HD - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

HD - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory


High-definition (HD) videos from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory feature the latest news on space and science findings from JPL and NASA. Topics include discoveries made by spacecraft studying planets in our solar system, including Mars, Saturn and our home planet, Earth. Missions also study stars and galaxies in our universe.


A Treasure Trove of Planets Found  

Seven Earth-sized planets have been observed by NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope around a tiny, nearby, ultra-cool dwarf star called TRAPPIST-1.

Enceladus: Mystery of the Icy Moon  

How Cassini's sleuthing revealed an active ocean world.

What's Up - February 2017  

This month watch bright Venus, Mars and Uranus, comets and Vesta, Plus the sunset glow of dust in our solar system.

Six Ways Opportunity is like a Teenager  

On January 24, 2017, Opportunity celebrates 13 years on Mars. On Earth, she's officially a teenager -- and behaving like one.

Titan Touchdown  

On Jan. 14, 2005, ESA's Huygens probe made its descent to the surface of Saturn's hazy moon, Titan.

What's Up - January 2017  

The moon, Venus, Mars and the Quadrantid Meteor shower ring in the new year!

Flight Over Occator  

This video shows a flyover of the intriguing crater named Occator on dwarf planet Ceres. Occator is home to Ceres' brightest area.

What's Up - December 2016  

See Mercury, Venus and Mars all month long and a New Year's Eve comet. With some luck, you may catch some Geminid and Ursid meteors, too.

Cassini's High-Flying, Ring-Grazing Orbits  

On Nov. 30, 2016, NASA's Cassini mission begins a daring set of ring-grazing orbits, skimming past the outside edge of Saturn's main rings.

Summer Clouds on Saturn's Moon Titan  

NASA's Cassini spacecraft watched clouds of methane moving across the far northern regions of Saturn's largest moon, Titan, on Oct. 29­­­­ and 30, 2016.

What's Up - November 2016  

This month, see Venus at sunset, Jupiter at dawn, an evening look at Saturn, plus meteors!

Corporal: America's First Guided Ballistic Missile  

In mid-1944, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory embarked on the "Corporal" program to develop a guided ballistic missile.

Explorer 1: America's First Satellite  

This footage from the U.S. Army's "The Big Picture" TV series recounts the tense days leading up to the successful launch of America's first satellite in 1958.

JATO: JPL's First Project for the Army  

The U.S. Army was the first patron of what would become the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, commissioning the lab to develop "jet-assisted take-off" rockets starting in 1939.

History Rediscovered: Early Space Age Tapes  

Recently rediscovered audio recordings from the JPL archives, highlights the lab's involvement in America's early satellites for communication.

Spacecraft Power  

There are no gas stations or power outlets in space. That's why NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars--and some other NASA spacecraft that explore the solar system--use something called "radioisotope power."

What's Up - October 2016  

What's Up for October? Moon Phases, Astronomy Day, Saturn and Venus align with a star.

Four Days at Saturn  

NASA's Cassini spacecraft stared at Saturn for nearly 44 hours on April 25-27, 2016, to obtain this movie showing just over four Saturn days.

What's Up - September 2016  

This month: African eclipse, minor meteor showers, moon near Neptune

What's Up - September 2016  

This month: African eclipse, minor meteor showers, moon near Neptune

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