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High and Mighty

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Gabrus' interests are all over the place...and so is this podcast. He interviews friends and celebrities, some who are both. About the kind of stupid stuff that a nerd/meathead/manchild would be into. Tangents are not only allowed, they are encouraged.


Episode 94: Long Island (again) w/ Tim Dillon  

gabrus is joined by fellow strong islander to talk LIRR, pizza, and jetskis as only two island boys can. get yourself a shirt at gabrus.com/shirts

Episode 93: Live @ SXSW w/ Horatio Sans & Shaun Diston  

gabrus is joined by his friends Horatio Sanz & Shaun Diston to talk about weed habits, but since they are definitely more high than mighty on this episode they don't get to much. brought to you by squarespace

Episode 92: Craps w/ David Young  

gabrus is joined by writer/comedian/gambler David Young to talk about their favorite game. pre apologize for the audio issues. brought to you by blue apron

Episode 91: Animals w/ Animals Creators Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano  

gabrus is joined by the creators of HBOs Animals (Phil Matarese & Mike Luciano) to talk about Animals (the animals not the show). We also talk a little bit about the show. Check out season 2 of Animals on March 17th on HBO or watch season 1 on hbogo Brought to you by squarespace

Episode 90: Consipiracy Theories pt 3 w/ Anthony Atamaniuk  

gabrus is joined by anthony, they both get VERY mighty, and discuss assorted conspiracy theories up to and including sex magic. brought to you by squarespace

Episode 89: Bad Boys 2 w/ Black Men Cant Jump  

gabrus is joined by the hosts of the black men cant jump podcast (jonathan braylock, james III, and Jerah Milligan) to talk about auter Michael Bay's seminal film Bad Boys 2. They also answer the hard hitting questions like... why is common in everything? why doesnt will smith do more action comedies? who would you cast in a black oceans 11? brought to you by squarespace brought to you by blueapron

Episode 89: Talk O Bell 3 Naked Chicken Chalupa Edition  

gabrus is joined by fellow monsters Betsy Sodaro and Mano Agapian to chew into the microphones and scream THIS is so good about the naked chicken chalupa.

Episode 87: Super Bowl w/ Dan Hanzus  

gabrus is joined by writer/NFL podcaster Dan Hanzus to talk various super bowl memories, this was recorded 3 weeks before the super bowl, so also enjoy laughing at our predictions. brought to you by squarespace

Episode 86: Iced Coffee w/ Sean Clements  

gabrus is joined by writer/comedian/hollywood elite Sean Clements talk about ICED COFFEE Brought to you by Blue Apron (promo code MIGHTY)

Episode 85: Social Media Pet Peeves w/ Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli  

gabrus is joined by comedy writers/creeps Brad and Nick to talk about all the shitty things people do on social media...No mutual friends they aren't talking about you. Brought to you by squarespace

Episode 83: The Art of Confrontation w/ Matt Besser  

gabrus is joined by comedian/podcaster/legendary small-talker Matt Besser to discuss the subtle art of confrontation. SORRY MERYL but confrontation is an art. Maybe we touch on UCB grades as well. Buy a t-shirt http://shrsl.com/?cfk7

Episode 82: Weddings w Jamie Lee  

gabrus is joined by comedian/writer/girlcoder Jamie Lee to discuss open-bars/daddy-dances/groom-zillas get Jamie's book HERE http://www.weddiculousbook.com/ get high and mighty t-shirts HERE http://shrsl.com/?cfk7 brought to you by blue apron brought to you by squarespace

Episode 82: Comics w/ Sina Grace  

gabrus is joined by illustrator/writer/persian badboy Sina Grace to discuss, his books/childhood/xmen.

Episode 81: Action Boyz Christmas Special DIEHARD  

gabrus is joined by the action boyz for a very special holiday episode of High and Mighty. Join them for over 2.5 hours as the action boyz (Ryan Stanger, Ben Rodgers and Jon Gabrus) give running commentary over their favorite christmas movie...Die Hard. buy a shirt and hope it gets there in time for 'the holidays' http://shrsl.com/?cfk7

Episode 80: Game Shows w/ Matt Goldich  

gabrus is joined by comedian/writer/kids guy Matt Goldich to discuss the various game shows they watched and/or worked on. brought to you by Mack Weldon

Episode 79: Lionheart w/ The Action Boyz  

gabrus is joined by Ben Rodgers and Ryan Stanger to talk the JCVD film LIONHEART. The action boyz discuss... why it's their favorite/scene-stealing Joshua/80s long butts. brought to you by mackweldon

Episode 78: Wings w/ Twinnovation Boys (Rosie, Rosie, and Karnell)  

gabrus is joined by the goobers over at twinnovation for another headgum crossover. Jeff, Dave, and Mike order up some wings and discuss their favorite flavors, places to order from, and of course DRUMMIEvWINGIE

Episode 77: 2nd Annual High and Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour w/ Adam Pally, Mike Mitchell, Mary Sasson and Neil Casey  

gabrus is joined by four friends to catch up and participate in the 2nd annual High and Mighty Thanksgiving Eve Power Hour Buy a shirt (or a TANK TOP) http://shrsl.com/?cfk7

Episode 76: Dating w/ Ali Waller  

gabrus has never been on a date, comedian/writer/ Ali Waller has been on a 'few.' They discuss dating in the modern era, dos and donts, and of course Long Island

Episode 75: 90s Sitcoms w/ Amir Blumenfeld  

gabrus is joined by comedian/podcaster/podco CEO Amir to discuss the shows they grew up watching.

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