Hay House World Summit

Hay House World Summit


The Hay House World Summit gives you powerful lessons focused on the newest in health, wellness, spirituality, and relationships. Over 1 million people from 217 countries and territories participate in this online event. Hay House is offering you weekly mini lessons as a taste of what you can hear during the annual World Summit. To join this online community and access additional inspirational resources , visit www.hayhouseworldsummit.com. Hay House is an international leader in self-help and transformational publishing, with sales of books, audios, videos, online courses and live events worldwide. For more ways to transform your life, visit www.hayhouse.com.


Kris Carr - Say Yes to Your Crazy Sexy Life  

A diagnosis of a rare and incurable stage IV cancer on Valentine’s Day 2003 didn’t stop Kris Carr. Rather, the devastating news sparked in her a personal wellness revolution, and now more than 13 years since the diagnosis, Kris teaches others how to “say yes to your one great precious brilliant life.” In this awe-inspiring interview, the wellness activist and best-selling author of the Crazy Sexy book series discusses her positive philosophies on life, including how to show up for your life, how to take better care of your body, how to stop people pleasing, and how to do an energy audit. She talks about why we should nourish our nervous system and why sometimes doing less is doing more. Kris shares a “Pep Talk Meditation” to help us get realigned with ourselves and reminds us to “be kinder to ourselves today than we were yesterday.” Oh, and don’t forget to drink your veggies!

James Van Praagh - How to Break Limiting Beliefs to Create the Life We Want  

James Van Praagh is a renowned medium, best-selling author, and the creator of the beloved Ghost Whisper television series. In this delightful interview, he delves into the topics including fear, love, forgiveness, and the innocence of childhood, explaining how they impact not just our day-to-day lives but the eternal journey of our souls. James goes on to share his knowledge of energy colors and spirit guides, explaining that spirit guides come in many forms: family guides, career guides, joy guides, and even light beings and angels. James also talks about the power of meditation, the different forms of meditation and contemplative practices that are currently available, and why it’s important to have a daily practice. This uplifting and invigorating hour concludes with a cleansing meditation ritual for health and happiness.

Anthony William - Healing Insights from the Medical Medium  

When Anthony William was four years old, he stunned his family by announcing that his grandmother had lung cancer—which testing confirmed. That was the first time he received information from the otherworldly voice he would come to call Spirit of the Most High. Today, Anthony is the one and only Medical Medium, sharing a body of knowledge that medical communities mostly have yet to discover. In this frank conversation, he explains how he—a skeptic by nature—came to terms with his at first unwelcome gift and has since helped tens of thousands of people to heal; reveals what we think we “know” about medicine that’s actually flat-out wrong; and shows us what we need to understand about the foundations of health, from the role of toxic mercury to the astonishing power of celery juice. Then he introduces listeners to a Healing Moon Meditation in which simply looking skyward can not only calm our minds, but change our lives.

Sonia Choquette - Working through Challenging Times with Prayer  

New York Times best-selling author Sonia Choquette talks about the power of prayer in uncertain times, exploring the fragile state of the world and how prayer can not only comfort us, but give us back our power so that we can decide what to do and act accordingly. Sonia shares personal thoughts on the terrorist attacks in Paris, a city close to her heart, and explains how we can protect ourselves from the harmful, fearful thoughts in the media. She illuminates how tragedy can break our hearts, then break them open—and describes the beautiful, light-filled city of Paris today. Sonia also shares her views on gratitude and blessings, and excerpts from Sonia’s book Uplifting Prayers to Light Your Way. In this enlightening, honest, and uplifting interview, listeners will learn why “it’s always a good time to pray” and so much more.

