Glowing Up

Glowing Up

United States

Join Esther and Caroline on their journey to glow up! Esther and Caroline are on a mission to find their inner glowy goddess and share their findings about the worlds of beauty, health, diet and all things girly and glowy. Come glow up with them!


4 - "I'm Glowing Down Every Minute"  

Caroline shares her skincare routine (!!!!), Esther does something very un-Esther like to try to surprise Caroline, and the girls finally explain what..."The Paris Trip" means.

3 - *Does One Cardio Class*  

Caroline's life is changed by cardio and Esther wants to try Yoga once. Also, Esther brings in her first drugstore makeup show and tell, and Caroline surprises Esther with a certain celebrity's contour kit. Also, #muffinslime happens this week. Not last week.

2 - To KKW or not to KKW  

With lots of self love, Esther coins the phrase #muffinslime, and Caroline takes a journey into Chinese herbal medicine.  

1 - Time to Glow Up!  

Welcome to the very first episode of Glowing Up! The girls introduce you to their world and Caroline discusses her NYX haul. 

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