Hour of Goon

Hour of Goon

United States

International rock lords Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez) and Fred Sablan discuss their absurd points of view about everything and nothing.


45-Private Stash  

Jeordie and Fred search for the perfect sock

44-Suddenly Giuffria  

Jeordie acquires Rogue One tickets,Fred feeds ducks and plays lifeguard to a dog

43- Z Cavaricci Thanksgiving  

Jeordie and Fred get ready for Thanksgiving as they dream about Z Cavaricci's

42- Pee Pee Carpet Ice Cream  

Jeordie and Fred are back after a hiatus

41- Guacamole Supernova  

Jeordie meets Richard Grieco and PJ Soles,Fred buys a lamp.They discus "Supersonic" and the soaring prices of avocados

40- Journey To Jan  

Jeordie goes to Jan Terri's house and takes her to Chili's! Fred goes to Garbage.Tune in for these tales and many more on Hour Of Goon!

39 - Damien Echols  

Modern folk hero, artist and writer- Damien Echols joins Jeordie and Fred on the Hour of Goon


Jeordie and Fred are starting to lose their minds. Listen as they get loopy and point at each other.

37-Radioactive Cat  

Jeordie and Fred get together and discuss Fred's plans to contaminate his cat Bob with radioactive materials

36-Peter Hook  

Peter Hook ( Joy Division,New Order,Peter Hook and the Light) and his son Jack Bates join Jeordie and Fred on The Hour of Goon. Eric Avery,Zach Webb and Church are flies on the wall

35-Gallagher Stormtroopers  

Jeordie and Fred plan to get tattoos of the Gallagher brothers as Stormtroopers

34-Naked Brunch  

Jeordie and Fred take off their pants,look at each other and tell some great tales on this weeks Hour of Goon

33 -The Wasabi Popcorn Soap Opera  

Jeordie and Fred stay home from school and eat snacks

32-Jeans Wilder  

Jeordie and Fred discuss porn,contemplate fighting each other and express their love for the late,great Gene Wilder

31-We Wanna Have Some Fun  

Jeordie and Fred move their bodies all night long

30- Freddie and the Cruisers  

Jeordie comes home and talks to Fred about Eddie and the Cruisers

29- Vice Versa  

Jeordie pretending to be Fred pretending to be Jeordie

28-Modern Bromance  

Jeordie and Fred never run out of things to talk about. LIsten to them as they look at each other....

27- Lee Miles  

Lee Miles joins the Hour of Goon. Coffee anyone? listen for a special treat at the end.

26- Nothing?  

I have no idea what these guys are talking about this week. Everything and nothing.

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