Sergio Magana - Exploring the Ancient Mexican Practices of Healing and Rejuvenation  

Join Sergio Magaña—one of Mexico’s most renowned experts in the Toltec dreaming tradition of healing and energy work—as he shares the ancient secrets of these practices and shows how they can be applied, with powerful effect, to 21st-century living. Despite being born into a Catholic family, Sergio became well versed in indigenous medicine techniques and developed his abilities as a healer from a young age, thanks to the many great teachers fate placed in his path. Now his thousands of followers have benefited from his healing and rejuvenation practices. In this invigorating interview, he shares some of the principles behind the work he does, including the importance of numbers, energetic fields, and working with the dream state so that we can all get in touch with our own innate healing abilities. Sergio includes an extended visualization exercise that listeners can adapt to help heal any specific health concerns they have. Bring the power of the ancients into your life today!

Rebecca Campbell - Rise Sister Rise  

In this heart-opening interview, intuitive guide and spiritual mentor Rebecca Campbell shares her experience of the feminine that is rising within us all, calling us to be wilder and freer and to allow our intuition, innate knowing, and power to take center stage. Rebecca explores why so many of us are afraid of expressing our love of spirituality, and the reasons behind the deep fear of persecution that many of us carry, which stops us from living our true purpose. She guides listeners to see beyond the limiting range of female archetypes that are currently presented, and to take back their own power to decide who they are and what is right for them—rather than fitting into someone else’s idea of how we should be. Rebecca also explores how we can honor our bodies as much as we honor our spirits, how the flow of energy can become blocked in our body—and the ways we can get it flowing again. She includes a soothing, healing meditation to fill you up, nurture you, and support you so that your wishes can come forth.

Dawson Church Ph.D. - The Science of Healing  

Whether it’s been his groundbreaking work in epigenetics revealing that our DNA is not our destiny, or as an early adopter of the Emotional Freedom Technique known as tapping, scientist and award-winning author Dawson Church, Ph.D., has spent his career at the cutting-edge of healing and human development. In this illuminating interview, he traces the route by which practices once considered esoteric and feel-good like yoga and meditation have become medically validated by their impact on hormone levels, and notes a frustrating 17-year gap between innovation and broad application. He goes on to explain the science behind tapping and share fascinating case studies from his own work helping people address the emotional underpinnings of physical pain, which leads to a domino effect of self-improvement. He ends the hour with a guided tapping session to help you access the pharmacopeia within yourself. Tune in and start healing.

Gabrielle Bernstein - How the Universe Has Your Back  

The mission of Gabrielle Bernstein—motivational speaker, life coach, and best-selling author of books including Miracles Now and May Cause Miracles—is to help other people step into their power as teachers and healers, or as she puts it, “To help people wake up so they can help people wake up.” In this thoughtful interview, Gabrielle discusses her inspirations—including Yogi Bhajan, Marianne Williamson, and A Course in Miracles—and shares details about her spiritual practice, which she calls “the most important thing in my life.” She talks about why she recently started meditating more and drinking less coffee, moving on to the broader subject of what it means to be on a spiritual path, including how to bring peace with you and consciously choose to live in the moment. She shares her favorite mantra and guides listeners through a meditation she calls “Peace Begins with Me.” Come be a link in Gabby’s daisy chain of enlightenment!

Mitchell Yass - The Yass Method: Treat Chronic Pain Yourself (without Surgery!)  

Dr. Mitchell Yass, creator of the Yass Method for Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Pain and author of The Pain Cure Rx, wants you to know that you can have control over your chronic pain. A longstanding belief in Western medicine holds that chronic pain is caused by a structural problem—such as a fracture or break—but Dr. Yass believes that most chronic pain problems are muscular issues. This is good news, because it means that you can help heal yourself—without resorting to aggressive surgeries. Throughout this riveting conversation, Dr. Yass gives exercises and self-tests that you can perform at home. He emphasizes simple resistance exercises designed to increase functional capacity: exercises that help you live pain-free, without spending hours at the gym. So if you, or someone close to you, is suffering from chronic pain, spend an hour with Dr. Yass before considering a painful (and potentially unnecessary) surgery.

