Health Report - Separate stories podcast

Health Report - Separate stories podcast


The Health Report separate stories podcast lets you pick which stories to download. The Health Report appeals to specialist and mainstream audiences by applying a broad definition of health and seeing it within social, scientific and political contexts.


Is it time for a sugar tax?  

Could economics beat the obesity epidemic?

The health of Indigenous peoples in Canada  

Dr Cornelia ‘Nel’ Wieman is Canada’s first female Aboriginal psychiatrist.

A barbaric biopsy  

Surgeon calls a particular biopsy for prostate cancer diagnosis "barbaric".

Rethinking PTSD  

Post-traumatic stress disorder is more than psychological..

Drug shortages  

Hospitals are unaware that there's a shortfall of important antibiotics..

Epilepsy reclassified  

System updated for the first time in 28 years..

Street drug/horse anaesthetic good for depression?  

Ketamine shows promise, but more research is needed..

Drug no good for back pain  

Pregabalin no better than placebo for treating back pain or sciatica.

Flu season 2017  

How to duck and weave the worst of the season..

Lynch Syndrome  

80,000 Australians have a genetic abnormality - and they don’t know it.

Is brain training worth it?  

Probably, but you shouldn't pay a fortune..

A disconnect on medical cannabis  

Public perceptions don't match politicians' - how do both stack up against medical research?

Following up on fish oil  

Back to school on the fat content of fish oil.

A better bypass  

Reducing the risk of post-operative stroke.

The end of testosterone?  

New research highlights the limits of supplementation.

Bridging the doctor-patient divide  

What happens when doctor becomes patient?

The number one killer of Australian women  

Cardiovascular disease is responsible for 31 000 deaths each year.

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