Hour of Goon

Hour of Goon

United States

International rock lords Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez) and Fred Sablan discuss their absurd points of view about everything and nothing.


79-Cheesesteak Factory  

Jeordie and Fred are reunited and it feels so good

78-The Phantom Goon  

This weeks Hour Of Goon is a prequel to last weeks Hour Of Goon.


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Ben Solo's special lady friend wants to learn how to play guitar from Esteban( on this weeks Hour Of Goon)

Next week's Hour Of Goon is a prequel of this one.

76- Loopy Goons  

Jeordie and Fred look at each other,eat food and freak out

75-Chelsea Wolfe  

Chelsea Wolfe joins Hour Of Goon and gets into it. You should get into it.

74-Silver Goons  

Jeordie and Fred get into it.You should too

73-Quantum Goon  

Jeordie and Fred talk about their week and plan a trip to Fantasy Island

72-The Dark Side of the Goon  

Fred enjoys Jeordie's birthday. Roger Waters and Magnum P.I.

71-Tugboat Donuts  

Jeordie and Fred are back-Dr.Ruth arouses,Billy Dee is charming,Freddie records and Jeordie goes on a boat.

70- Hubba Bubba Bath House  

Jeordie and Fred discuss Hubba Bubba's western commercials,explore the remains of a Japanese bath house and discuss if yawning is in fact a disease.

69-Chewbacca Cheesesteak  

Jeordie tells Fred about his incredible adventures. We don't want to spoil it-just listen!

68-VIP Samurai  Cupcakes  

Jeordie and Fred use Samurai swords to escape a noisy club. Fred eats Jeordie's VIP Cupcakes.

67-Manscaping Marionettes  

Jeordie and Fred discuss sixth scale figures,marionettes,manscaping and much more!!!! On this weeks Hour of Goon.

66-Death By Sneezing  

Fred and Jeordie depressed? Will they experience death by sneezing? Find out on this weeks Hour of Goon!

65-The Dawn of Goon  

Fred has 10 birthdays. Join Jeordie and Fred as the venture through all of them

64-Spider Lungs  

Jeordie and Fred talk spiders,tossing off and Teri Garr

63-Sgt. Pepper's Personal Chair  

Jeordie and Fred sit in other peoples personal chairs.

62-Busy with Boredom  

Jeordie and Fred are bored.

61-The Courtship Of Freddie's VR Cheesecake  

Jeordie and Fred explore virtual reality,Bill Bixby and cheesecake for the homeless hipster.

60-all caps on the DUNES  

Fred and Jeordie discuss Jeordie's cool ass socks.

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