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Hamish & Andy


Australian radio hosts, whose daily live radio broadcast is burnt onto a CD and couriered to an IT prodigy who can convert what is on the CD into a digital audio file. He puts the audio file onto a USB and the USB is shipped back to the radio station, where the file is transferred to a computer desktop, renamed, and then uploaded as a podcast.


Wed 24th May 2017  

1 - Andy Lee Birthday Bonanza – the boys chat to organizer Harry

2 - Andy has proof that traffic reporters have given up

3 - Andy has a mate who was a victim of a planned revenge

4 - Duping Game 

5 - Andy Lee Birthday Bonanza – Harry confirms the crowd has doubled

6 - Hamish reveals they're riding Bike Share bikes to the Birthday Bonanza

7 - Andy Lee Birthday Bonanza – En Route

8 - Andy Lee Birthday Bonanza - They've arrived

9 - Andy Lee Birthday Bonanza - The crowd sing Andy Happy Birthday 

Tue 23rd May 2017  

1 - Are you a legitimate teaspoon collector?

2 - Andy's mate had to let a worker go - even she thought the reason was fair enough

3 - Andy's Birthday Week continues

4 - Jack's Meme #4 

5 - Tom Cruise Part 1

6 - Tom Cruise Part 2 

7 - Tom Cruise Part 3 

8 - Andy's Birthday Week continues – Hamish calls Bec as Andy & asks for a puppy

Mon 22nd May 2017  

1 - Andy's Surprise Birthday Week is underway

2 - Andy Lee Song Sleuth - James Arthur vs. Blink 182 

3 - Companies are using sneaky email tactics to test their employees online safety

4 - Final Edible Hinge update - it was an unexpected success

5 - Hamish's Instagram targeted ads thinks he's based in New Zealand

6 - Hamish has become aware of "hi-float" in the helium balloon industry

7 - Hamish has spent money from the joint account without Andy's permission, again! He's bought 1000 customized decorative teaspoons

Two Week Break  

Hamish and Andy are taking a two week break to finish their new TV show, True Story, airing in June.

Friday 5th May 2017  

1) Montage from Crowd Surfing Show yesterday

2) Final Edible Hinge update 

3) 1 Song 2 Cram - Kristy's specialist subject is the human brain

4) 1 Song 2 Cram - The Human Brain - they lose

5) Hamish wants Andy to see 'A Dogs Purpose' despite saying he hates all pets

6) Hamish got caught up in the moment after the Crowd Surfing Show & did a sweat-shoey

7) Calls - When did you get caught up in the moment?!

8) Hamish has been misusing a throat spray - he only just realized it's "external use only" 

9) Calls - What product have you been using wrong? 

10) Jazz Chat 

Thur 4th May 2017  

1 - Welcome to the Crowd Surfing Show - Hamish and Andy launch into the crowd

2 - Hamish and Andy throw to the crowd for some feedback

3 - Welcome Milky Chance

4 - Hamish surfs the crowd on his electronic drum kit as Darren Middleton and Jack slay on guitar

5 - Welcome Amy Shark

6 - Are You Naked with Amy Shark

7 - Hamish and Andy crowd surf on Aladdin's Magic Carpet and smash the 50m speed world record

8 - Luke McGregor tells an amazing joke before leaping into the crowd

9 - The Dismount - Hamish and Andy finish the show by crowd surfing back to the stage

Wed 3rd May 2017  

1 - Andy's family have a special way of treating the sniffles 

2 - Calls - Does medicinal alcohol work?

3 - Crowd Surf Show – Discussing the many aspects to tomorrows show

4 - Calls - What have we over-looked?

5 - Edible Hinge Update - Hamish has outsourced some major aspects

6 - Edible Hinge argument continues!

