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High and Mighty

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Gabrus' interests are all over the place...and so is this podcast. He interviews friends and celebrities, some who are both. About the kind of stupid stuff that a nerd/meathead/manchild would be into. Tangents are not only allowed, they are encouraged.


Episode 118: Leftovers w/ Jason Stewart (ThemJeans)  

gabrus is joined by podcaster/DJ/freak to talk about his favorite genre of foods LEFTOVERS not the HBO show, but the OLD FOOD.

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Episode 117: Conspiracies w/ Henry Zebrowski  

gabrus is joined by comedian/podcaster/all-around lunatic Henry Zebrowski (@henrylovesyou) to talk about conspiracy theories, they talk about ALL OF THEM....JFK, Lizard People, Hugh Jackman

Episode 116: MTV w/ Andrew Goldstein  

gabrus is joined by writer/podcaster Andrew Goldstein (@angegold), to chat about their lives working behind the scenes at MTVNetworks, free soda, and Sway's lunch spot.

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Episode 115: Video Games w/ Ramon Rivas II  

gabrus is joined by comedian/new friend Ramon Rivas the 2nd, to discuss video games. they really get into the nitty gritty of trying to be a productive adult, and having a healthy relationship with games.

Episode 114: Wasted Potential w/ Nate Dern  

gabrus is joined by comedian/geek/author Nate Dern to talk about wasted potential...and yes, it is gabrus bragging about how smart he used to be. buy nates book NOT QUITE A GENIUS

Episode 113: Bullying LIVE at Just For Laughs  

gabrus heads to montreal to discuss bullying w his friends annie lederman, esther povitsky, dave king, and amir blumenfield.

Episode 112: Craps & Craps w/ Doug Mand & Jack Dolgen  

gabrus is joined by writer/comedian/podcasters jack and doug, to talk two of their favorite topics, pooping and gambling. gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 111: Power Hour w/ Giancarlo Fiorentini & Jonathan Grimm  

gabrus is joined by writer/director/shy weirdos Giancarlo and Jon to do 60 'shots' of beer in 60 minutes. enjoy listening to G&J come out of their shells around minute 30. brought to you by siriusxm

Episode 110: Directors Series w/ Paul Briganti  

gabrus is joined by director/cutie/ginzo Paul Briganti to talk film, inspiration, and of course broccoli rabbe. brought to you by mack weldon

Episode 109: Sandwiches w/ Don Fanelli  

gabrus is joined by actor/comedian/ginzo don fanelli to talk sandwiches/delis/pizza-pallahs gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 108: Heroes of the Storm w/ Jack Allison & Matty Smith  

gabrus is joined by comedians/writers/HotS addicts to talk about their favorite game Heroes of the Storm, and they touch on why they love Blizzard and MOBAs in general. gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 107: Live Music w/ Jason Shapiro  

gabrus is joined by writer/twitterer/concert-goer jason shapiro to talk about all things live music...how they got into it, favorite shows, and, yes of course...phish brought to you by blueapron brought to you by dollarshaveclub gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 106: Blade w/ Jeff Rubin  

the first crossover episode! gabrus is joined by comedian/nerd/podcaster jeff rubin to talk about the first marvel blockbuster BLADE. this is a crossover episode be sure to tune into jeff's episode next week for blade 2. also gabrus would like to apologize for confusing bryan fuller and david s goyer...please dont hate him brought to you by dollarshaveclub gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 105: Wilderness w/ Ross Kimball  

gabrus is joined by comedian/outdoorsman/giant to talk about THE WILDERNESS. brought to you by dollarshaveclub.com get a shirt at gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 104: ActionBoyz Talk Big Trouble in Little China  

gabrus is joined by actionboyz/whores/whitestraightmen stanger and rodgers to talk gabrus' favorite movie BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA the guys bring up an interesting proposition let us know what you think about an exclusive ActionBoyz patreonnnnnn brought to you by DollarShaveClub brought to you by BlueApron

Episode 103: Highdeas w/ Max Silvestri & Noah Garfinkel  

gabrus is joined by comedians/stoners/foodies & cable newsies, max silvestri and noah garfinkelto talk HIGHDEAS a pilot they all made years ago, and current HIGHDEAS they're working on. this is a WEIRD one brought to you by dollarshaveclub.com

Episode 102: WEED w/ Ry Prichard  

gabrus is joined by photographer/stoner/weedgenius ry prichard (from viceland's bong appetit) to discuss WEED, MAN. brought to you by dollarshaveclub and blue apron

Episode 101: Raised by TV w/ Lauren Lapkus  

gabrus is joined by comedian/actress/theme songstress/podcaster lauren lapkus, to discuss their favorite childhood tv shows. yes it does devolve to 'do you remember this show' brought to you by blue apron and dollarshaveclub gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 100: Tiffany Gabrus  

holy shit, gabrus has done 100 episodes of this damn thing. For this special anniversary he has his wife on to answer some listener questions. Only time will tell if that was a good idea. gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 99: Cooking w DC Pierson  

gabrus is joined by comedian/author/beardo DC Pierson to talk about cooking....sorta brought to you by squarespace gabrus.com/shirts

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