Gun Talk

Gun Talk

United States

Tom Gresham's insight opens and educates the minds of people on all aspects of gun related issues.


Business protection; Solar Eclipse; Stopping Mass Shootings-08-20-17-D  

Tom and Jim discuss carrying at work, solar eclipses, training, being an ambassador to the shooting sports.

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First Responders; State of Legal Affairs; Shooting Legend-08-20-17-B  

Hour Three - Guests Andy Brown, Author "Warnings Unheeded"

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Campus Carry; Journalism vs. Sensationalism; Over/Under Shotguns-08-20-17-A1  

Hour Two - Guests Luke Crawford-Students For Concealed Carry

Jim Shepherd-Journalist

Matt Fisher, Blaser


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Media Bias; Self-Defense Training; Competitive Shooting-08.20.17-A  

Hour One - Guests Dave Workman-Journalist

Massad Ayoob, Trainer/Author

Jess Clark, Clark Custom Guns

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Hunting Antelope; Political Awareness; Safety Upgrades-08.13.17-D  

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss hunting antelope, having political awareness, and recent safety upgrades.

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Safety Upgrades; Demonization of Gun Owners-08.13.17-C  

Hour - Three, Tom Taylor, Sig Sauer

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Gun Cleaning; 9mm and 10mm Revolvers; Open Carry Precautions-08.13.17-B  

Hour - Two, Michele Makucevich, Slip 2000

Mark Gurney, Ruger

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22 Ammunition; Machine Gun Stories; Loose Loads: 08.06.17 D  

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss .22 Ammunition, funny machine gun stories and what can happen with loose loads.

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NRA Shooting Championship; Summertime Carry; Tom Hennig's Birthday Gun  

Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss NRA shooting championship, summertime carry, and Tom Hennig's birthday gun.

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Shooting Spots and Sports; Womens' Shotgun; NSSF: Gun Talk Radio 07.30.17  

Hour - Three, Zach Snow, Director of Shooting Range Services at NSSF

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State's Rights; HR38; National Reciprocity: Gun Talk Radio 07.30.17  

Hour - One, Phillip Van Cleave, Virginia Citizens Defense League

Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-08)

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Building an AR Pistol; Threat Assessment; Workplace Carry: Gun Talk Radio 07.23.17  

Tom, Jim, and Tom discuss building an AR pistol, threat assessment, and carrying in the workplace.

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Road Rage Procedures; SAF; Adoption; Gun Rights: Gun Talk Radio 07.23.17  

Hour Three - Guest David Sigale, Attorney

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SlideFire; AR 15; AK 47; Hearing Protection; Safety; Walkers;  Ammo Storage - Gun TalkRadio 07.23.17  

Hour Two - Guests Mike Stewart, Slide Fire and 

Ben Smith, Walker's/GSM Outdoors

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