7 - Hamish’s song about how he can do whatever he likes, as long as he runs it past his wife first

8 - Crowd Surf Show - Gee ups for Andy from people coming along 

9 - Hamish wants to know the rules of keeping kids "art"

10 - Calls - Rules for keeping your kids "art" 

11 - Andy has finally been nominated to go on the Celebrity Wall at his high school

12 - Fake tongue to lick your pet cat

Tue 2nd May 2017  

1 - Crowd Surfing Show - We're going to attempt to break a record 

2 - Sonny got Hamish in trouble with the Police

3 - We've enjoyed having a laugh at Ja Rule's Fyre Festival

4 - Calls - What event have you attempted to put on?

5 - Upset Andy 

6 - Calls - Upset Andy

7 - Meme Tuesday - Jack's latest meme 

8 - Crowd Surfing Show - Andy has a surprise for Hame

9 - New segment - What's That Bev?

10 - Calls - What's That Bev? 

11 - We call the Vending Machine emergency number

Mon 1st May 2017  

1 - Andy was annoyed by a work experience kids clothing

2 - Crowd Surf Show - Talking launch strategies 

3 - Amy Shark is confirmed to join our Crowd Surfing Show 

4 - Jack has a 47 year old friend who has never had a Curly Wurly

5 - What chocolate bar have you never had?

6 - Andy has a chocolate bar update

7 - A new game Hamish invented while bored this morning

8 - Crowd Surfing Show - Pledges from the crowd 

9 - Andy saw a car with lights & sirens, which he didn't think deserved them 

10 - Hamish's Edible Hinge update

Friday 28th April 2017  

1)  Horgs ordered the second cheapest bottle of wine at dinner

2)  Calls - is this the oldest trick on the book? 

3) Andy realized last night that he's never dabbed

4)  Dab Zone - perform their first dabs

5)  Crowd Surfing Show - how Hamish's drum surf will go 

6)  Crowd Surf Show - we invite Luke McGregor to surf with us - he accepts 

7)  When artists collaborate - is there a weakest link?! 

8)  1 Song 2 Cram - Emily, whose specialist subject is the A380 

9)  1 Song 2 Cram – Winners!

10)  Bliss, from Bliss N Eso 

11)  Jazz Chat 

Thur 27th April 2017  

1 - Bit Coin Password Thursday

2 - Grant Vs Graaant

3 - Crowd Surf Show - Rules

4 - Hamish was adamant he was going to import & sell white alligator boots after a trip to Mexico

5 - Harry Styles Live in London announcement

6 - James Blunt Part 1

7 - James Blunt Part 2

8 - Rattle Your Rivals Part 1

9 - Rattle Your Rivals Part 2

Wed 26th Apr 2017  

1 - An athlete in the UK has finally been given recognition for her event at the 2008 Olympics...Andy is still waiting for his from the 2007 Pier to Pub

2 - What are you waiting on recognition for? 

3 - Crowd Surfing Tricks

4 - Jack's DIY House update 

5 - Hamish has bought a home disco ball 

6 - Crowd Surf Show - Milky Chance are on board to perform & crowd surf

7 - Andy's mate wants to hire ACDC for a house warming party

8 - Australian Whinging Warrior

Mon 24th April 2017  


1 - Live cross to Hughsey & Kate - nobody helped Hughsey get Molly off the stage at the Logies last night

2 - Crowd Surfing Show - somebody in the crowd will win $5000

3 - Logies Gift Bag giveaway 

4 - Sophie Monk is announced as the new Bachelorette

5 - Crowd Surf Show - Who's on your resume?

6 - Andy Grammer - Chat

7 - Hamish's Edible Hinge update

Fri 21st Apr 2017  

1 - There are times when you'd rather receive nothing, than the gift you were given

2 - Would you have preferred nothing?

3 - Crowd Surfing Show

4 - Song Cram

5 - An acquaintance of Andy's has changed the name of their baby after 7 months

6 - How long after birth did you change your babies name?

