Hamish & Andy

Hamish & Andy


Australian radio hosts, whose daily live radio broadcast is burnt onto a CD and couriered to an IT prodigy who can convert what is on the CD into a digital audio file. He puts the audio file onto a USB and the USB is shipped back to the radio station, where the file is transferred to a computer desktop, renamed, and then uploaded as a podcast.


Fri 21st Oct 2016  

1. Battleship

2. World's Most Exclusive Marquee

3. Sonny Being Signed Up For High Schools

4. Rules For Taking Alcohol Home

5. Layla's Loot Chute

6. Chris Pontius From Jackass

7. Jazz Chat

Thu Oct 20th 2016  

1. Planting Seeds of Evidence

2. Facial Compliments

3. Hamish’s Powerball Observation

4. Am I Naked?

5. Setting Up Parents on Dates

6. Scientology Chat

7. Zoe Floriade Prank

8. Nick Kyrgios Update

9. Band Chat

Wed Oct 19th 2016  

1. Underwhelming Grand Openings

2. Telemarketing Wars

3. The Band On Tour

4. Bec’s Wedding Song

5. Heston Blumenthal

6. James Arthur, The Song Sleuth

Tue Oct 18th 2016  

1. Lack Of Best Efforts

2. 'I’ll Love You'

3. Upset Andy

4. The Band On Tour

5. Alternate Names for Famous Characters

6. Foods That Will Make Your Farts Smell Less

Mon Oct 17th 2016  

1. Parent Based Instagram Content

2. The Band On Tour

3. Samsung Note 7 Chat

4. Andy Accidentally Says: 'Love You!'

5. Lindsay Lohan's Greek Nightclub

6. Hamish Designs The Band's Logo

Fri Oct 14th 2016  

1. Chess Battle

2. When Was Sorry Not Enough?

3. Andy's Fart Rave

4. Scripted Prank

5. Peking Duk's Grammatical Mistake

6. Band Chat

7. Jazz Chat

Thu Oct 13th 2016  

1. The Band On Tour

2. Jessica Mauboy & Stranger or Dad

3. Andy the Breakfast Thief 

4. Layla's Loot Chute

5. Suspicious Photographers

6. The People's Lotto

Thu Oct 13th 2016  

1. Band On Tour

2. Jessica Mauboy Plays Stranger Or Dad

3. Andy The Breakfast Thief

4. Layla's Loot Chute

5. Suspicious Photo Taking

6. The People's Lotto

Wed Oct 12th 2016  

1. Hiding Your Secret Happiness

2. Glenn Robbins

3. Pigeon Chat

4. The Band On Tour

5. Strange Colour Names

6. Luke McGregor

Tue Oct 11th 2016  

1. The Band On Tour

2. North Korea's Websites

3. Andy's Cafe Update

4. Upset Andy

5. Love Song Dedications

6. Todd Sampson

7. Quiz Redemption

Mon Oct 10th 2016  

1. Weighing Your Food

2. Texting Our Mums 'Hey'

3. Who Did I See?

4. Band Practice

5. What Did You Time Off Work For?

6. Cycling Tour in Tasmania

Fri Oct 7th 2016  

1. The Band On Tour

2. Michelle Bridges

3. Rattle Your Rivals

4. Layla's Loot Shoot

5. Amazing Roller Coaster Stories

6. Jazz Chat

Thu Oct 6th 2016  

1. Chicken Suit

2. Andy's Golf Assessment

3. The Duping Game

4. Chicken Suit Sponsorships

5. Natalie Bassingthwaighte

6. Westpac Helicopter Ad

Wed Oct 5th 2016  

1. Jessica Marais

2. Julian Assange

3. Tell Us Someone

4. The Band on Tour

5. Niche Podcasts

6. Andy's Golf Meeting

7. Sonny's Kitten Rave

8. Daniel Ricciardo

Tue Oct 4th 2016  

1. Andy's Dating Story

2. Band Chat

3. JMC Academy

4. Upset Andy

5. Dumpling Challenge

6. Tough Love Dads

7. Blow Something Wide Open

Mon Oct 3rd 2016  

1. Does Andy deserve a second chance with Vance?

2. Jason Dundas

3. Hamish's Holiday

4. Movie SWAT is being remade

5. Sting

6. Dumpling challenge recap

Fri Sept 16th 2016  

Signed Someone Up For Richie & Alex Rattle Your Rivals Caution Tape Band Song Discussion Jazz Chat

Thu Sept 15th 2016  

Horgs Inventions Jennifer Hawkins - App Audit Old Agenda The Band - Song Options Playing Hard To Get The Bachelors with Andy Lee & Shane Warne

Wed Sept 14th 2016  

100 Dumpling Challenge Tell Us Somebody... Two Single Guys Best Fast Food Chef Lleyton Hewitt Andy with Vance joy! 

Tue Sept 13th 2016  

Clear Up  100 Dumpling Challenge Upset Andy Double Purpose Club Rattle Your Rivals Bacon Festival Brad Blanks - Tom Hanks

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