Highlights from Talking History

Highlights from Talking History


Patrick Geoghegan takes a contemporary look at history and the lessons that can be learnt from it.


What are the best war films?  

In this book special Patrick looks at Ireland's Enlightenment, the post-Rising trials, the rise of Modern France, the life of Daniel O'Connell, and the 50 best war films

Watergate on the silver screen  

In 1976 "All the President's Men" hit the big screen. Join Patrick as he talks with a panel of experts about this acclaimed dramatisation of the Watergate scandal.

Life and death in Russian labour camps  

The Gulags are one of the most notorious elements of Soviet history. Patrick talks with a panel about these forced labour camps & the millions who lived and died in them.

William Bligh, more than the victim of mutiny  

Patrick talks with a panel of experts about the life & career of William Bligh, the commander of HMS Bounty who was overthrown and set adrift by his friends & crew.

From Teddy to Bill, US Presidents of the 20th century  

Patrick looks at some new history books; including a study of 20th century American presidents, the biography of a Victorian prison, & a murder on the Mayo-Galway border.

The first modern scientist  

Most of us can remember Boyle's Law from classroom science. But there was a lot more to the life & legacy of the Irish father of chemistry Robert Boyle than this one law.

Justice in the wake of World War II  

A look at some of the best new history books including A.T. Williams' new exploration of the post war trials of Nazi war criminals.

Commemorating the Somme  

100 ago the bloodiest battle of the First World War began. Patrick talks to a panel of experts about the Battle of the Somme, the men who died, & how it changed the world

The history of London  

Patrick Geoghegan talks with a panel of historians and experts about Britain's ancient capital and the myriad ways London has changed the world

From Hollywood to the Western Front  

Patrick looks at some wonderful new books including America's role in the 47 final bloody days of WWI, the life and legacy of Bobby Sands, and Hollywood's coming of age

Did scandals outshine Pavarotti's singing?  

Patrick talks with a panel of musicians and music historians about the amazing, and sometimes controversial, life and career of the great operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti

Lawrence of Arabia - The Irish Connection  

Join Patrick and a host of historians and writers on 'Talking History's' monthly books and history special

Frank Aiken: rebel, soldier, politician, and leader  

Patrick talks with a panel about former Tanaiste, Frank Aiken. From his command of the IRA and opposition to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, to the founding of Fianna Fail

Who were the druids?  

Patrick Geoghegan delves into the long & elusive history of the druids with a panel of cultural & religious historians. Were they simply pagan priests or something more?

What's in a book?  

Patrick talks with

Big Jim Larkin, hero or wrecker?  

Tommy Graham talks with the authors of some of the best recent history books covering Jim Larkin, the IRA in Engliush prisons, Bad King John, and the Irish Revolion

Should the Anglo-Irish Treaty have been accepted?  

Patrick leads a panel discussion on the divisive Anglo-Irish Treaty before a packed house in the newly opened Kevin Barry rooms at the National Concert Hall.

What's the history of Irish travellers?  

Patrick Geoghegan talks with a panel of experts about the history Irish travellers and how their culture and identity has changed over time

Damascus, a beautiful city bathed in history & violence  

Patrick talks with a panel of experts about the amazing city of Damascus, its place in history, and how this once centre of civilisation has become ravaged by civil war

Are the Irish the most oppressed people in history?  

Patrick takes a look at some of the best history books, including the "The Queen of Spies", the life of John Hume, 100 defining works of art, and "Unhappy the Land"

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