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Hosts Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey grill LGBT celebrities on what they’re loving, and who they’re loving. This queer comedy party celebrates pop culture obsessions and interrogates guests on their personal experiences with dating, sex and love.


5. Bryan Safi  

Throwing Shade's Bryan Safi joins Matt and Dave this week to talk about Jenny Jones, "Trading Spaces" fails, marriage, plus a boy band member's shocking NYE wardrobe. Also, Dave recaps his impromptu regional theater experience, and the guys give advice to their first voicemail caller!This episode is brought to you by Empire Labs (www.cloneawilly.com code: HOMOPHILIA).

4. Sam Jay  

Stand-up comedian Sam Jay joins the guys to talk about Star Wars, late 90's / early 00's teen movies, dating guys before coming out as a lesbian, and more! Plus, Dave and Matt break down this year's very weird VMAs. 

3. Guy Branum  

The amazing Guy Branum (Talk Show the Game Show) joins the guys to talk about losing your virginity, deep horrible crushes, and binge watching every season of Survivor in 2 months (yes, EVERY season). Plus, Matt talks acupuncture and Dave shares his love of "Lisa D from CT"! PS, call us if you need advice! 424-248-8978

2. Eliot Glazer  

Eliot Glazer (Broad City) joins the guys this week to do a deep dive on the Golden Girls, sudden long term relationship endings, and Teri Polo, Teri Polo... & more Teri Polo. If you have love, sex, coming out, or any kind of life questions / issues, give us a ring!: 424-248-8978.

1. Cameron Esposito  

On the premiere episode of HOMOPHILIA, Dave Holmes and Matt McConkey welcome the amazing Cameron Esposito (Take My Wife, Queery) to the studio to talk about bad break-ups, poorly-timed tattoos, her wife Rhea's tiny hat, and more on what they're loving & who they loving. 


Get ready for HOMOPHILIA with Dave Holmes & Matt McConkey! The show where LGBTQ celebrities get grilled on what they’re loving, and who they’re loving. Premiering on Friday, August 11th! 

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