Hour of Goon

Hour of Goon

United States

International rock lords Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez) and Fred Sablan discuss their absurd points of view about everything and nothing.


70- Hubba Bubba Bath House  

Jeordie and Fred discuss Hubba Bubba's western commercials,explore the remains of a Japanese bath house and discuss if yawning is in fact a disease.

69-Chewbacca Cheesesteak  

Jeordie tells Fred about his incredible adventures. We don't want to spoil it-just listen!

68-VIP Samurai  Cupcakes  

Jeordie and Fred use Samurai swords to escape a noisy club. Fred eats Jeordie's VIP Cupcakes.

67-Manscaping Marionettes  

Jeordie and Fred discuss sixth scale figures,marionettes,manscaping and much more!!!! On this weeks Hour of Goon.

66-Death By Sneezing  

Fred and Jeordie depressed? Will they experience death by sneezing? Find out on this weeks Hour of Goon!

65-The Dawn of Goon  

Fred has 10 birthdays. Join Jeordie and Fred as the venture through all of them

64-Spider Lungs  

Jeordie and Fred talk spiders,tossing off and Teri Garr

63-Sgt. Pepper's Personal Chair  

Jeordie and Fred sit in other peoples personal chairs.

62-Busy with Boredom  

Jeordie and Fred are bored.

61-The Courtship Of Freddie's VR Cheesecake  

Jeordie and Fred explore virtual reality,Bill Bixby and cheesecake for the homeless hipster.

60-all caps on the DUNES  

Fred and Jeordie discuss Jeordie's cool ass socks.

59-Shirley Manson  

Shirley Manson of Garbage joins Jeordie and Fred on the Hour Of Goon.

58-Dog Day Aftergoon  

Jeordie and Fred talk about famous dogs. Join them as they get to the bottom of Benji"s identity........

57-Return Of The Joaquim  

George Joaquim returns to the Hour Of Goon. In this epic conclusion of the Joaquim saga, George shares his conquests of The First Daughters, his frightening sleep invasions and many more exciting tales!!!! Grab your popcorn and get ready for goon one!

56-Seems Like Snack Cakes  

Jeordie and Fred try an old favorite snack cake on this weeks Hour Of Goon.

55-Are We Donut Dancers?  

Jeordie and Fred are back with a thrilling episode of Hour Of Goon.

54-Sleep Issues  

Episode 54 is all about sleep issues.

52-Night Flight  

We love Night Flight

51-Chris Cuffaro  

Legendary photographer Chris Cuffaro joins the Hour Of Goon.

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