Health Report - Separate stories podcast

Health Report - Separate stories podcast


The Health Report separate stories podcast lets you pick which stories to download. The Health Report appeals to specialist and mainstream audiences by applying a broad definition of health and seeing it within social, scientific and political contexts.


IVF calculator  

For the first time, there's a calculator that estimates upfront an individual couple's odds of ending up with a baby after multiple cycles of IVF.

Reducing preterm births  

A world-first program in Western Australia has successfully lowered the rate of preterm birth across the entire state by 8 per cent.

Statin drug interaction danger  

Two types of statin drugs, used to lower cholesterol, increase the risk of major bleeding if taken with the stroke prevention drug dabigatran.

Thunderstorm asthma  

The Melbourne thunderstorm asthma tragedy is a clear illustration that asthma in the community is under-recognised and under-treated, an expert says.

Tommy John surgery  

One in four Major League baseball pitchers has a distinctive scar on the inside elbow of their pitching arm.

Putting the obesity paradox to the test  

What's the relationship between body fat, body mass index (BMI), and mortality?

Brown fat  

Brown fat, your body's "central heating", appears to help regulate blood sugar.

After-effects of breast cancer  

Include memory loss, brittle bones, pain, poor sexual function, hot flushes, and baldness.

Drug-related deaths among health workers  

On average, 37 health workers die each year from drug overdoses, mostly obtained illegally through the workplace.

Eliminating antipsychotics  

Dr Allen Power argues against their use in treating dementia.

Hookworm vomit  

A protein secreted by the parasites shows promise as a treatment for allergic asthma.

Re-embracing methotrexate  

For the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Busting the cranberry myth  

Neither juice nor capsules effective in treating urinary tract infection.

HIV and the law  

Caution advised when prosecuting transmission of the disease.

A new test for pre-eclampsia  

So effective it's been fast-tracked into clinical practice.

Are big ideas too entrenched?  

And perhaps distracting resources from more productive areas?

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