Harvest: Greg Laurie Video

Harvest: Greg Laurie Video

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Video podcast featuring pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie.


Real Love  

God's love is active and was displayed on the cross. Because He loved us first, our response should be to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. When we love God as we should, He will lead us to love others and everything will find its place.

God's Strategy for Winning in Spiritual Warfare  

Being engaged in spiritual warfare confirms you are a child of God. Pastor Greg teaches on how to use the armor of God to stand, fight, and be victorious over the enemy's strategies.

Jesus' Words to Suffering Christians  

How are believers to respond to persecution and suffering? It is a powerful testimony when we praise and persevere with joy to a watching world. The crown of life is our reward, the result of faithfulness.

What You Don't Know Will Hurt You  

How can we have victory over temptation and this spiritual battle we all face? By understanding the strategies of the enemy and putting on the full armor of God. It's more than knowing God's Word, it's living in a constant state in His strength, that we stand, fight, and win.

What If Jesus Came to Your Church?  

We are given glimpses into the future from the book of Revelation, reminding us that God has a plan and everything is working according to his schedule. Christians are given an eternal perspective and promised blessings for those who live right in the present, looking to the return of Jesus.

The Time Is Near  

The book of Revelation is Christ revealing himself to us. Pastor Greg gives reasons on why and how we can live in the present to reach others because of the soon return of Jesus.

This is War!  

"Is the church the sleeping giant today? The Christian life is compared to a conflict on the battle field," says Pastor Greg. It's time to put on the full armor of God and fight back. We are in a spiritual battle and our spiritual weapons are to pray and preach the gospel.

The Events of the End Times  

Pastor Greg with special guest Don Stewart discuss current events, the future, and the afterlife. The enemy's objective is to use fear, chaos and modern technology. But God will intervene and we win because the battle belongs to the Lord.

It's All How You Look at Things  

"The way we look at things affects the way we live. How we view God determines the choices we make in life," says Pastor Greg. In this new year, may we keep our eyes on the Lord with bold steps of faith in spiritual discovery, that others will see God's greatness through our perspective of Him.

Fear Not!  

Fear Not! God wants to replace your fear with happiness, but we must come to Him. God hears and answers His children's prayers. He still keeps His promises and He has a purpose in this world and your life. Christmas is a promise of greater things to come!

The Greatest Story Ever Told!  

It's possible to celebrate Christmas and forget about Christ. Pastor Greg shares on God's perfect and appointed time for the arrival of His only Son to earth as a ransom for us. As we celebrate with lights on our trees, let's remember that the real Christmas tree was a cross. In our busyness, don't miss CHRIST-mas! Be still and know He is God!

The Gift!  

Salvation! The greatest gift of Christmas. Because of Jesus we have direct access to God and can look forward to eternal life with Him. Pastor Greg shares on God's gift to us, the gift we can give to God, and the gift we can give to others. What gift can we offer to God that's of worth? A heart of gratitude for all He has done, that leads to good works.

What in the World Is Happening? #WorldwarIII?  

Pastor Greg teaches on the biblical perspective of living in the last days, as we face terrorism at the doorsteps of America. Everything is going according to God's plan. A message of hope and perspective: God is in control!

O.C. Thursday - Christ before Christmas  

The Christmas story began in heaven with God the Father. Jesus came to earth, becoming a man to be one of us, walking with us through life, and making His presence known. The essential message of Christmas is that we are not alone in this world.

The Grand Finale  

What is God like? We can look at Jesus to know God, our Father in heaven. Pastor Greg shares the final message from his God Came Near series, and looks at how Jesus reveals Himself to the sincere seeker, no matter their place in life.

It Is Beginning!  

Why did Jesus have to die? To show His love for us, to absorb the wrath of God and His legal demands, and to provide forgiveness and justification for us, because there was no other way. Hope that seemed lost was actually the beginning of our salvation.

O.C. Thursday - Thankful  

Because we are chosen by God, we have His unmerited favor. As His children, we are to walk with Him, work for Him, witness for Him, and worship Him ... this is the result of a joyful and thankful heart. Living a godly life results from understanding how much God loves us.

It Is Finished!  

Pastor Greg shares Jesus final statements on the cross. Through His pain and by His blood, Jesus accomplished the will of God, giving us direct access to the Father, that we may have a relationship with Him. Finished is our salvation!

O.C. Thursday - How to Know the Will of God  

Gods will, first and foremost, is that every person be saved. Life then becomes a journey of faith in the life of the believer. Pastor Greg shares on the three things that are true for every Christian: to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to be thankful, and to be a living sacrifice for Jesus.

Famous Last Words  

Pastor Greg shares on Jesus seven statements from the cross ... words that reflected His love for the lost and the accomplishment of His purpose. Jesus last words were prayers to the Father.

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