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Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits to this lively, thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’s cohost and guinea pig is her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles, who (lovingly) refers to Gretchen as her happiness bully. To learn more, visit GretchenRubin.com. Part of the Panoply Network.


Little: Don’t Sleep Through Beautiful Moments  

This conversation happened 23 years ago, and lasted about five minutes, but I’ve regretted it ever since.

Ep. 129: September is the Other January  

Why we should remember that September is the other January, the fun of personalized post-it notes, and the challenge of what “they” think. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/129; 774-277-9336.

Little: Why Andy Warhol Wanted to Have a Boss—on Retainer  

I agree wholeheartedly with Andy Warhol. Sometimes I wish I had a boss who could tell me what to do, so I wouldn’t have to figure it out myself. Agree?

Ep. 128: Connect With TV  

Why it’s helpful to connect with TV, a way to give up the snooze alarm, and a discussion of whether you can be a mix of the Four Tendencies. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/128; 774-277-9336.

Little: My Daughter’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother Found the Right Words to Say  

Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words the exact nature of a loving relationship. “You’ll always have a place in my heart” says it all.

Ep. 127: Make or Accept a “Repair Attempt"  

Why we should make or accept a repair attempt, a Sharpie hack, and how introverted Obligers can create outer accountability. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/127; 774-277-9336.

Little: Sometimes, You Feel Regret Either Way  

Sometimes in life, going down one path means abandoning another path. It’s natural to feel regret about the path not taken.

Ep. 126: Do You Struggle with Perfectionism?  

Look for an under-used area of your house, marking sad anniversaries in a happy way, and ways to deal with the challenge of perfectionism. Plus how to review a podcast. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/126; 774-277-9336.

Little: A Lesson from Pre-School: You Get What You Get, and You Don’t Get Upset  

My daughter’s pre-school teachers used to tell the kids “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset,” and I’ve found this to be extremely useful advice.

Ep. 125: Plan a Virtual Move  

Plan a virtual move, a deep-dive into advice about sending a child off to college, a painless way to remove a splinter, and the summer fallacy. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/125; 774-277-9336.

Little: A Great School Motto: Go Forth Unafraid  

A school motto can stick with you for your whole life. My daughters’ school motto is to “Go Forth Unafraid,” which is a great motto for all of us.

Ep. 124: Remember Love  

Remember love, a new great way to use Ziploc bags, dealing with sad anniversaries -- and do people tell you what you "should be able" to do? Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/124; 774-277-9336.

Little: Don’t Check Every Box  

One of my Secrets of Adulthood is “The opposite of a profound truth is also true.”  A few weeks ago I talked about the advice, “Check every box.” Listeners reminded me of another piece of excellent advice, “Don’t check every box. Just go for it!”  Very true.

Ep. 123: Shield Yourself from Worry  

Why we should shield ourselves from worry, open items carefully, and how clothes can transform our attitudes and emotions. Plus tips for new dog owners. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/123; 774-277-9336.

Little: How to be Successful, Part 2  

My law school friend repeated the advice that she’d been given: Try to check every box. This advice came to me in an indirect way, but I’ve followed it ever since.

Ep. 122: Tackle a “Power Day”  

Tackle a “Power Day” as a way to finish onerous tasks, dealing with in-laws who undermine your healthy eating habits—and what’s your advice about sending a child off to college? Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/122; 774-277-9336.

Little: How to Be Successful, Part 1  

I heard this advice about success indirectly (my law school friend repeated what her boyfriend had told her), but I’ve remembered it, and followed it for years.

Ep. 121: Do You Want to

How to get more reading done, an interview with Sam Walker about the qualities of the world’s best captains, and a car-related travel hack. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/121; 774-277-9336.

Little: Flawed Can Be More Perfect Than Perfection  

This delightful story about a seven-tentacled octopus, from legendary children's author Ursula Nordstrom reminds me that sometimes flawed can be more perfect than perfection.  

Ep. 120: VSE: Listener Questions About the Four Tendencies  

In this Very Special Episode, we discuss listener questions related to the Four Tendencies (are you an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? -- and how that matters). Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/75; 774-277-9336. 

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