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Special Edition with Jennifer Rudolph Walsh of Together Live  

In a special episode of Go 'Head Mama, Danielle chats with literary event guru, Jennifer Rudolph Walsh. Walsh has been the power behind major events for Oprah, Arianna Huffington and more. Now, she's working with the likes of Glennon Doyle Melton, Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Ciara, Seane Corn, Abby Wambach and more to create a conference for women like none other. Today we chat with Jennifer about the uselessness of guilt, the magnitude becoming a mama plays on your life and the impact she hopes to have with her upcoming un-conference, Together Live. For more information about Together Live check out: http://www.togetherlive.com! For more information about the mamas that love the true you, visit: www.goheadmama.com or check us out on Facebook or Twitter. Don't forget to give us a high five (stars) on iTunes!

24: Dr. Rachels Knows Your Weird Brain  

Kate talks to GHM friend and psychiatrist Dr. Rachel on the podcast to talk about the deep weirdness that happens to you physically when you have a baby. The brain-shrinkage! The hormones! So fun. She also gets into how empowering boundary setting can be when you have a truly stressful job. Bonus: listen closely for the screams of our children in the background. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@goheadmama) and give us a high 5 review on iTunes if you love us. If not, let us know what would make us more lovable via email letstalkmamacita@gmail.com.

23: Breastfeeding - The Letdown Letdown  

Kate and Danielle saved this topic for when they were back in the midst of the "beauty" of breastfeeding. Kate remembers it as breeze, Danielle thinks her nipples are being sawed off. Either way, it's another honest conversation about a truly complicated part of mothering...but to be honest what part isn't! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@goheadmama) and give us a high 5 review on iTunes if you love us. If not, let us know what would make us more loveable via email letstalkmamacita@gmail.com.

22: Midwife Knows Best  

This week, Danielle sits down with her favorite (and only) midwife, Jules Dean, the co-founder of the Baby Journey. Jules and Danielle discuss a laundry list of things from maintaining a sense of self to keeping life fun. Jules has been a gem for Danielle as she has maneuvered motherhood away from family and friends...and now we share this awesome gem of a lady with you! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and give us a high 5 review on iTunes if you love us. If not, let us know what would make us more loveable via email letstalkmamacita@gmail.com. Also for our listeners in England, go check out The Baby Journey right now!!! www.thebabyjourney.co.uk https://twitter.com/thebabyjourney https://www.facebook.com/thebabyjourney

21: Holy Cannoli, I'm Pregnant Again  

Danielle and Kate discuss the fact that Danielle is PREGNANT AGAIN. Madness ensues, tears are there and honest conversation about what's on Danielle's brain. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @GoHeadMama and like us on Facebook @GoHeadMama or email us anytime via letstalkmamacita@gmail.com !! And we always welcome a five-star review on iTunes. If you can't give us a 5 let us know what more you want from us via email!


Kate and Danielle are back with another mom to mom chat about the things going on in their brains! This week they discuss their fears of dangers in the world and how they are managing these thoughts.

Every Mother Can Help #BlackLivesMatter #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile  

Kate shares some ideas on what you can do to stay involved and feel less helpless in the wake of another set of lost lives in America.

19: Traveling as a Mama  

In this week's episode, Danielle and Kate talk traveling and what it's like to be away from your child in both social and professional settings. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @GoHeadMama and like us on Facebook!!

18: Interview with Journalist Amy Westervelt  

In today's episode, Danielle sits down with Amy Westervelt, experienced journalist and mother of two, to talk about her career, what she's working on now, her motherhood, and more! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at @GoHeadMama and like us on Facebook. Follow @amywestervelt and check out her podcast @rangepodcast, as well as her website amywestervelt.com!

17: "Me-ternity," The Missed Opportunity  

This week, Danielle and Kate discuss the concept of a "me-ternity," (as put forth by Meghann Foye in her novel and Anna Davies in her New York Post article) and its equivalence, or lack thereof, to maternity leave. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter (@GoHeadMama) and like us on Facebook! Enjoy!

