Hamish & Andy

Hamish & Andy


Australian radio hosts, whose daily live radio broadcast is burnt onto a CD and couriered to an IT prodigy who can convert what is on the CD into a digital audio file. He puts the audio file onto a USB and the USB is shipped back to the radio station, where the file is transferred to a computer desktop, renamed, and then uploaded as a podcast.


A Christmas Message  

New shows will start March 27, 2017. A special 10 Years In 10 Weeks podcast will run from January 16 - March 24, featuring highlights from the last 10 years of the Hamish & Andy Show

Fri 2nd Dec 2016  

1. The Final Day On Tour

2. Drum Solo Debate

3. The Temper Trap

4. Tongue Scraping

5. Pre-gig Chat With Guy Sebastian

6. The Final Performance!

7. Post-gig Chat With Guy

8. Layla's Loot Chute

9. The Band's Mega-Montage

10. 2017 Announcement

11. The Secret Song

Thu 1st Dec 2016  

1. Were You Involved In a Break-up Avalanche?

2. Pre-gig Chat With The Wiggles

3. The Newcastle Performance

4. Post-gig Voting

5. The Secret Song

6. Guess Where Hamish Is On The Bus

7. Skates Or No Skates For Jack?

Wed 30th Nov 2016  

1. Pre-Gig Chat With Shannon Noll - Have You Had The Yips?

2. The Rankins Springs Performance With Narration

3. Post-Gig Chat - Who Was The Worst?

4. The Stange Intruder

5. Sleeping With Your Eyes Open

6. Where Is Hamish On The Bus?

7. The Boys Chat To The Tizzana About Tonight's Gig

8. Does Your Industry Party The Hardest?

9. The Boys Allow Jack To Play Without His Skates Tonight

Tue 29th Nov 2016  

1. The Bus Needed A Jumpstart

2. The Veronicas Pre-gig Chat & Last Night's Performance

3. The Boys Review The Performance

4. Who Was The Worst Player?

5. Post-gig Bus Bed Chat

6. Do You Know Someone Who Tried Something Once Then Threw It All Away?

7. Guess Where Hamish Is On The Bus

8. Dusty Bus and Band Gripes

9. The Boys Chat To Brent From Rankin Springs

Mon 28th Nov 2016  

1. The Band On Tour - Seeing The Bus For The First Time

2. Andy The Bus Driver

3. Is Today The Day?

4. Hamish's Spray Tan Was Ruined By Sonny's Bath Time

5. Band Critiques Day 1

6. Guess Where Hamish Is Hiding On The Tour Bus

7. Did You Take A Chance On Your Formal Suit?

8. Pre-Gig Huddle

Fri 25th Nov 2016  

1. Grooming Mishaps

2. Layla's Loot Chute

3. Song Sleuth

4. Guess The Song Challenge

5. Hamish Gets Tattooed

6. Are You Coming To One Of Our Gigs?

7. The Band On Tour - Montage Of Our Journey So Far

Thu 24th Nov 2016  

1. Andy's Moustache Reveal

2. Guess The Song Challenge

3. Who Do You Sound Like?

4. Andy's Second Moustache Reveal

5. Band Tattoo Chat

6. Swipe Card Trouble

7. Alexia from Catholic College Wodonga


8. Hamish Blake's Hot Topic / Handy Tip / Useful Tip / Piece of Advice

9. Rattle Your Rivals



Wed 23rd Nov 2016  

1. The Mannequin Challenge

2. Another Band Frontman Announcement

3. BBQ Grime

4. Junk Mail Rules

5. Hamish's Band Tattoo Proposal

6. Song Sleuth

7. Horgs' Digger Update

8. Upset Andy

9. Guess The Band's Song Challenge

Tue 22nd Nov 2016  

1. When Have You Been Squirted?

2. The Band On Tour

3. Andy Wants a Motorbike

4. Robbie Williams

5. Sonny's Worm Farm

6. The Band's Major Sponsor - Balter Beer by Mick Fanning

Mon 21st Nov 2016  

1. Ruby Rose

2. The Masters Games - Do You Smell a Rat?

3. Uber Eats

4. The Band On Tour

5. Vegetable Pump-Up Songs

6. Playing Golf With Justin Timberlake

Fri 18th Nov 2016  

1. When Is It Too Late To Tell Someone They're No Good

2. Sliding Championship

3. Layla's Loot Chute

4. The Band On Tour

5. Have You Set Up a Situation Where You Could Shine?

6. Jazz Chat

Thu 17th Nov 2016  

1. Andy's Good News

2. Sliding Injuries

3. Hamish's Text Message Mistake

4. The Band's Rehearsing

5. Santo Cilauro

6. The People's Help Desk

Wed 16th Nov 2016  

1. The Band On Tour - Rankins Springs Frontman

2. Hamish's Spray Tan

3. "I'll Think About It..."

4. Sliding Championship

5. What Do People Think You're Doing On Purpose?

6. Peking Duk

7. The Band's Photoshoot

Tue 15th Nov 2016  

1. Customer Parking

2. The Band on Tour - Singer Announcement

3. Sliding Championship - QLD Contestant

4. Upset Andy

5. Band Bickering

6. Super Moon Photos

7. Sliding Championship - NSW Contestant

Mon 14th Nov 2016  

1. The Band On Tour - Logo Mishap

2. Double-headed Sharks

3. Sliding Championships

4. The Duping Game

5. Never Been Done Before Meals

6. Store Fights

7. Blow Something Wide Open

Fri 11th Nov 2016  

1. Steve Vizard Didn't Wave to Andy

2. Slurp it Out, Work It Out

3. Guy Sebastian

4. Rattle Your Rival

5. Layla's Loot Chute

6. Are You an Expert Slider?

7. Jazz Chat

Thu 10th Nov 2016  

1. Has Your Boss Made You Pay For

2. The Veronicas - New Frontwomen For The Band

3. Stickers On The iPhone

4. Cadel Evans

5. The Band's Outfits

6. Misuses Of New Technology - The Vo-Co

7. Slurp It Out, Work It Out

Wed 9th Nov 2016  

1. Brad Blanks Live Cross From New York

2. We Speak To American Podcasters

3. Slurp It Out, Work It Out


4. Toblerone Chat

5. Waleed Aly Live Cross From New York

6. We Speak To More American Podcasters


7. The Veronicas

8. Someone Broke A Studio TV..

Tue 8th Nov 2016  

1. Show-off Dads

2. Upset Andy

3. Andy's Mum's Phone Update

4. Brad Blanks' Election Update From New York

5. Hillary Clinton's Work Schedule

6. Movies Happening in Real Life

7. Slurp It Out, Work It Out


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