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The day's top stories from BBC News compiled twice daily in the week, once at weekends.


Russian president denies US election influence  

Vladimir Putin says he's ready to work with whoever wins in November, Colombia peace talks delayed over hostage release, Next-generation batteries, 'Super' sizing the English language

Children without beds at Calais 'Jungle'  

Belgians break EU-Canada deal deadlock, Twitter to cut jobs as growth slows, Dutch classic novel 'The Evenings' is translated into English

Hope over trade embargo on Cuba  

New approach to fight against Zika, Miss Iceland told to lose weight, The escapades of Bob Hoover

Thirty abducted Afghan civilians killed  

Turkish-backed rebels in Syria 'bombed', The clearing of the 'Jungle' camp in Calais, 'Super-parenting' improves autism

The slow battle against IS in Mosul  

Our correspondent reports from the outskirts of Iraq's second city, US judge approves $15bn VW scandal settlement, Brazilian football great Carlos Alberto Torres dies at 72

Dozens killed at Pakistan police college  

Calais 'Jungle' camp demolition, Third runway at Heathrow airport approved, Brains get slacker with age

Still time for Canada trade deal says Tusk  

European Council president says there's still time to save a trade deal with Canada / France begins clearing Calais 'Jungle' / The child who was twice born

Calais police begin evacuation of the "Jungle" migrant camp  

Hundreds of migrants bussed away from notorious camp outside French port, Kurdish fighters say they've cut off key town near Mosul, report says world has crossed major threshold for greenhouse gases, remembering anti-war activist Tom Hayden

Turkey joins Mosul offensive against IS  

Turkish forces in Iraq have joined the offensive against the IS stronghold of Mosul / 26 freed hostages reach Kenya / Why actor Mark Rylance is unlikely to perform for the RSC

Turkish anger over fight for Mosul  

Turkey says it can't remain idle in the fight against IS; More than seventy people dead in Cameroon's worst train accident; Hackers claim responsibility for cyber attack

EU-Canada trade talks break down  

Trade deal on the brink of collapse, UN says Islamic State fighters are using civilians as human shield, cyber attacks affect services on Paypal, Amazon and Twitter

South Africa withdraws from ICC  

Several countries accused the International Criminal Court of targeting African leaders, at least six police officers and 16 civilians are killed by IS in Iraqi city of Kirkuk, the American football coach who kisses his players before each match

US election: Trump refuses to commit to accepting result  

Republican presidential candidate reserves the right to challenge 'questionable' outcome; Remembering Aberfan 50 years on; Facebook Messenger's conversation topics

Trump and Clinton in third US presidential debate  

Donald Trump refuses to say whether he'll accept the election result if he loses; Iraqi PM says operation to retake Mosul is proceeding quicker than planned; Australian man accused of killing his Tinder date found not guilty

Closing in on Mosul  

Ralph Nader on US election, Fears for robotic probe on Mars, The German U-boat 'attacked by a monster'

'Thousands fled' Mosul area ahead of battle  

Ecuador curbs Assange's internet to halt US election 'interference', Bataclan widower won't hate his wife's attackers, Jakarta offers rewards to catch rodents

Mosul battle: appeal to protect civilians  

Iraqi troops push closer to Mosul, Russia stops bombing Aleppo, and why milk a Tasmanian devil?

Iraqi troops and Kurdish allies capture villages near Mosul  

Government forces and Peshmerga make gains on second day of assault on Mosul, why Russia has halted Aleppo bombardment earlier than planned, Trump's wife defends him over 'sexist' comments, sharing an airline flight with a duck

First day's advance on Mosul  

What to do with Hitler's House?, Forgiveness over the Cathars, The construction of 'Boaty McBoatface'

Iraqi army begins assault on Mosul  

Iraqi troops launch offensive to expel IS from strategically important city, warning over calories in alcohol, Australian fisherman uses broom to beat off Great White shark

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