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Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits to this lively, thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’s cohost and guinea pig is her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles, who (lovingly) refers to Gretchen as her happiness bully. To learn more, visit GretchenRubin.com. Part of the Panoply Network.


Ep. 122: Tackle a “Power Day”  

Tackle a “Power Day” as a way to finish onerous tasks, dealing with in-laws who undermine your healthy eating habits—and what’s your advice about sending a child off to college? Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/122; 774-277-9336.

Little: How to Be Successful, Part 1  

I heard this advice about success indirectly (my law school friend repeated what her boyfriend had told her), but I’ve remembered it, and followed it for years.

Ep. 121: Do You Want to

How to get more reading done, an interview with Sam Walker about the qualities of the world’s best captains, and a car-related travel hack. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/121; 774-277-9336.

Little: Flawed Can Be More Perfect Than Perfection  

This delightful story about a seven-tentacled octopus, from legendary children's author Ursula Nordstrom reminds me that sometimes flawed can be more perfect than perfection.  

Ep. 120: VSE: Listener Questions About the Four Tendencies  

In this Very Special Episode, we discuss listener questions related to the Four Tendencies (are you an Upholder, Questioner, Obliger, or Rebel? -- and how that matters). Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/75; 774-277-9336. 

Little: Sometimes, We Can Be Generous by Taking  

Eighteen years ago, on a plane to Kansas City, I had a brief encounter with a woman—and I’ve regretted my action (or rather, inaction) ever since. Sometimes, we can be generous by taking.

Ep. 119: Make Friends With People of Different Ages  

Why it boosts happiness to make friends with people of different ages, look behind you every time you leave, and the happiness stumbling block of pain. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/119; 774-277-9336.

Little: A Picture Book Has an Important Lesson for Grown-Ups  

In Russell Hoban’s brilliant picture book “A Bargain for Frances,” Frances observes, “Being careful is not as much fun as being friends. Do you want to be careful, or do you want to be friends?” An important question for adults as well as children.

Ep. 118: Are You the Difficult One?  

Design your summer, start a podcast club, and ask yourself - are you the difficult one? Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/118; 774-277-9336.

Little: A Happiness Lesson from Judd Apatow  

We have to be very careful not to assume that we can predict how other people respond to our actions—especially to big, dramatic gestures. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; 774-277-9336. 

Ep. 1: Picking A New Work Mantra  

Happier in Hollywood is here! In this episode, veteran TV writers/producers/showrunners Liz Craft and Sarah Fain pick a new work mantra to get them through development season; talk to their agent about the worst call he ever had to make to them; and discuss whether or not they have hearts full of love. They also offer their weekly Hollywood hack. Get in touch: @elizabethcraft; @sarahfain;  happierinhollywood@gmail.com; happierinhollywood.com; 949-HAPPY-21

Ep. 117: Are You a Revealer or a Concealer?  

Write a haiku, look for help from YouTube videos, how introverted parents can manage an extroverted child, and are you a "revealer" or a "concealer"? Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/117; 774-277-9336. 

Little: Sometimes, the Best Solution Is to Do Nothing at All  

My mother’s advice about an irksome renovation problem reminded me of an important Secret of Adulthood: Sometimes, the best solution is to do nothing at all. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; 774-277-9336. 

Ep. 116: Start a Side Hustle  

Start your own side hustle, avoid the happiness stumbling block of "raising the bar," and whether we should plan our encounters with friends. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/116; 774-277-9336.

Little: It’s Time to Switch from Advisor to Cheerleader  

My father told me, “At some point you have to switch from being advisor to being a cheerleader.” And I realized I’d probably already reached that point with my older daughter. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; 774-277-9336. 

Ep. 115: Boost Your Energy  

Boost your energy, why it can be helpful to listen to music in a foreign language, and a deep dive into the happiness stumbling block of loneliness. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/115; 774-277-9336.

Little: We Don’t Always Know When Children Are Wasting Their Time  

We may wish our children used their time more “productively,” but we don’t always know when time is wasted—or not. What looks like wasted time could actually turn out to be quite productive. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; 774-277-9336. 

Ep. 114: Interview with Hollywood Legend Sherry Lansing  

Why and how to say you're sorry, an interview with Sherry Lansing, a travel-related happiness hack, and Elizabeth conquers blepharitis. Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/114; 774-277-9336. 

Little: Skip the Boring Parts  

A note on a friend’s computer taught me a giant lesson about writing--and life: Down with boredom. Skip the boring parts!

Ep. 113: Reclaim Your Dump Zones  

Why you should reclaim your dump zones, how to make a tough decision, and is your birthday important to you? Get in touch: @gretchenrubin; @elizabethcraft; podcast@gretchenrubin.com; happiercast.com/113; 774-277-9336. 

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