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hey, girl. is a podcast that unites the voices of phenomenal women near and far. Created with sisterhood and storytelling in mind, author Alex Elle sits down with people who inspire her. From friends to family members and strangers, the hey, girl. guests give us a peek into their stories through candid and intimate conversations.


Episode 20: Gabe on Family, Blessings and Infertility  

Alex sits down for an intimate talk with entrepreneur Gabrielle to discuss family, career, fertility and the new babies that are on the way. 

Episode 19: Erica on Leaning into Community  

Alex sits down with doula Erica Chidi-Cohen to discuss community, entrepreneurship, birth work, and how representation matters. 

Episode 18: Melinda on Self-Healing + Activism  

Alex sits down with mother, educator and social activist Melinda Alexander to discuss everything from self-healing and education to motherhood and activism.

Episode 17: Anthonia on Diversifying Motherhood  

Alex sits down with Anthonia of mater mea to discuss her journey in creating a WOC-focused platform, interracial + interfaith relationship and growing up with immigrant parents.

Episode 16: Dana on Self-Awareness Through Yoga  

Alex sits down with yoga instructor Dana Falsetti to discuss self-awareness, social activism, body image, and more. 

Episode 15: Laura on Social Anxiety + Motherhood  

Alex sits down with author and chef, Laura Miller, to discuss the internet, how she's finding peace while journeying with mental health challenges, and being a wife and new mother. 

Episode 14: Kenya on Trying to Conceive  

Alex sits down with Kenya to discuss the journey through trying to conceive.

Episode 13: Erin on Building a Business  

Alex sits down with small business owner Erin Watson to discuss how her passion for interior design morphed into a successful cabinetry company.

Episode 12: Seleena on Mental Health  

Alex sits down with Dr. Seleena Smith to discuss mental health in the prison system. 

Listeners on Self-Care  

We wanted to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your self-care tips + tricks.

End of Season 1  

See you in July for season 2.

Episode 11: Brandi on Conscious Parenting  

Alex sits down with doula, Brandi Jackson, to discuss career and raising children of color.

Episode 10: Joanna on Wellness  

Alex sits down with wellness coach, Joanna, for a chat about career shift, finding purpose, and living your best life.

Episode 9: Valencia on Teaching as Activism  

Alex sits down with Valencia Clay to discuss being a woman of color educator who is passionate about teaching her students outside of the box, and the impacts that healing and mental health has played in her life.

Episode 8: Liz on Miscarriage + Motherhood  

Alex sits down with a dear friend for a special Mother's Day episode centered around miscarriage and how it shapes motherhood.

Episode 7: CP Patrick on Writing  

Alex sits down with author CP Patrick to discuss writing, finding her voice, and shifts in life.

Episode 6: Roe on Minimalism  

Alex sits down with Roe of BrownKids to discuss financial freedom and her journey through minimalism as a person of color.

Episode 5: Kellee on Surviving  

Alex sits down with her aunt to discuss surviving and trusting faith.

Episode 4: Deun on Creating Authentically  

Alex sits down with artist, Deun Ivory, to discuss her creative process, married life, and individuality.

Episode 3: Denisio on Identity  

Alex and her close friend Denisio discuss gender, love after divorce, and maneuvering a creative career in a new city.

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