16: Motherless Mothering  

Hola #mamas, We are back with another episode of GO 'Head Mama. This week Kate challenges Danielle to think about how she feels on mothering having lost her mother before having her daughter. They also discuss the struggle of using the word "mom" with other people. This and more on this week's episode of Go 'Head Mama. Don't forget to like us on FB and follow on Twitter.

15: Let's Talk About...Faith  

This week Kate and Danielle open up about their personal spiritual beliefs and how their experiences with religion affect if and how they will introduce religion to their kids. Follow us on Twitter: @goheadmama Like us on Facebook: Go 'Head Mama Newsletter: https://tinyletter.com/GoHeadMama Suggestions? Show Ideas? Let us know at letstalkmamacita@gmail.com

14: Laura Goode on #DivaMomsChat  

This week, Kate discusses motherhood with the amazing Laura Goode! They are chatting all things tiny humans, feminism in Lifetime Movies, the de-sexualization of women as they become mothers, feeling like a teen mom and soooo much more! Enjoy! Follow Laura at @lauragoode and check her website out: www.lauragoode.com Follow us on Twitter and FB: @goheadmama AND SIGN UP FOR OUR TINYLETTER FOR GHM UPDATES! https://tinyletter.com/GoHeadMama

13: Other People's Opinions  

We're back #mamas chatting it up about how we're dealing with societal pressures about being moms. We knew everyone had an opinion...we just didn't know everyone had an opinion on what we should and should not do as mothers! Listen and let us know how you are navigating the waters of judgement. This and more on Go 'Head Mama.

12: It Don't Matter If You're Pink or Brown... Or Does It?  

Danielle is at the helm solo giving you all the first case of #TheMommyJournals where Danielle and Kate share personal stories they've experienced. This week Danielle discusses how she handled her daughter already noticing that her skin is different from the rest of her nursery mates, the importance of self-image and celebrating individuality at an early age. Check out her post on Medium about the encounter: https://goo.gl/t3EhG3

11: Feelin' Myself: The Valentine's Day Episode  

This Valentine's weekend, Danielle and Kate navigate the anxiety inducing waters of finding yourself attractive post pregnancy. The shit ain't easy... but these two mama besties hash out how they have been dealing with their sense of physical beauty in the midst of the holiday that can make us all question our beauty and attractiveness. All in all, you better be feelin' yourselves mamas, because you all rock!

10 Lindsay Shelton-Gross on #DivaMomsChat  

This time Kate is interviewing the wonderful Lindsay Shelton-Gross and they are discussing loads including: the ways in which Lindsey is raising her tiny white men to be compassionate citizens in society, accepting her flaws, and her desire to go half-sies on a sensory deprivation tank with Kate:)

09 Tata 2015, Hellllloooooo 2016  

This episode Danielle and Kate chat about how they survived the holidays with their bundles of joy + their families. They also chat about resolutions and resolving to keep themselves at the forefront of their resolutions. Danielle confesses her love for journals and Kate encourages all of us to focus on the positive that the last year brought before jumping into the typical new year resolutions!

08 Protecting Your Child From The World: Nursery, Aylan & Ahmed  

This week, Kate and Danielle lose the comfortable tone and get all the way real. They laugh through the emotions of dropping your child to day care for the first time, discuss the extreme sympathy that mothers feel when seeing the current state of the Syrian Crisis and attempt to pick up their jaws around why Ahmed Mohamed can't build a clock in 2015. This and more on GoHeadMama!

07 The United States Does Not Care About Mothers  

This week Kate and Danielle take on the topic of maternity leave. With the US failing in comparison to other developed nations regarding maternity leave with only 12 weeks unpaid leave, this conversation includes a lot of blank stares around why parents arent cared for in today's work place.

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