Great Moments In Science - with Dr Karl Kruszelnic

Great Moments In Science - with Dr Karl Kruszelnic


From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.


Why spiders don't go commando  

Spiders dropping down on their silk thread never get caught twisting in the breeze, like abseiling commandos do. Because ... chemistry.

Bird brains - dense, not dumb  

Some birds, especially parrots, songbirds and the entire crow family, are surprisingly intelligent - and not just compared to other birds.

Of mice, marijuana, memory and men  

A recent study found that low dose THC from cannibas improved memory in older mice.

Origin of life  

Did life begin on an invisible mountain range?

Ocean ridge secrets  

The ocean ridge is the biggest mountain range on Earth. And it could hold the secret to where life began.

Childhood amnesia  

No matter how memorable your childhood is, you probably won't actually remember it.

Can you beat the pokies? (Part 2)  

How did Russian gamblers cheat US casinos out of millions of dollars? Dr Karl explains their scam - and the Australian connection.

Can you beat the pokies? (Part 1)  

Poker machines are built to only pay back about 10 cents for every dollar you put in. But thanks to Putin and maths, it's possible to win.

Artificial uterus  

An artificial uterus has been trialled for lambs, but why do we need one in the first place?

Minus-calorie celery claim leaves food for thought  

Celery is low in kilojoules but it's the energy it takes us to chew and digest that pushes us into negative calories.

Why we yawn  

Yawning has all kinds of strange links to different aspects of human experience.

Animal poo times  

Headlines don't get much punchier than "All mammals poop in 12 seconds ...".

Ponytail physics  

There's a lot of maths - and a bit of astronomy - behind the sideways swing of a ponytail.

The real cost of air pollution  

It kills millions, and it costs trillions. Air pollution is killer number 5


Compared to other animals of the same size, humans just aren't that nutritious. Is that the only thing holding cannibalism back?

Pregnancy while pregnant  

Can a woman get pregnant, when she is already pregnant? In other words, can she have two foetuses in her uterus, at different stages of development?

Cleaning up space junk  

The amount of junk in orbit is always increasing but cleaning it up is also essential for our future space operations, but it’s not going to be easy.

How much space junk is out there?  

Space junk includes old satellites, spent rocket stages, dust from solid rocket motors and even coolant from obsolete Russian nuclear-powered satellites. But just how much is up there?

How the Nobel Prize medals were hidden from the Nazis  

The gold in a Nobel Prize medal is dense enough to make a big impression when you try to take it through an airport X-ray scanner. It's also very resistant to being dissolved—but that didn't stop one chemist who needed to hide two medals from the Nazis, as Dr Karl Kruszelnicki explains.

What we know about misophonia, the 'hatred of sounds'  

A condition called misophonia — where people adversely react to particular sounds, often with feelings of rage, terror, fear and panic — was first identified 20 years ago, but is only now starting to be better understood.

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