History of Westeros (Game of Thrones)

History of Westeros (Game of Thrones)

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Come obsess over A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones with us! Our show is an enthusiastic and heavily-detailed look at the past, present and future of Westeros and the realms beyond.


Dark Sister  

An episode dedicated to the "career" of Dark Sister, the Valyrian steel blade of House Targaryen. Famous owners and top kills!

House Dayne: Part 2 - History and Lore  

Aziz and special guest Lucifer Means Lightbringer discuss the mystical and ancient side of House Dayne. Dawn (is it Lightbringer?), Sword of the Morning (who decides?), the castles of Starfall and High Hermitage... and plenty more!

Live ASOIAF Q&A #2 - The Winds of Winter (GoT spoilers)  

Ashaya and Aziz took questions on The Winds of Winter live on YouTube on January 16th. Enjoy!

House Dayne: Part 1 - Characters  

Aziz & Ashaya break down the major characters from House Dayne. Theories, background and predictions!

House Royce (spoiler free)  

Aziz delivers a sermon on House Royce, the ancient bronze clad stalwarts of the Vale. Included are connections to House Stark, Ser Waymar the ranger from the prologue, and Lord Bronze Yohn who has his hands full with Littlefinger.

Blackfyre Rebellions: Part 4 - The Battle of Redgrass Field  

Aziz is joined by guests Steven Attewell (Race for the Iron Throne) and Jim McGeehin (Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire) to recap and explain one of the largest battles in the history of Westeros. The Red Dragon vs. the Black Dragon, winner takes the Iron Throne!

Live ASOIAF Q&A #1 - Anything Goes  

Aziz & Ashaya answer questions! Some were received ahead of time, giving us a chance to prepare a bit, others we answered on the fly. YouTube contains the unedited footage, this is the edited version.

Blackfyre Rebellions: Part 3 - Daemon Blackfyre  

Aziz is joined by returning guest Steven Attewell (Race for the Iron Throne) to discuss the legendary Daemon Blackfyre. The man, the myth, the sword, the rivalries, the immense popularity. Comparisons to Robert and Renly Baratheon, Aemon the Dragonknight and more are included. The most Daemon-tastic episode of all time!

The Shadow of Summerhall: Aerys & Rhaegar (spoilers)  

This episode delves deep into Aerys, Rhaegar and other characters who were impacted by Summerhall. There's talk of how the Mad King could wreak havoc on the Seven Kingdoms even now...

The Tragedy of Summerhall  

Ashaya and Aziz delve deep into the mysteries of Summerhall. What went wrong, who caused it, prophecies, dragon eggs, death and destruction... this episode has it all.

Game of Thrones: S5 Awards Show & S6 Casting News w/guests (TWoW spoilers)  

An all-star lineup has been assembled to decide the best and worst moments of Season 5. Aziz and Ashaya are joined by Lady Gwyn and yolkboy of Radio Westeros, Tony Teflon of Teflon TV, Stefan Sasse of Nerdstream Era and Boiled Leather Audio Hour and Steve Mangiameli the FriggenItalian!

Game of Thrones: Season 5 Show Only Q&A Wrap Up (spoiler free)  

Sean and Aziz finish up season 5 by taking questions and looking at the season as a whole. No one was burned during the recording of this episode.

Game of Thrones: S5E10 - Book to Show (TWoW spoilers)  

Aziz, Lady Gwyn and yolkboy were LIVE and taking questions for this final episode of Season 5!

Game of Thrones: S5E10 Show Only Review (spoiler free)  

Shame. Shame. Shame. On you, if you miss this episode. Sean & Aziz break down the epic conclusion to Season 5.

Game of Thrones: S5E09 - Book to Show (TWoW spoilers)  

Aziz, Lady Gwyn and yolkboy discuss "the Dance of Dragons" live with listeners.

Game of Thrones: S5E09 - Show Only Review (spoiler free)  

Sean of House Beard & Aziz of House Sadface recorded this episode filled burning people live on YouTube. No one was burned during OUR filming, and it was a bit nippy!

Game of Thrones: S5E08 - Book to Show (spoilers)  

Go hard or go home, but don't go Hardhome! But do check out this review, we have quite a lot to say (shocking, we know). Aziz is joined by Radio Westeros' Lady Gwyn and yolkboy. Ice magic, Night's King, Valyrian steel... We discuss it all!

Game of Thrones: S5E08 - Show Only Review (spoiler free)  

Sean and Aziz vs the epic and awesome Hardhome! Seven hells, what an episode this was!

Game of Thrones: S5E07 - Book to Show (spoilers)  

Aziz discusses The Gift with Lady Gwyn and yolkboy of Radio Westeros. At the end of the episode, they discuss season 6 casting news and the preview for next week, for those interested and those specifically disinterested!

The Winds of Winter: Vale Preview Chapter (mega spoilers)  

Ashaya & Aziz devour this chapter as if it were a 12 foot tall lemon cake threatened by a pimply gingerlad.

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