Alberto Villoldo - Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness  

Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., melds the world of the shaman with modern medicine to reveal his powerful wellness program, featured in the book One Spirit Medicine. In this interview, Alberto talks about our ability to grow a new body. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s actually based in neuroscience—we are continually regenerating our bodies all the time, making ourselves sicker or healthier depending on the choices we make. Alberto shares his own health crisis, and how he was able to heal from possible liver failure and parasites in his brain by awakening stem-cell production and going through a brain and body detox. He informs listeners on how they too can “hack” into the password-protected regions of their bodies using energy medicine and diet, and switch off the genes that can produce cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, brain fog, and other illnesses. He goes on to discuss the power of ritual and nature, and explain how anyone can connect with One Spirit Medicine. This riveting interview will empower listeners to take control of their health once and for all.

Colette Baron-Reid - Checking In with the Oracle  

Internationally acclaimed intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid talks about how tapping the wisdom of the oracle (using oracle card decks like the ones Colette creates) can give us sorely needed clarity in our uncertain world. Oracle cards, Colette explains, are derived from traditions hundreds or thousands of years old, such as the I Ching and the Tarot; adapted to our modern experience, they allow us to have a conversation with the part of ourselves that’s connected to the Divine. She goes on to talk about how what we call our sixth sense—intuition—is really our first sense, why divination is still viewed in some quarters as the devil’s work, and how to shift our perspective on uncertainty so that instead of “having to go hide under a rock,” we can experience life as an adventure and learn to “add our light to the sum of all light.”

Regena Thomashauer - Woman Up!: Stop Playing Small and Reclaim Your Radiance  

Joy and enthusiasm are our birthright, and it’s time to reclaim our radiance! This is the message of Regena Thomashauer, founder of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. In this empowering interview, Regena discusses how we can tap into a wellspring of energy and radiance within ourselves, support ourselves in our feminine power, and let go of playing small. When you’re in touch with your spirit, you feel fiery, bold, and connected. Regena guides listeners in training your mind to see abundance, replacing bad habits with small specific daily practices, and enacting her three-part Holy Trinity technique to attract your desires. If you’re looking for inspiration, inner peace, and even practical relationship advice, you won’t want to miss this talk!

Anita Moorjani - Creating Heaven, Reaching for Love  

In 2006, Anita Moorjani went into a coma as her body shut down from late-stage cancer. As her family was told that her life was ending, Anita had a near-death experience; she was immersed in all-encompassing love and the realization that we are all an expression of Source—magnificent just as we are. Returning to consciousness with this awareness, she was released from the hospital completely free from cancer just a few weeks later. In this uplifting interview, Anita shares the feeling of that other plane and what she learned about the importance of loving ourselves. She gives down-to-earth, practical tips on how to stop living in fear and stress and how to reach that state of unconditional love. Find out why there’s no need to seek after holy places, and learn how to experience heaven right where you are, right now . . . and always.

Nick Ortner - The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self  

Nick Ortner, CEO of The Tapping Solution and New York Times best-selling author, shares a simple, effective, natural healing method—Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping. In this insightful interview, Nick focuses on using this profound healing modality to help us manifest our greatest self and answer this crucial question: “How do I show up in the world as the most authentic version of me?” Tapping, which combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology, is not only a means to alleviate pain, grief, trauma, and anxiety; it is also a powerful way to feel more joy on a daily basis and to hear our authentic selves, know what we truly want, and fulfill our greatest purpose. By giving us the tools to address anything we’ve been unwilling or unable to let go of, tapping puts us back in the driver’s seat of our lives, steering us away from hopelessness or overwhelm. “When you have the tools, everything changes,” Nick emphasizes. This interview includes a powerful tapping exercise led by Nick that will bring you relief and restore calm.

Pam Grout - The Frequency of Gratitude and Joy  

New York Times best-selling author, teacher, and happy life scientist Pam Grout is on the frequency of gratitude and joy, tapping into the “divine buzz” that is within all of us. Since we are expanding the universe with every thought, Grout believes it is our responsibility to make it the best that we possibly can. But how can we break our past habits to move forward in a more positive manner? With our cultural constructs encouraging us to look for problems to solve, how can we look at things differently? Grout posits the answer might be with the use of two magic words and an approach of “ferocious gratitude.” Listen in—you’ll be glad you did.

