Help! We're Trapped!

Help! We're Trapped!

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Comedy Podcast with Mind Game Twist.


13 – Lets Talk About It (Part 2)  

Second installment of a dream that Mike had but this time Garrett is there to enjoy the fun. [mp3] [rss] Twitter: @folkyouphilly @filmadelphia @dan_lighty also go to!

12 – Lets Talk About It! (Part 1)  

Mike has a dream… His dream was to host his own T.V. Show…. This podcast is an audio version of just that… Twitter: @folkyouphilly, @dan_lighty, @filmadelphia & @kylegraham [mp3] [rss]

11 – Nightingale Fellowswallower  

Esssssploration. The voice returns for overseas with gifts for all!! BUT! The fun quickly stops… and the tables turn when T.V.F.A. when he pits Dan and Garrett against each other. Kyle has a wonderful moral of the story and of course Mike gets lost about everything. [mp3] [rss] Follow us on Twitter @folkyouphilly @filmadelphia @danlighty

Episode 10 – The Podtail Complex  

This episode was recorded on 12/22/11 Keynote: Mike is really drunk. [mp3] follow us @dan_lighty @folkyouphilly @filmadelphia

Episode 9 – The Adventures of Maro and Lug  

During a brief visit to Europe the voice from above returns and boy is he pissed. The fellows minus Ky Guy aka the Golden Fox tackle a new challenge… Baurerpedia… topics include Mario and Luigi, Dinosaurs and Robots, and Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead… Tune in now!!! [mp3] [rss]

Episode 8 – The Golden Fox  

Routine is the topic of discussion… but that doesn’t last long. Baurerpedia define routine… “something that isn’t what we do things yeah like stuff and cool right on brother dig it. noun.” [MP3]

Episode 7 – Temptation Tuesdays (Open Hole Policy)  

The voice from above is still away… Leaving the boys with nothing else to talk about but evolution in technology. **Disclaimer: the audio is only coming out of one side of the speaker… Hope to have this fixed!**

Episode 6.5 – Occupy Greendale  

Ever had something ripped from your hands? Something that means so much to you? Well a few weeks back NBC decided to do that to us. By benching beloved T.V. show Community from their current roster to make room for new pilots to be aired. Let’s just say this episode is dedicated to shows that [...]

Episode 6 – Baurer Has Anger Problems  

As the Voice from Above takes a vacation to london (yes lowercase L), Mike, Dan, Garrett and Ky Guy Graham are left alone to figure out how to become better friends. Follow us on twitter @folkyouphilly @dan_lighty @filmadelphia Thank you to The Fire and Fresh Produce Studios. [MP3]

Episode 4 – The Verdict Is In…  

The disembodied voice throws then guys off this week, by playing a new game called Guilty / Not Guilty, guess he was getting lazy. Follow us on twitter @folkyouphilly @filmadelphia @Dan_Lighty Thank you to The Fire and Fresh Produce Studios  Download [mp3]

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