about about Ash's new job, Square Enix & Marvel's Avengers games, the terror of Missingno, Pokémon Duel's surprise release, and the leaked footage of the Mega Man cartoon. Major Topics include: 1)Why do games cost so much to develop? 2)Should Nintendo sell their gimmick controllers separately? 3)Are there any corners should have cut to make the Pro Controller cheaper? 4)Have we thought about covering more than just Nintendo games?

Real Talk - Episode 44: Crying About Zelda  

In Episode 44, we talk about about various Switch news, Breath of the Wild's lack of dual audio, Nintendo maybe selling a ROM of Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, and the cancellation of Scalebound. Major Topics include: 1)Does analyzing games kill our excitement? 2)What makes a good press event? 3)Would anything make us not buy the Switch? 4)What song made us appreciate video game music?

Real Talk - Episode 43: Wario & Waluigi: Partners in Crime  

In Episode 43, we talk about about recent movies, the Treehouse Switch Stream, Super Mario Run's Sales, Mass Effect Andromeda not on Switch, and the Beyond Good & Evil 2 rumor that it may be Switch exclusive for 12 months. Major Topics include: 1)Best and worst Kirby Games 2)What surprise do we want to see at the Switch Presentation 3)Favorite Reboot 4)Ideas for games starring video game villians

Real Talk - Episode 42: It's All Ash's Fault  

In Episode 42, we talk about our Christmases, the upcoming Freedom Planet 2 demo, Nintendo trademarking Eternal Darkness, new rumors about January 12th Switch Event, and much more! Major Topics include: 1)What E3 Announcement would blow our mind? 2)Should Nintendo focus on new or old IPs? 3)The biggest blunders of 2016 4)Our Most Played games on Wii U (10-6)

Real Talk - Episode 41: You Are Not Worthless  

In Episode 41, we talk about Mega Man coming to iOS, Pokémon Go adding Gen 2 Pokémon, Yooka-Laylee's Wii U cancellation, the Super Nintendo World concept art, and much more! Major Topics include: 1)Do we listen to anything while we work? 2)How do we feel about video game pricing? 3)Our worst fears 4)Have we had any health benefits from games? 5)Do we know anyone with disabilities that have learned to cope with them?

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