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Hollywood Handbook

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Hollywood Handbook is an insider's guide to achieving your showbiz dreams from two A-List it-boys who are living theirs. Hayes and Sean provide an exclusive VIP backstage pass into Tinseltown politics, answer questions from unsuccessful listeners, and bring in famous guests to discuss their craft and how they became what they are (famous).


D'Arcy Carden, Our Close Friend  

The boys are joined by D'ARCY CARDEN from The Good Place to talk about who gets to go there and other big questions. This episode is sponsored by SockFancy. Subscribe to STRANGLERS, a new podcast investigating The Boston Strangler  HERE

Ryan Stanger, Our Close Friend  

Hayes and Sean welcome their trainer RYAN STANGER of the Dumbbells podcast to teach them about being strong. This episode is brought to you by Harry's. Subscribe to STRANGLERS, a new podcast investigating The Boston Strangler  HERE

Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, Our Close Friends  

Hayes and Sean have a discussion with BETH NEWELL and SARAH PAPPALARDO from Reductress about their new book "How to Win at Feminism" in a show that is not changed at all by the results of the election. This episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter.

Jessica McKenna, Our Vote Video Person  

The boys are joined by Jessica McKenna to help them make a good funny video encouraging people to vote at the election.This episode is brought to you by Harry's.

Cody and Kevin, Our Facebook Friends  

Hayes and Sean share a disturbing story from Cody online and help Cody and Kevin make a good Facebook.

Adam Pally, Our Bumper Recorder  

Adam Pally joins the boys to record some promotional bumpers for the show.This episode is sponsored by Now Hear This, ZipRecruiter, and Harry's.

Jensen Karp, Our Close Friend  

Sean and Hayes invite JENSEN KARP, host of Get Up On This, to come on the show and all do their own Get Up On This after Sean and Hayes did it so well two weeks ago.

Keith and Jesse, Our Food Explorers  

Sean and Hayes have a secret surprise for Engineer Sam. Then new clients KEITH KINGBAY and JESSE NEIL come to an exotic restaurant with the boys to sample interesting foods.

Brandon Wardell, Our Close Friend  

Hayes is in the studio with famous young comedian BRANDON WARDELL to talk about computers and doing Tough Mudder while Sean calls in from abroad.

Jen D'Angelo, Our Close Friend  

Sean and Hayes make a major politics announcement. Then JEN D'ANGELO of MTV's Loosely Exactly Nicole makes the scene for a nice return to the traditional episodes that the boys used to do before.This episode is brought to you by Harry's...

Mike And Dave, Our Wedding Dates Not Needers  

Sean and Hayes invite MIKE HANFORD and DAVE FERGUSON from the Birthday Boys on the show but they have been busy so they're not sure what they're going to do yet. Listen to Mike's show "Questions for Lennon" on Howl.

Beck Bennett, Our Once Friend  

Sean and Hayes get Weekend Live's BECK BENNETT to come to the studio and discuss the controversy that drove them apart many years ago.

Brett Marcus, Our Friend from Germany  

Hayes is late to the studio so Sean and Brett have some time to catch up. ALYSSA MILANO is the guest.Come see us at the Now Hear This podcast festival: nowhearthisfest.com This episode Five Four Group and Casper Mattresses.

Just Sean and Hayes  

The boys are back with a guestless episode where they play a game of "Stank or Dank", followed by a round of a special board game.

Andree Vermuelen, Our Close Friend  

Hayes and Sean are joined by Angie Tribeca's ANDREE VERMUELEN for a freewheeling discussion of her showbiz journey that's barely interrupted by stuff going on in Hayes and Sean's personal lives.

Julie Klausner, Back Again  

Julie Klausner joins the boys again to reminisce on her past episodes and get a little political. Then, Sean does some of his classic impressions and the gang picks their Mt. Crushmore.

Gabe Delahaye, Our Close Friend  

Hayes and Sean discuss which guys they like to root for in the Olympics. Then GABE DELAHAYE arrives to plug the website Videogum and help Sean and Hayes understand some of Internet technology.

Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum, Our Friends From School  

Hayes and Sean welcome Whit and Clay into the studio to discuss one of their favorite new games before a drama arises.

Howard Kremer, Our Close Friend  

Hayes and Sean have to reprimand a crazed fan. Then HOWARD KREMER joins the guys to organically discuss a service they all love.This episode is sponsored by Five Four Group.

Showrunners Panel, Our Major Event  

Hayes and Sean team up with fellow showrunners PATRICK WALSH and KEVIN ETTEN to convene a panel on the job of running a writers room where they hold a draft to create the strongest possible room using anyone from history. 

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