Health Report - Separate stories podcast

Health Report - Separate stories podcast


The Health Report separate stories podcast lets you pick which stories to download. The Health Report appeals to specialist and mainstream audiences by applying a broad definition of health and seeing it within social, scientific and political contexts.


Flying blind  

We have the healthcare data, but we need to put it to better use.

Making blood  

We're one step closer to creating blood cells in the lab.

Best practice in breast cancer  

Not all patients receive the same level of care.

Best practice in treating depression  

Behavioural Activation versus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Review of hospital safety and quality  

A cluster of deaths sparked a review of hospital safety and quality assurance.

Changes to cervical cancer screening  

From next year cervical cancer screening will undergo a radical change.

Is brain plasticity the key to healing? (REPEAT)  

What if you could aid chronic pain with the power of visualisation, or ease your Parkinson's symptoms by 'mindful walking'?

Hospital robots fight back  

Are you comfortable with the idea of robots taking over tasks of doctors and nurses in a hospital?

Devices that can fix us from the inside  

Electroceuticals are bioelectronic devices that can kind of act like drugs and fix us from the inside.

Gluten-free standards need improvement  

A study of food products labelled as 'gluten-free' has found that standards could be slightly loosened in Australia, but tightened internationally.

A diet to stimulate the 'miracle hormone'?  

These findings rethink the strategic balance of carbohydrates and proteins in a healthy diet — again.

Indigenous people have double the disease burden  

An Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report shows mental disorders and substance abuse are the largest burdens to the community.

Is robotic surgery worth the cost?  

Robotic surgeries are more expensive than their open surgery counterparts, but are they worth the cost?

Back pain managed better with cement in certain cases  

After two studies questioned the efficacy of using a cement to treat spinal fractures, the procedure lost its Medicare subsidies.

Wearable fitness trackers may hinder — not help — weight loss  

A new study out of the University of Pittsburgh showed that members of a group who wore fitness trackers lost less weight than a group that tracked their fitness manually.

Nurses going to pharmaceutical industry events  

Nurses, some of whom have prescribing rights, are now also included in industry-sponsored functions.

How to get an autopsy of a cancer patient – quickly  

Gathering the human tissue from dead bodies required for cancer research is tricky business.

Cervical treatment before pregnancy increases risk of preterm birth  

If cancerous or precancerous cells are found in the cervix during a routine examination, woman are frequently recommended a treatment know as a cone biopsy.

Vitamin D can prevent severe asthma attacks  

A Cochrane Review meta-analysis of related studies now shows that taking supplements of the 'sunshine vitamin' actually reduces or eliminates severe asthma attacks for people with mild to moderate asthma.

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