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Gabrus' interests are all over the place...and so is this podcast. He interviews friends and celebrities, some who are both. About the kind of stupid stuff that a nerd/meathead/manchild would be into. Tangents are not only allowed, they are encouraged.


Episode 79: Lionheart w/ The Action Boyz  

gabrus is joined by Ben Rodgers and Ryan Stanger to talk the JCVD film LIONHEART. The action boyz discuss... why it's their favorite/scene-stealing Joshua/80s long butts. brought to you by mackweldon

Episode 78: Wings w/ Twinnovation Boys (Rosie, Rosie, and Karnell)  

gabrus is joined by the goobers over at twinnovation for another headgum crossover. Jeff, Dave, and Mike order up some wings and discuss their favorite flavors, places to order from, and of course DRUMMIEvWINGIE

Episode 77: 2nd Annual High and Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour w/ Adam Pally, Mike Mitchell, Mary Sasson and Neil Casey  

gabrus is joined by four friends to catch up and participate in the 2nd annual High and Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour Buy a shirt (or a TANK TOP) http://shrsl.com/?cfk7

Episode 76: Dating w/ Ali Waller  

gabrus has never been on a date, comedian/writer/ Ali Waller has been on a 'few.' They discuss dating in the modern era, dos and donts, and of course Long Island

Episode 75: 90s Sitcoms w/ Amir Blumenfeld  

gabrus is joined by comedian/podcaster/podco CEO Amir to discuss the shows they grew up watching.

Episode 74: Rugby w/ Paull Young & Brendon Nelson  

Gabrus is joined by two former teammates Youngie and Batman to smash beers and talk rugby. They BARELY talk about the game itself, mostly just drinking stories. dont forget to buy a high and mighty shirt. they are on sale this weekend http://shrsl.com/?cfk7

Episode 73: Fitness w/ The Dumbells (Eugene Cordero & Ryan Stanger)  

gabrus is joined by regular High and Mighty guests/comedians/jacked dudes Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stanger to talk about diet/weights/motivation. be sure to check out their podcast The Dumbells on Headgum

Episode 72: Horror Movies w/ Curtis Gwinn  

gabrus is joined by writer/comedian/boston terrier lover Curtis Gwinn to talk exorcist/horror geeks/zombie tropes.

Episode 71: Video Games w/ Ify Nwadiwe  

gabrus is joined by fellow meathead/nerd/comedian Ify to discuss video games/overshopping on steam/gaming while fathering

Episode 70: Raw Deal Live w/ Ben Rodgers & Ryan Stanger  

gabrus is joined by THE ACTION BOYZ (Ben Rodgers & Ryan Stanger) to discuss Arnold's classic RAW DEAL, live at the IMPROV HOLLYWOOD. They talk casino sluts, chicago toughs, and of course die hard. brought to you by goout.hilton.com

Episode 69: Porn w/ Jake Hurwitz & Bob Castrone  

gabrus is joined by comedians/filmmakers/perverts Jake Hurwitz and Bob Castrone to talk about porn addiction/amateur V pro/search terms. Check out Flock of Dudes in theaters and on demand this weekend (featuring ME) brought to you by Hilton and Adam and Eve

Episode 68: Siblings w/ D'Arcy Carden  

gabrus is joined by comedian/actor/tall broad D'Arcy Carden to talk about siblings/dogs/handsome husbands. Brought to you by Hilton and Adam & Eve

Episode 67:  Vegas w/ Patrick Walsh  

gabrus is joined by comedian/writer/gambler to talk comps/craps/video poker. Brought to you by Hilton Brought to you by HelloFresh

Episode 66: Being Fat w/ Nicole Byer  

gabrus is joined by comedian/fat black woman Nicole Byer to talk clothes shopping, red carpet, and racist monsters online. brought to you by Hilton

Episode 65: Newspaper Comics w/ Hayes Davenport  

gabrus is joined by comedian/podcaster/rower Hayes Davenport to discuss all of their favorite 'funnies' thats right, NEWSPAPER COMICS. brought to you by Hilton

Episode 64: Marriage w/ Kelly Hudson & Dan Klein  

gabrus is joined by writers/comedians/spouses Dan Klein and Kelly Hudson to discuss all things marriage, there even manages to be some actual advice in there. Stick around to hear their wedding story, it is a real TWISTER. Brought to you by Hilton

Episode 63: General Tso's Chicken with Zach Brooks  

Were you wondering if Gabrus could talk about just General Tso's for an hour? Well that is answered today when he is joined by podcaster/lunchman/toilet sister Zach Brooks to talk Tso. Brought you by Tidal Mack Weldon

Episode 62: Star Wars w/ Nick Wiger & Erin Mallory Long  

gabrus is joined by comedians/podcasters/scruffy-looking nerf herders Nick Wiger and Erin Mallory Long to talk original/prequel/force awakens

Episode 61: Iranian Stuff w/ Payman Benz  

Gabrus is joined by writer/director/ramen lover Payman Benz to talk about growing up Iranian. Brought to you by Mack Weldon

Episode 60: Korean Stuff w/ Esther Ku  

gabrus is joined by standup/podcaster/pothead Esther Ku to talk about growing up Korean, something gabrus knows little to nothing about. Closer to nothing.

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