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98KUPD Holmberg's Morning Sickness is Arizona's #1 Morning Show. John Holmberg attempts to both entertain and disturb as many listeners as possible with assistance from Brady Bogen, Creepy E, and Dick Toledo. Tune into 98KUPD weekdays 5:30a-10a.


01-20-17 - Guad Squares - All Presidents Inauguration Day Edition  

Guadalupe Squares Friday January 20, 2017 - Today's Squares guests honored the new incoming President for an Inauguration Day Edition and included, JFK, Lincoln, Bill Clinton, Trip Reeb, President-Elect Donald Trump along with, President Obama and the center square Trump Supporter Brady Bogen, among others.

01-20-17 - Joey Diaz - Improv - In Studio  

Comedian/Actor Joey Diaz dropped by the studio to talk about past transgressions, parenthood, and to promote his weekend performances at The Tempe Improv. For tickets/info call 480.921.9877 or click to www.tempeimprov.com

01-20-17 - CNN Going Over Line Of Presidential Succession - Watching The First 48  

Description not available at this time, check back later

01-20-17 - John Eavesdropped On Radio Gossip - What Is Our Gossip - Inauguration Day  

Description not available at this time, check back later

01-19-17 - Testing Religios Who Ask You About God - John's Vasectomy Update  

Description not available at this time, check back later

01-19-17 - Michael Bisping - XXX Movie - Call in  

UFC Middleweight Champion, Michael 'The Count' Bisping, called in to promote his part in the new movie sequel XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage.

01-19-17 - Brothership - Guys Who Wear Their Wife's Fave Team Gear  

While talking about this morning's Holi-Debt keyword Eric was on site and had a guy show up in some LA Angels baseball gear. So while quizzing him about the team they guy admitted to Eric that the Angels are actually his wife's team and not his.

01-18-17 - Rock Wars - Outgoing Song For Obama  

ROCK WARS, Wednesday January 18, 2017 - John is 2-0 so far in 2017 Rock Wars battles and today chose to find the best song to say goodbye to and send off President Obama as he ends his term. Who would notch the third victory of the year?

01-18-17 - Trump's Inauguration Idol Game  

With the Presidential Inauguration only 2 days away we invited in the incoming President to play a game of Lyrics for fabulous prizes.

01-18-17 - Why We Should Just Shut Down Inauguration Day Festivities  

Description not available at this time, check back later

01-18-17 - BR - WED - Cooked Blowtorch Squirell Burns Down Building - Brady Says Wasp Nest Badly  

Brady Report Wednesday January 18 2017 - Brady struggled to say "wasp's nest" during today's report while trying to introduce a Bradeo-Video on the subject

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