Getting Swedish Football

Getting Swedish Football


An introduction to Swedish football culture for English speakers. Hosted by Peter Watson and Rickard Björken. Theme music by James Davey. Badge design by Richard Gray.


GSF - Episode 6  

We get into why Swedish football has such a strong following. What are the pros and cons of being a football fan in Sweden and why we love watching Football. 

Also we have our teams of the week IK Sirius and Hammarby IF and we round up the games in the Allsvenskan. 

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GSF - EP5  

This week we have changed the structure of the podcast slightly. We are now breaking the pod into three equal parts. The first our main subject for the week the European championships in France this summer. The second our teams of the week, which include Jönköpings Södra IF and GAIS. Then we have a round up of the Allsvenskan's first few games of the season. Hope you enjoy! 

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GSF - Episode 4  

In this episode we tried to take a look at who and what has influenced Swedish football playing styles and tactics. We look at different playing formations historically and in the current teams.

We recorded this a few weeks ago before the start of this years season so we might not be totally up to date.

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GSF - Episode 3  

Youth Football is the topic we delve into in episode 3. We give our opinions on what motivates children to play football. The pros and cons of competition among a host of other topics within Youth Football. We also discuss our teams of the week (as always) one from the Superettan and one from the Allsvenskan leagues. Varbergs BoIS are first up and have some interesting ideas surrounding the club. Then the current Allsvenskan champions the wild card winners from last year IFK Norrkoping!

Theme music by James Davey. Badge design by Richard Gray. 

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GSF - SPECIAL Allsvenskan Prediction  

We are adding a special episode today as the Allsvenskan kicks off this weekend! We cover the upcoming weekends fixtures and Rickard makes predictions for the season. Scarily accurate predictions when compared to the betting websites, he swears he didn't look...

Theme music by James Davey. Badge design by Richard Gray. 

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GSF - Episode 2  

Episode 2! In this show we discuss Swedish legends. We try and cover a large chunk of history and include the greats from the past and present. We also indulge in our own personal choices.

Our teams of the week are 'IFK goteborg' from the Allsvenskan and 'Assyriska' from the Superettan. We give you a run down of both with a prediction of how we think they will do this year. 

Theme music by James Davey. Badge design by Richard Gray. 

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GSF - Episode 1  

Our first episode! In this weeks show we lay out the aims and structure for the podcast and introduce ourselves as hosts. In the main body of the episode we quickly summarise the league and cup systems here in Sweden. 

WARNING: We had a few technical issues with the first episode. The volume is rather low and there maybe a few noise oddities which occur. Our sincerest apologies go out to you, this will be rectified next week.

Badge design by Richard Gray. 

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