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We're documenting what golf science is and how it’s actually making a difference in the way golf is taught, learned, and practiced. There is far too much “mythology” involved in golf. Most of it has no validity based on research or what’s ACTUALLY going on. We’re talking about all aspects of golf science. So you can learn what’s really going on in an entertaining way and get better results in your game by going to the source.


2.9 - 6 Things Every Golfer Needs to Know About the Mental Side of Golf  

Learn 6 of the critical concepts we've learned on season 2 of the Golf Science Lab and discover what you need to know about the mental side of golf.

2.8 What Should Be Going on in Your Brain During Golf with Dr Debbie Crews  

In what state do we play our best golf... Should be trying to be left brain, right brain, high, low?!? With today's guest Dr Debbie Crews she's revealing a large amount of research and concepts to help you play your best golf.

2.7 The Psychological Impacts of Early Specialization with Dr Bhrett McCabe  

Learn why most early specializers and junior golfers loose their dominance as they get older and what to do to combat burn out in golfers. Fantastic info every golfer, coach, parent, and jr golfer need to hear from Dr Bhrett McCabe.

2.6 Effective Strategies for Handling Pressure on the Golf Course with Dr Jon Finn  

The golf course can represent a threat to our brains and we need a system to deal with the pressure that comes along with that. Learn what’s going on in our brains during a round of golf and a pre-shot routine to deal with it.

2.5 The Difference Between Winning and Losing with Jon Stabler & Dr Deborah Graham  

We’re going to take a look at personality traits and see what we can learn by seeing what separates the elite golfers (who can win) and those that don’t. Our guests have done the testing only directly with players on the LPGA, PGA, and Champions Tour players.

2.4 - 2 Keys to Managing Stress on the Golf Course with Dr Adam Nicholls  

We all face stress in similar ways on the golf course no matter if you’re a +7 handicap or a 27 handicap. Today we’re talking with Dr Adam Nicholls about how to better deal with stress and telling some stories of the good and bad.

2.3 How Mindfulness Could Help Your Golf Game with Dr Joseph Parent  

We’re looking at mindfulness, awareness, and changing habits with Dr Joseph Parent who combines eastern wisdom and western psychology in a unique and effective style.

2.2 The Reality of the Yips & How to Fix Them with Dr Rob Bell

2.1 Understanding the Zone and How to Access it with Dr Michael Lardon  

What’s going on in a players brain during extremely high performance on the golf course? And how do we explain stories of time slowing down, and the mind completely blank or even forgetting entire rounds? Learn from Dr Michael Lardon as he explains what you need to know about the Zone and how to get there more frequently.

1.9 Find Your Best Challenge Point with Dr Mark Guadagnoli and Dr Chris Bertram  

1.9 Find Your Best Challenge Point with Dr Mark Guadagnoli and Dr Chris Bertram by - the truth about improving your golf game

1.8 What Every Golfer Ought to Know About FOCUS with Dr Gabriele Wulf  

Where should your focus be in during a shot? Or when you're learning how should you think about a move to make a change in the most effective way. We're going to answer those questions in today's episode on FOCUS with Dr Gabriele Wulf.

1.7 The Unknown Truth about Learning Golf and Motivation  

1.7 The Unknown Truth about Learning Golf and Motivation by - the truth about improving your golf game

1.6 Golf and the 10,000 Hour Rule with Dr Bhrett McCabe  

1.6 Golf and the 10,000 Hour Rule with Dr Bhrett McCabe by - the truth about improving your golf game

1.5 Make Golf Feel Easy (Constraint Based Learning) with Graeme McDowall & Peter Arnott  

What if tournaments and potentially "stressful" rounds of golf suddenly seemed easy? Well that's what we're going to talk about today with a constraint based approach to coaching and learning. The general tenant we're going to talk about with Peter Arnott and Graeme McDowall being - Your solution to problems are different from anyone else's, so let the individual find a way that is fit for them to solve that problem instead of putting them in positions.

1.4 How Good Golfers Get Good with Graeme McDowall & Peter Arnott  

How do we explain great players? And what can we discover when we ask questions like. “How do PGA tour players become PGA tour players?” We’re sitting down with two guys, Graeme McDowall and Peter Arnott, who have some interesting concepts that might explain away a lot of “luck” and “mystery”

1.3 Performance and Learning with Dr Robert Bjork and Adam Young  

Today’s episode is all about learning and performance in golf and how this understanding should affect the way you practice and learn golf. Our two guests for today’s episode are Dr Robert Bjork, Distinguished Research Professor, and Adam Young, golf coach and author of The Practice Manual. We’re answering questions like “Do we trick ourselves into thinking we’re improving, learning, and actually getting better?” and “What should we be going for in our learning environment?”. Start listening below!

1.2 Stop Wasting Time on the Driving Range with Dr Tim Lee  

Dr Tim Lee is one of the experts in motor learning and he’s giving us an introductory look at how we’ve been falling short in our golf practice and learning environments. In this episode you’ll learn the nature of golf, what you need to know about random and block practice, and the actions you should start taking to create a better learning environment.

1.1 - Interpreting Golf Research with Trillium Rose  

Trillium Rose is the head director of instruction of Woodmont Country Club. She also has a Masters Degree in Motor Learning and Control which has “really helped shape my perspective and how I approach people’s learning, how they change their habits, and how improve their habits or learn new ones.” Today we’re talking about what golf research is and how we’ve become a little confused with the role research vs inferences and observations plays in the growth of golf.

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