Head Ovary Heels

Head Ovary Heels


Each week, Felicity Loughrey and Rachel Oudyn interview a woman of the world about her experience as a mother, daughter, human and ambition monster. We want to hear it all.


New Yorker Gale Mayron of Jao Brand on building a brand that lasts  

Twenty years ago New Yorker Gale Mayron founded the beauty brand Jao. But it's more than a beauty brand. Her first product was the Jao Refresher. (It really is the best to travel with or keep on your desk. It smells incredible and is all natural.) Gale also has Goe Oil, Coiffette (my fave), Jao lip balm and a bunch of other products available on her website or at Madewell and Anthropologie. In this episode Gale talks about everything, including having children, a partner and running a business. "I think I balance it because I don't care as much as some women do. You have to be a little more selfish. You have to be a little more trusting that your kids are going to be ok." Gale continues to be right about everything.

Gina Gretchko is the woman behind @Saks million-follower strong Instagram account  

"Fashion is my football," says Gina Gretchko, senior director of social media at legendary New York department store Saks Fifth Avenue. In this episode Gina talks about her time at college, choosing careers and landing at Saks. She's the woman behind Saks's million follower strong Instagram account and she'd like us to follow @Saks_Mens too! It was great chatting to Gina about seeing the shows in Paris, her fashionable life and the role of social media. "Instagram is my constant," she says. She gave us some accounts to follow too! @Obsessee and @OfficeNewsStand

Episode 20 Howzat  

This is a curtain call on Season 2 of Head Ovary Heels. You, me and the women interviewed made it through another ten episodes! There's been missed phone calls, jammed voice recorders and all sorts of technical calamities. But we got there; online and uploaded. Am really excited about somethings on the horizon for Season 3. And am thrilled to keep sharing the stories of interesting, delightful, messy and ambitious women. Ovaries and out!

Wests Tigers rugby league chair Marina Go on media and motherhood  

Marina was editor of Dolly magazine at age 23. She went on to edit Elle and launch Australian Good Taste for Woolworths. She's launched print and digital products. These days Marina is better known as Chair of Australian Rugby League team Wests Tigers. Marina is also on the board of Energy Australia and Autosports Group. In this interview she talks about her career, being a parent and taking time out. She chats about her role as a mentor to young women and the rules of being a mentee.

Meagan Cignoli of Visual Country makes incredible short-form videos for the world's biggest brands  

Meagan Cignoli is a 35-year-old #girlboss. She runs Visual Country, a studio in lower Manhattan that creates short-form video content for the world's biggest brands. Run, don't walk to the Visual Country Instagram. Meagan talks about the different paths she took to find her career. She spills on her start on six-second video app Vine and her desire to never be a starving artist. She talks about running a business and learning how to be a leader (she attended every HR-themed talk she could at SXSW). She's a total inspiration.

Sydney writer Karina Machado writes books about the spirit world  

Karina Machado has written four books: Love Never Dies, Where Spirits Dwell, Spirit Sisters and Awaken. Karina's carved out a niche in the supernatural - collecting ghost stories from her family and from other women. She credits her interest in the spiritual world to her mother and her home country of Uruguay. When not writing, Karina is a senior editor at WHO Weekly. In this episode Karina talks about her childhood in Sydney's Eastlakes, the influence of an English teacher who told her she could write her way out of anything and raising independent children who make their own way in the world.

Kerrie Hess is an artist who makes a living from art thanks to Cartier and Louis Vuitton  

Kerrie Hess is an artist and mother. She first picked up a paint brush as a child in Brisbane. At a job on a London newspaper a stock image failed to appear so Kerrie offered to draw a picture to fill the space. Her career as an illustrator launched. After stints in London and Paris, Kerrie is back in Brisbane. She picks up commissions from luxury giants Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Laduree. She's also a hit on Instagram. We talk about all this and more in this episode.

Cookbook author Kate Winslow on the beauty of onions and freelance life  

Cookbook author Kate Winslow on growing up in Pittsburgh, cooking on a ranch in Wyoming and working for a newspaper in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There was her time at Gourmet magazine under Ruth Reichl, a trip to Sicily that produced a cookbook and then back to New Jersey. These days Kate is on the promotional trail for her cookbook Onions Etc. with photos by her husband and creative partner Guy Ambrosino.

Lee Tran Lam is a podcaster, writer and sometime zine-maker  

Lee Tran Lam has written for many magazines including HQ (vale), Rolling Stone and Time Out Sydney. She has a website The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry and a podcast of the same name where she interviews everyone she wants to speak with in the Sydney food scene and beyond. Lee Tran also hosts Local Fidelity on Sydney's FBi Radio. Oh, and you can always catch Lee Tran at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art's zine fair.

