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Episode 29: Work Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To  

Work because you want to, not because you have to. How good does that sound? Radio host, columnist and my friend Clark Howard knows more about how to save money than anyone I know.

Episode 28: Call Your Girlfriends!  

What's it like to be in business with your best friend? Ann Friedman, co-host of the hot podcast for besties everywhere, Call Your Girlfriend, joins us for some no-holds-barred conversation on this week's episode of HerMoney.

Episode 27: Oh, Grow Up!  

Do you make your financial decisions based on fear? Stress? Guilt? Impulse? Or some all-too-random combination of the above? We dive into a better way to go about it.

Episode 26: LIVE From FinCon, Where Money Nerds Unite  

HerMoney recently took a road trip to San Diego, California, to record a LIVE episode from FinCon, the world's largest financial content expo.

Episode 25: House Beautiful Or Money Pit?  

We invited Angie Hicks, founder of Angie's List, to drop by.

Episode 23: Share The Wealth  

Would you tell a friend what you get paid? Would you do it if you knew it would help her get paid fairly?

Episode 22: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers  

Your questions have been rolling in over Twitter, Facebook and email. And so this week we decided to devote the entire episode to answering them.

Episode 21: Health, Wealth and Self  

If you want the next half of your life to be just as good as the first, then you've got to get a grip on these three things, says Jo Ann Jenkins, the new CEO of AARP.

Episode 20: High Risk, High Reward! theSkimm Founders Share Their Story And Goal Of Empowering Millennial Women  

Confession: Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg started theSkimm — the daily email newsletter you, I, and 3.5 million other readers start their morning with — by floating it on their credit cards.

Episode 19: Randi Zuckerberg On Using Tech To Simplify Your Life — Financial And Otherwise  

As my listeners know, I'm good with money. Tech? Not so much. But after interviewing technology and social media expert Randi Zuckerberg, I feel much better. And I think you will, too.

Episode 18: What’s A Want Versus A Need? Sarah Newcomb Answers The Loaded Question  

A bubble bath, a nice scotch and some slow jazz? Which are wants? Which are needs? I thought I knew until I sat down with behavioral economist Sarah Newcomb for this week's episode of HerMoney.

Episode 17: Brené Brown Makes Sense Of Why Money Makes Us Feel So Vulnerable — And How To Deal  

To paraphrase Sara Bareilles: We want to see you be brave managing your money. And who better to inspire us to get there than best-selling author and preeminent TED talker Dr. Brené Brown?

Episode 16: Live Longer, Live Younger! Your Best Age Is Now With Dr. Robi Ludwig  

No more midlife crises! Tired of all the negative talk surrounding the word "midlife"? So was my friend and psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig — so much so, she wrote a book about it: "Your Best Age Is Now."

Episode 15: How To Put $500 A Month Back In Your Pocket And Jump-Start Your Savings Plan!  

How To Put $500 A Month Back In Your Pocket And Jump-Start Your Savings Plan! When To Save Vs. When To Splurge. Plus, Learn How To Start Tracking Those Savings. It's addictive!

Episode 14: It’s All About Me! How To Take Credit –– Without Being Called A B****. Plus Actress Ali Sweeney On How She Fought Back Against ID Theft!  

How can women learn to be more assertive at work and at home without being called bitchy? Dr. Ben Sorensen, a charismatic leadership trainer and executive coach, knows how.

Episode 13: Jane Bryant Quinn On How To Make Your Money Last As Long As You DO!  

I am so proud to call Jane Bryant Quinn a friend as well as a mentor. You know her as a female pioneer and personal finance advocate, trusted by millions as a columnist for Newsweek, a reporter for CBS News and a prolific author, but to me, she is an inspiration. Jane showed me –– and so many others –– there was a space in the world for women to talk in a smart, intelligent and understandable way about money.

Episode 12: You Don’t Have To Be Perfect, Just Good Enough With Rene Syler  

"I lost my job, I lost my breasts, I lost my hair and I found myself." That's Rene Syler, former anchor for CBS News' The Early Show, on HerMoney explaining what happened in a tumultuous two years of her life.

Episode 11: When A Spender And A Saver Say ‘I Do,’ How Do They Manage The Money? A Candid Chat With Author Jennifer Weiner  

Candid. If I had to pick one word to describe Jennifer Weiner, author of "Good in Bed," "In Her Shoes" and so many other great reads, I'd pick that one. Though, smart, funny and fearless also come to mind. I knew I wanted her on the podcast the minute I read her frank essay about the fact that she and her new husband are polar opposites financially.

Episode 10: Will The 50-Year-Old You Be Mad At The 25-Year-Old You? Talking Time-Tested Money Principles With Dave Ramsey  

This week I traveled to Nashville to sit down with financial powerhouse Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze. We talk about how the baby steps to take control of our own financial lives haven't changed in the 25 years Dave and I have been doing this – and how they have.

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