Teal Swan - Overcoming the Past: Trauma, the Shadow, and the Inner Child  

Join internationally recognized spiritual leader and influential new voice in the field of metaphysics Teal Swan for an extraordinary interview on trauma and overcoming the past. Born with a range of extrasensory abilities, Teal survived 13 years of severe physical, mental, and sexual abuse at the hands of a cult member. Following her harrowing escape, she forged a path through despair and began her journey toward healing and wholeness—and developed a revolutionary process to heal past trauma, the limiting factor for all people. “All of our trauma that we’re trying to resolve,” Teal says, “is childhood trauma,” which keeps us stuck and unable to move forward. Teal discusses how triggers are “our past calling us back to find resolution,” speaks on what the shadow really is, and shares her leading-edge thoughts on forgiveness, positive focus, and inner child work—and much of what she divulges might surprise you. Prepare to be rocked, challenged, and inspired.

Louis Hay - The Woman Who Started It All  

Join a meeting of the minds as Hay House founder Louise Hay sits down with Hay House president and CEO Reid Tracy! They reflect on topics such as the beginning of Louise’s career and share lively stories about the early days at Hay House. Louise offers her beloved wisdom about learning to love yourself, removing negative thoughts, and how you can change your life if you are willing to change your thinking. In her 80s, Louise is constantly learning new things and staying excited about life, and this interview is an up-close and personal view of exactly how she maintains her vibrant lifestyle, including her personal views about good nutrition. She also shares some of her personal affirmations, discusses the importance of forgiveness, and offers tips for removing negative thoughts. You won’t want to miss her talk about how she has relied on her intuition to guide her to positive change—and how you can do the same. Come here from the woman who started it all!

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - The Next Step  

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is known as “the father of motivation,” and in this lively conversation with Hay House president and CEO Reid Tracy, it’s easy to see why. Over the course of a very enlightening and entertaining hour, Wayne expands on some of his favorite topics, including Divine love; shares many of the insights he gained while writing his bestseller I Can See Clearly Now; and imparts wisdom from a few of his great teachers through the years, as well as some fun takeaways from recent books and movies. But the real highlight of the conversation comes when Wayne reveals the latest source of inspiration in his life—the one leading him to what he calls “the next step.” Wayne is always empowering others to live their best possible life, and after you listen to this interview, you’ll be motivated to take your own next step into a glorious future!

Nancy Levin - Worthy: You Have Always Been Whole  

In this intimate interview, integrative life coach Nancy Levin explores the idea of worthiness. Realizing that she had lived most of her life putting her worthiness in the hands of others, chasing validation, and trying to be “deserving,” Nancy reached a profound conclusion: Just by being, we are worthy. Worthiness is intrinsic, something we’re all born with—it’s not something that we have to achieve or prove. Moreover, Nancy realized that it is our fear of not being worthy that is always at the root of all our shadow beliefs and negative conclusions we draw about ourselves. In this beautiful discussion and exploration of self-worth, Nancy also shares her latest insights from her recent Vipassana meditation in Thailand—“the most demanding physical and mental experience of my life”—and her thoughts about inhabiting the fullness of each moment. Ending with a powerful exercise on worthiness, Nancy will leave you with a profound sense of peace and worth that has been with you all along.

Gregg Braden - The Uncharted Heart  

In this illuminating conversation, Gregg Braden discusses the tantalizing scientific discoveries that reveal the hidden power of the human heart—and the connection to the deepest mysteries in our understanding. New evidence that our hearts contain a life-affirming “on-demand” intelligence invites us to reassess who we are. As we embrace these revelations, we open the door to so-called mystical experiences: precognition, spontaneous healing—even the reversal of aging. Touching on six perennial questions both indigenous and modern people have been asking in the face of a changing world, Gregg demonstrates how the old scientific thinking is being overturned, leading to an empowering conclusion: We are more than we ever imagined. In closing, he offers a technique to shift your focus from the world around you to the world within you and thereby harmonize your cranial brain with the “little” brain in the heart. Bridging knowledge and experience, you can achieve heart-brain coherence . . . and inhabit a space of untold possibilities.

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