Health Report - Separate stories podcast

Health Report - Separate stories podcast


The Health Report separate stories podcast lets you pick which stories to download. The Health Report appeals to specialist and mainstream audiences by applying a broad definition of health and seeing it within social, scientific and political contexts.


Rethinking knee and hip replacements  

If you're younger, maybe reconsider.

The genetics of endometriosis  

A subtype of the condition shares mutations in common with cancer, but without the risk of malignancy.

Temperature and glucose tolerance  

We follow-up last week's story on outdoor temperature and gestational diabetes.

Oxytocin and autism  

Could this hormone, typically associated with childbirth, act as an intervention?

Cutting edge genetic research, and a forgotten disease  

Antibody genes influence susceptibility to rheumatic heart disease.

Drilling down into a dementia precursor  

Teasing apart Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

Ambient temperature affects risk of gestational diabetes  

The hotter it is, the more likely you are to develop it.

Dodgy dental data?  

We might have overestimated the number of kids with caries.

The syndemics model of health  

Should we move on from thinking of diseases as distinct entities?

Bystander benefits  

CPR interventions lead to improved outcomes.

Better blood transfusions  

An initiative from the Western Australia Department of Health is improving patient experience and transfusion efficiency.

Multivitamins don't prevent cardiovascular disease  

And how well you eat doesn't help explain why..

Keyhole surgery should be standard  

For surgery for early stage uterine cancer.

Improving care for pre-term babies  

By helping them breathe more freely.

Vitamin D does not prevent cardiovascular disease  

At least not monthly, high dose supplementation.

Running for your back  

Indeed, any physical activity is good for your spine.

Is it time for a sugar tax?  

Could economics beat the obesity epidemic?

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