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Healthy Lifestyle Show


Healthy Lifestyle Show is about living a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. Our podcast covers various topics including nutrition, fitness, yoga, and meditation. Learn about the amazing power of foods and natural herbs for specific health disorders. Using science we discuss daily challenges and share our simple to follow lifestyle health tips. Find more about us at


Long-Term Food Storage with Chef Keith Snow  

Is your pantry prepared in case of an emergancy or are you looking to decrease the cost of your groceries and meals? Chef Keith Snow shares his insider tips on starting and creating a Long-Term Food Storage this fall harvest!

The Art of Healthy Snacking with Veronica Bosgraaf  

Veronica Bosgraaf founder of Pure Organics shares her story and the importance of healthy snacking.

Should You Homeschool Your Children? Ask PJ Jonas  

Have you ever thought to homeschool your children? We interview PJ Jonas, a mother of 8 beautiful kids and goat-wrangling entrepreneur. With 19 years of homeschooling children under her belt and 8 years of running a business, she has some tips and tricks up her sleeve to share with you.

Sound Healing: Vibration, Energy & Intention Are you aware of the healing benefits of sound vibrations? Music and sound healing is one of the easiest and quickest ways I raise you personal vibration, whether that is for better relaxation, for more energy, or just to feel happier.

Acro Yoga - Balance, Trust, Communication with Miles Kroeker  

Acro yoga (also called acrobatic yoga) is a form of yoga fusion that combines traditional yoga with acrobatics. Through balance, communication, and trust, the team works to achieve inversions and balances they may never attempt in a conventional yoga.

The Unknown Benefits of Red Light Therapy  

Red light therapy is gaining more hype and awareness among the health and wellness scene. It uses infrared lights as the main feature and it has been known to provide therapeutic benefits to the body. Infrared lights can easily penetrate the skin, and thus it can work effectively in repairing the damaged nerves and tissues under the skin. Now you can receive these benefits in the comfort of your own home. Co-founders Melissa and Justin are on a mission to bring health and wellness in the convenience of your home.

Healthy Heart, Happy Heart with Dr. Jennifer Haythe  

There are many factors that lead to a healthy heart and it is important to maintain a healthy balance between diet, physical activity and stress factors. This week I had the pleasure to interview cardiovascular specialist Dr. Jennifer Haythe. In this episode we discover some common misconceptions about heart health in woman as well as reveal some tips and tricks to maintain a happy heart.

Rest to Optimize Your Health with sean light  

We live in a society of go, go, go! Often finding it difficult to unwind, let go, and succumb to a restful state. Most people I met feel guilty carving out a chunk of time for a little R&R. Whether it is a rest from work, or physical activities it is important to honor and nourish your body, so it can preform at it’s optimal levels.

Fennel, the World's Healthiest Food  

Fennel is a highly flavorful herb and is also known for it's medicinal properties and culinary uses. Listen to learn all about the amazing facts and benefits of Fennel

Galangal, the Spice of Life  

Galangal, the spice of life is a root that looks like a ginger and tastes like a ginger but it is not quite as spicy. Galangal root is used a lot in the Thai curries, soups and stews. It is also used in the Moroccan, Middle Eastern, South-East Asian and Indian cooking. This exotic spice is not only used in cooking for flavor but also has very man health benefits.

Elimination Diet, Motivated 2 Heal with Sandie Gascon  

It's time to get to the root cause of your illness, and the elimination diet is not the way. Sandie Gascon, FDN, shares her amazing healthy lifestyle journey with us, battling migraines, depression, and lupus, she has cured herself naturally. Now Sandie is committed to YOUR health, with her unique method of rebuilding the body first and her whole body approach to bring your health back to its optimal levels.

Navigate Through Depression with Dr. Kevin Gilliland  

Depression and mental illness is not always a comfortable subject to discuss. Dr. Kevin Gilliland helps to break down the barriers to help you understand what depression is, some common symptoms of depression, and the 5 pillars that help prevent the onset of depression.

Increase your motivation with Ian Weinberg  

Motivation… What drives you, how do you motivate yourself and the importance of starting your morning with a simple win! In this episode we welcome guest Ian Weinberg, owner of Ian Fitness, which is a personal training and boot camp in Seattle.

Cured by Nature  

Nature provides us with everything we need, although often time we turn to doctors for prescription drugs to fix our ailments. Sometimes resulting in side effects and more medication. In this episode we have guest Tara Mackey to share her story about living and instilling an organic life.

Brain Fog Fix with Dr. Mike Dow  

Do you ever feel out of it, like you just can't think straight? Often forgetting the simple things and feel in a daze. Many people get this feeling and senstation, commonly known as brain fog. Dr. Mike Dow shares how we can start supporting our mental health today!

Healthy Mindset, Your Greatest Investment with Scott Turner  

Having a Healthy Mindset is key to overcome any challenge in your life. In this episode we discuss how creating a healthy mindset can be linked to a happier and wealthier life.

Eating Clean Cooking Dirty with Samantha Rodgers  

With her love for food and dealing with a lifetime of digestive issues, Eating Clean has improved her digestion, slee, energy and overall health. Now shw shares her meal plans with other families tp heal eat well without sacrificing time and money.

Everything You Nedd To Know About Emotional Freedom Technique with Dr. Dawson Church  

The Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping, is a self healing practice that can optimize physical and emotional health. Dr. Dawson Chruch answers all our questions.

Gut Health - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly ft. Dr. Phil Carson  

Have you heard about the gut health or digestive health challenges? Or maybe you are suffering with some of these issues or just want to know more about the gut health or digestive health bugs. We have Dr. Phil Carson to answer all these questions about digestive health.

How to Stop Emotional Eating and Lose Weight ft. Kevin Michael Geary  

Reprogram your body and mind for sustainable fat loss, vibrant health, and peak performance

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