Head Ovary Heels

Head Ovary Heels


Each week, Felicity Loughrey and Rachel Oudyn interview a woman of the world about her experience as a mother, daughter, human and ambition monster. We want to hear it all.


Nora Finds on vintage fashion and brain research  

Nora Finds is Nora Thoeng. She's an Australian Indonesian Chinese gal who lives in London. We talked about growing up in Sydney, her experiences at school in Jakarta, the complementary nature of her science job (Nora works in a brain research lab) and her vintage fashion past-time.

Karina Waters on Chateau de Gudanes  

Karina Waters is undertaking the renovation of a lifetime. She and her husband purchased the Chateau de Gudanes in the south of France in 2013. The chateau is a social media star in her own right; she has an Instagram and makes frequent appearances in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. We caught up with Karina and talked about her early life in Perth, Western Australia, her responsibility to the chateau and what her stage in life means for women. A bientot!

HOH Episode 8 - Karen McCartney  

Karen was the launch editor of marie claire lifestyle. She created Inside Out magazine in the early 2000s. She has published a clutch of interiors books such as: Perfect Imperfect, White Rooms and Superhouse. Karen tells us about growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the Troubles and her life as a student in London. She tells us what inspires us and her answers are surprising.

HOH Episode 7 - Carla Coulson  

Carla Coulson is a creative polymath. She does photography for books like My Amalfi Coast, editorial for Harper's Bazaar and shoots for private clients. She sells art prints online through her website. And she now runs photography workshops and creative mentoring. Listen to her journey from country New South Wales to Paris. We caught up with her in her studio.

HOH Episode 6 Jennie Hogg  

Jennie Hogg left her high-flying law career to establish "Lois Avery" - a luxury cashmere shawl business. In this episode of Head Ovary Heels, Jennie tells Felicity about starting her own business, how social media inspired her career change and what it means to balance ambition with small children.

HOH Episode 5 Tanya Stevanovic  

Tanya Stevanovic is the founder of designer footwear company Sydney Sandal Company as well as the owner of Pretty Dog, an independent boutique in Newtown - (with an online store)- which Broadsheet.com.au calls: "The ultimate destination for fashion risk takers." Tanya talks to Felicity about what it takes to create a fashion brand and keep it relevant and successful in today's fast fashion industry.

HOH Episode 4 Clare Press  

Clare Press is Marie Claire Australia’s fashion editor-at-large. Clare is an international fashion journalist, who has worked as a fashion designer, brand consultant, columnist and editor. Clare's industry insight led to her writing 'Wardrobe Crisis' a detailed look at fashion in the 21st century. Have a listen.

HOH Episode 3 Kara Rosenlund  

Kara Rosenlund's original images have influenced many an Instagram pic. Kara initially made her mark as a stylist and photographer for Country Style, Conde Nast Traveller, Elle Decoration and a number of other luxury lifestyle magazines, but it was the publication of her best-selling book, 'Shelter - How Australians Live', that firmly established Kara as the creator of a particularly Australian sense of style. In this podcast, Kara talks to Felicity about growing up in South East Queensland and how the beach and the bush have contributed to her success.

HOH Episode 1 - Jessica Adams  

Launching our Head Over Heels podcast is internationally renowned Astrologer, novelist and former music journalist, Jessica Adams. Jessica talks to Felicity Loughrey about her work, life and stars (in human and astrological form) Jessica also makes a STUNNING prediction about the imminent US Presidential election and what's in store for us in 2017.

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