7 - Mind Reading sketch 

8 - Andy is excellent at getting a waiters attention for the bill

9 - Jazz Chat

Thur 20th April 2017  

1 - Netflix have said their biggest competition is sleep

2 - Have you had to put yourself on a Netflix ban

3 - Jez's bit coin password hypnotism session part one

4 - Jez's bit coin password hypnotism session part two

5 - Jez is in the studio trying to crack the password 

6 - Everybody has a weird exercise person in their area

7 - Can we do a full live show while crowd surfing?

8 - Hamish has made a hypnosis tape for Andy to help him quit smoking

Wed 19th Apr 2017  

1 - Car Wash in a Convertible - seeing the Saab for the first time & preparing to get wet

2 - Car Wash in a Convertible - going through the car wash 

3 - Do you feel like you've been in a convertible, but you actually haven’t?

4 - Car dealership trade-in game 

5 - Andy Blows Take That Wide Open

6 - Our bit coin journey has come to an unfortunate end

7 - Jez in studio explains why we can never access our bit coins

8 - Could we hypnotize the password out of Jez's head?

9 - Hamish's carnival game realization

10 - Script prank is back

Tue 18th Apr 2017  

1 - Hamish & Zoe came up with some creative ways to get Sonny to stop eating Easter eggs

2 – The boys are selling their bit coin and debate the most fun way to spend the cash

3 - Hamish confesses he has actually already spent the bit coin money

4 - How to talk sport with your work colleagues

5 - Jack's highly anticipated second meme

6 - Andy got told the world’s most boring story on the golf course over the weekend

7 - Hamish has an Animal Kingdom question for Andy

8 - Ali from the car wash answers last minute questions ahead of tomorrow

Thurs 13th April 2017  

1) Jack is attempting to gut and re-build an entire house, based on YouTube tutorials

2) Calls - Builders, throw your questions at Jack 

3)  Hamish saw a guy doing maintenance on a skill tester machine..

4) Calls - Skill Tester Secrets 

5) Hamish's edible hinge cake update. The Informer calls in again 

6) New musical coming soon - My Unfair Lady! 

7) Their bitcoin has gone up from $900 to $1500 - they'll both think over Easter what they want to spend the money on

8) A forgotten sub-culture: Saab owners! 

9) Calls - How's your Saab?

10) Our mate Tim Bartley has upset Andy's parents - he threw out the Vegemite from the holiday house

Weds 12th April 2017  

1) River of Gold - Thomas is nervously awaiting his $1000 unforgettable wee!

2) Calls - Unforgettable wees 

3) Caller Jason back on the phone further discussing his Unforgettable Wee - it's too unbelievable! 

4) A guy in the US who tweeted Wendy's asking how many re-tweets he would need to get a years’ worth of nuggets 

5) Andy has found audio proof of Warnie's Toobs campaign! 

6) River of Gold - Thomas' Player Profile 

7) River of Gold - Thomas in the toilet, preparing for the challenge

8) River of Gold - The contest 

9) River of Gold - The aftermath

10) One Song to Cram - Pablo on the phone, he is an expert in Real Madrid 

11) One Song to Cram - Did they cram enough about Real Madrid to answer Pablo's 3 questions?! 

12) Hamish has an update on his quest to make a birthday cake for Sonny with an edible hinge!

Tues 11th April 2017  

1) Newsreader Natasha Exelby was let go for her on-air blooper. People are rallying behind her by sharing their bloopers using #PutYourBloopersOut 

2) Calls - #PutYourBloopersOut 

3) Upset Andy 

4) Calls - Upset Andy 

5) Listener Sam wrote in asking for help - he's done a shocking job of buying his wife presents recently. They wrote her a song - Busy Man, to the tune of Better Man.

6) River of Gold - Thomas on the phone, talking rules & tactics 

7) River of Gold - Calls - tactics & support for Thomas

8) Hamish has committed to making a 3D cake of Mack from Cars, with an edible hinge, for Sonny’s birthday. He calls a cake shop to brag.

9) Andy heard a blatant old school radio trick on Triple M recently! 

10) The People's Segment - pitch your segment ideas to us on email.

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