Health Report - Separate stories podcast

Health Report - Separate stories podcast


The Health Report separate stories podcast lets you pick which stories to download. The Health Report appeals to specialist and mainstream audiences by applying a broad definition of health and seeing it within social, scientific and political contexts.


Lynch Syndrome  

80,000 Australians have a genetic abnormality - and they don’t know it.

Is brain training worth it?  

Probably, but you shouldn't pay a fortune..

A disconnect on medical cannabis  

Public perceptions don't match politicians' - how do both stack up against medical research?

Following up on fish oil  

Back to school on the fat content of fish oil.

A better bypass  

Reducing the risk of post-operative stroke.

The end of testosterone?  

New research highlights the limits of supplementation.

Bridging the doctor-patient divide  

What happens when doctor becomes patient?

The number one killer of Australian women  

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 31 000 deaths each year.

Behavioural innovation for Type 2 Diabetes  

Could it key to improving the lives of 1 million Australians?

Accountability in oncology practice  

There's no cause for complacency in the standards of care that people with cancer receive

Something fishy in the oil.  

What's really in those capsules?

Overcoming poverty  

Can a parenting program help the most disadvantaged in the United States?

Best practice treating breast and bowel cancer  

New research leads to an update of the Cochrane Review.

The health burden of viscose rayon  

Are these so-called "green textiles" woven over the damaged lives of those who produce them?

Sleep and sporting performance  

Can jetlag's effects on sport be minimised?

New lung genes found  

Forty three newly discovered genes are shedding light on lung diseases.

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