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Roger Federer and great leaders have more in common than you may think  

You don’t become the greatest tennis player of all time without one particular trait. Of course, natural talent is undeniably important, but there’s another salient attribute to Rodger Federer’s makeup that contributed to his 18 grand slam titles. Practice. Now, this may seem obvious, but without a constant striving to be the best, Federer would […]

Ex Legal and General CMO: what corporates can learn from startups  

The threat to established firms across a huge variety of industries is becoming truly pervasive, and it has made corporate innovation more important than ever. Of the names listed in the Fortune 500 in 1955, nearly 87 percent have either gone bankrupt, merged, reverted to private ownership, or lost enough in revenues to be removed […]

How is F1 helping shape the future of business?  

Having to withstand 3.5 G’s of cornering force, driving north of 200MPH in races that span 200 miles over the course of a couple of hours; it’s fair to say that Formula One drivers partake in one of the most physically gruelling sports around. And with the difference between 1st and 2nd being as negligible […]

Palo Alto CIO: shaping digital cities of the future  

A city is a “hybrid form: half thing, half idea. It is both a material and social fact. We tend to see the city as a container for human activity, but it is also the result of human activity.” – Benjamin Fraser writing in Digital Cities. The last sentence here is particularly pertinent, and cities are about […]

Zuora CEO: why you may never have to own anything again  

Employee number 11 at Salesforce, Tien Tzuo, knew there would be 2 new business models setting the precedent for the future of the software-as-a-service industry. The first, a technology based model, would deliver software and technology via the Internet rather than CD. The second, and more important, model was something entirely new. Based around the […]

Travelex’s Chief Digital Officer on what it takes to fulfil the role  

Digital by far has been the most pervasive change to the 21st century, immersing us in a virtual world where our taps, swipes and clicks dictate the physical world around us. Lining our pockets are supercomputers so powerful, they make the technology used to send man to the moon for the first time seem laughable. […]

Rob Norman: what’s next for marketers?  

The power of marketing on business is undeniable, and it’s become more essential and resource-rich than ever before. In today’s digital world, marketers play the part of creating and sustaining long-lasting relationships with the most important asset of any business, the customer. Combine this with the increased proliferation of smartphone usage that’s created an always-on […]

Shazam Chairman: how to target a $500bn market  

Companies that enjoy enduring success have a core purpose and core values that remain fixed while their strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. The rare ability of some businesses to balance continuity into its product lifecycle, whilst constantly evolving, is closely linked to businesses original vision laid out by founding teams and […]

Amazon China President: the Chinese e-commerce revolution  

The world’s biggest mall is located in China, and it’s 99% empty. Why? E-commerce has transformed China. Turning physical retail locations into desolate, barren signifiers of a post-analogue world.   The Internet has opened up a global inventory to anyone, anytime. The increased penetration of smartphones in China has added to this too. It has […]

Chris Clark: how has data changed the role of the CMO?  

Customers have changed the dynamics of the boardroom.   They’ve torn down the walls separating the once siloed and distinct domains of CMO, CIO and CFO, directing attention to the importance of collaboration. Collaboration is inescapable, because for marketers to implement informed campaigns steeped in business objectives, the voice of the customer must be omnipresent. […]

Rob Norman defines the role of the Chief Digital officer Consider this. In the coming years, robots, automated computer-controlled machines that operate with humanlike skill, will become increasingly central to manufacturing. For the iPhone alone, over a million robots will be deployed to increase production efforts. These robots will be able to work 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. And if a $250,000 […]

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