Lee Tran Lam is a Sydney writer and podcaster with a thing for zines  

Lee Tran Lam has written for many magazines including HQ (vale), Rolling Stone and Time Out Sydney. She has a website The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry and a podcast of the same name where she interviews everyone she wants to speak with in the Sydney food scene and beyond. Lee Tran also hosts Local Fidelity on Sydney's FBi Radio. Oh, and you can always catch Lee Tran at Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art's zine fair.

Ursula Lake has a swimwear line Violet Lake, a publishing biz Make Magazine and is a sublime stylist  

We love a lady with side hustle. Ursula Lake grew up just outside of London. Her first (assistant) styling gig was on a Mario Testino shoot of Liz Hurley. The picture hangs in the National Portrait Gallery. Ursula was fashion editor at the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine for 11 years. She still does freelance styling but she runs a swimwear line Violet Lake and has a publishing project with photographer Chloe Mallett (she shoots Anthropologie catalogues!) called Make Magazine. In this episode we talk about Instagram, holidays in Ibiza and we find out what Ursula does on her phone late at night.

Nora Kogan is not your average jewellery maker  

Nora Kogan has an eponymous boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She sells jewellery with a sense of humour: boob rings, booty rings and light-my-fire diamoned-headed matchsticks as earrings, rings and necklaces. Madonna, Scout Willis and Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble have all worn her jewels. Nora grew up in Odessa, the Ukraine. Her family lived in Italy before moving to St Kilda, Melbourne. These days Nora lives in New York City. Our interview took place in her apartment in Park Slope. Nora talked about art, creativity and reinventing herself. We talked about who she follows on Instagram and memories of her mothers jewels.

Margaret Zhang is not a blogger  

Margaret Zhang is not a blogger. She's a girl who happens to have a blog called Shine By Three. She talks about how she made her blog and the story behind the name (it's not what you think). Margaret chats about growing up in West Ryde, Sydney, being a proud nerd and the difference between real life and living through your phone.

Sophie Hansen is Australia's Rural Woman of the Year 2016  

Sophie Hansen is Australia's Rural Woman of the Year 2016. She lives in Orange, New South Wales with her deer farmer husband Tim and their children. Sophie is an online country lady whizz. She has a wonderful blog called Local is Lovely, that became a cookbook published by Murdoch Books. She has a gorgeous Instagram (@locallovely). She hosts social media, food photography and styling workshops. And she has a podcast called My Open Kitchen. In this episode Soph talks about working in magazines in Sydney, joing the slow food movement in Italy, meeting her husband Tim and getting engaged in three months! Soph is so fun. I hope you enjoy this episode.

10 episodes hurrah!  

In this mini pod we talk about how we came to make Head Ovary Heels, the kind of women we want to interview and why. Thank you to everyone who has listened, emailed, Tweeted and talked to us so far. ✨

Nora Finds on vintage fashion and brain research  

Nora Finds is Nora Thoeng. She's an Australian Indonesian Chinese gal who lives in London. We talked about growing up in Sydney, her experiences at school in Jakarta, the complementary nature of her science job (Nora works in a brain research lab) and her vintage fashion past-time.

Karina Waters on Chateau de Gudanes  

Karina Waters is undertaking the renovation of a lifetime. She and her husband purchased the Chateau de Gudanes in the south of France in 2013. The chateau is a social media star in her own right; she has an Instagram and makes frequent appearances in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. We caught up with Karina and talked about her early life in Perth, Western Australia, her responsibility to the chateau and what her stage in life means for women. A bientot!

HOH Episode 8 - Karen McCartney  

Karen was the launch editor of marie claire lifestyle. She created Inside Out magazine in the early 2000s. She has published a clutch of interiors books such as: Perfect Imperfect, White Rooms and Superhouse. Karen tells us about growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the Troubles and her life as a student in London. She tells us what inspires us and her answers are surprising.

HOH Episode 7 - Carla Coulson  

Carla Coulson is a creative polymath. She does photography for books like My Amalfi Coast, editorial for Harper's Bazaar and shoots for private clients. She sells art prints online through her website. And she now runs photography workshops and creative mentoring. Listen to her journey from country New South Wales to Paris. We caught up with her in her studio.

HOH Episode 6 Jennie Hogg  

Jennie Hogg left her high-flying law career to establish "Lois Avery" - a luxury cashmere shawl business. In this episode of Head Ovary Heels, Jennie tells Felicity about starting her own business, how social media inspired her career change and what it means to balance ambition with small children.

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