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The one-stop shop for LIVE HomeBhoys & Beyond the Waves Celtic Show broadcasts. Plus the LostBhoys, Tic Talk, Temporary Stand, Half the World Away, Rhebel Phodcast, Paradise Preview and Paradise Report podcasts. Twitter: @HomeBhoys @BTWCelticShow @TheLostBhoys @TemporaryStand @RhebelPhodcast @MetsBhoys @CarlukeShamrock @HHMParadiseRep @ParadisePreview @HalfTheWorld88 Skype: HomeBhoys - BeyondtheWaves - LostBhoys - HalfTheWorld88 Turn off Clyde support YOUR side


History Bhoys Abroad - Know Your History - St Pauls Celtic  

It's 2017 and this is the first podcast of the year from ourselves but also a slight change from our usual offering. Know Your History is going to be an intermittent podcast from us talking to some Celtic community members about their subtler Celtic moments. These episodes will feature once a month alongside our normal podcasts. We were joined by Paul Kennedy, known to most as PK, from St Paul's Celtic, an amateur Celtic supporters team based in East London. We discussed being a Tim in London, St Paul's, his personal Celtic memories and current Celtic thoughts. Join us.

Ballbhoys Ep27 Rock 'n' Roared 2nd Quarterly Review  

Ballbhoys 2nd Quarterly review of the this great season, rock 'n' roars farewell pod from the ballbhoys and the usual rabble that come with it.

Ballbhoys Ep26 Hun Scubbery #3  

Ballbhoys go live

The Colonial Podcast Ep 13 - Futures bright, its green and white.  

In a glorious finale to 2016, I'm joined by JP and Yahmpy to discuss an decisive victory over Sevco and to look forward to a bright future. The MSM also get two fingers an'all ;)

Smell the Glove LIVE - INVINCIBLE  

Come GLOAT with us as we celebrate a wee victory away to "them".

HTWA #49 - Hoopy New Year  

Are The Bhoys going through a form slump at the moment or is it just papertalk? Has Brendan Rodgers achieved all his targets so far, and what can he do to continue progress. In preparation for the upcoming match against Sevco we give our thoughts on the expected 'honest mistakes' and then make our score predictions. If you would like to get in touch then please email us (HalfTheWorld88@gmail.com) or follow us on Twitter (@HalfTheWorld88)

Ballbhoys 215 - Glorious  

Ballbhoys celebrate becoming hail hail media champions! listen out for a couple of messages from our sister pods STG and that bastard colonial. we also chat Hamilton, county and upcoming trip to mordor.

History Bhoys Abroad - Episode 20 - Tommy Burns - The Manager  

The final podcast of 2016 from the History Bhoys Abroad. This one was a little departure from the usual method of recording; we were in Glasgow; in a dining room and recording live. Myself and my co-host for the week, Gilly, discuss the tenure of Tommy Burns as Celtic manager. We discuss his transfers, impact, working circumstances and much more. We were also at the Ross County game so a wee review of that as well as a preview of the zombie match with our pal Liam. Join us.

Smell the Colonial Ballboys - Live Christmas Special  

Sit back and enjoy Hail Hail Media's first ever group podcast to include Smell the Glove, Colonial Podcast and the Ballbhoys! Dr. J will attempt to pilot this vessle that promises to be totally rudderless Only God knows how many people will show up as we celebrate a banner year for Hail Hail Media. The one thing we will promise is that this podcast will be an absolute riot!

History Bhoys Abroad #19 - Roy Aitken - Part 2 - '83-90  

Part 2: Episode 19 of the History Bhoys Abroad has an in-depth discussion on the 15 year deep player and captain, Roy Aitken. This is the second part of two which covers the years: 1983-90. Join us.

History Bhoys Abroad #19 - Roy Aitken  

Episode 19 of the History Bhoys Abroad has an in-depth discussion on the 15 year deep player and captain, Roy Aitken. This is part 1 of the episode: 1975-83. Part 2: 1983-90, will be available soon. We also discuss Celtic's brisk win over Partick Thistle. Join us.

Smell the Glove Live - Slump? What slump?  

It's a full house tonight after another three points at home! Join Rev, HBB, St, Paulie and Dr. J as we compare a slump looks like in Scotland vs across the pond.

HomeBhoys #213 - Christmas Showdown!!  

Tonight seen the long awaited HomeBhoys v Ballbhoys showdown... There was a quiz hosted by Harper, a couple of one, true, three's provided by the Belfast Bhoy and Lisa Miller and a rap battle that isn't to be missed... We had a few technical issues with the sound at the start but if you can get through that there were laughs a plenty. Merry Christmas and thanks for your continued support of the podcast on Hail Hail Media.

Ballbhoys 204 Anyone but Ballbhoys  

Ballbhoys pull together a late late show and give you a pre homebhoys v ballbhoys podcast. we have a special guest, paul. its pretty much what you've come to expect ballbhoys shit,

The Colonial Podcast Ep 12 -  Tatts.  

After a much needed break the Colonial podcast returns with a late episode. Yahmpy and Jonny Clifford simultaneously gatecrash the episode late to discuss recent games, Tattoos, Armstrong and other Celtic related nonsense.

Smell the Glove LIVE - Ahead of Schedule  

The Bhoys are back for a chat about Citeh, Thistle and Motherwell.

Ballbhoys 152 - You've got a friend in me  

Ballbhoys number 152 man city and thistle games broke down and expertly analysed. usual shenanigans like baws broke phone, colonial Rachel lynch live and a sneak peak at marc beat boxing. probably other shit that I can't remember. Robbie savage go fuck yersel. Fuckin Ki Sung-yueng

Ballbhoys 115 - Comeback Kings  

Ballbhoys episode 115 is here, we go in depth on motherwell. Also looking for any tips for a ballbhoys cocktail. we have some man city and thistle chat among the usual off topic none sense, you'll love it.

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