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Husky is all about collecting stories. It is a unique podcast with interviews and reports focused on people, experiences and inspiration beyond the comforts of everyday life.


episode 17 - Gary Fisher  

It is not every day that you get to sit down with a living legend. I was humbled and incredibly happy to get to do this interview with the Man himself: Gary Fisher. In the mid-seventies he made the first bikes that he later together with friends started to produce under the name "mountainbikes", the rest is history. Gary tells his mind blowing story, from a tiny kid who talked his way into a road bike club, to working with bands like The Grateful Dead, being active during the "summer of love" in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Fransisco and of course the invention of the first mountainbikes. We also talk about the future of cities, the future of commuting and transportation as well as Garys work to encourage mayors in North- and South America to make bike-friendly cities.

episode 16 - David Göttler  

Episode sixteen is a long interview with German alpinist David Göttler. The episode was made in cooperation with The North Face and Addnature since David was one of the athletes that took part in the development of the very exclusive 2015/16 Summit Series called The Other Way. Before the interview I talk with Joe Venacchio, the Global Product Vice President at The North Face, about the Summit Series and the process behind The Other Way. With David, I talk about his childhood, how every family vacation was an adventure and about the discovery of the Mountain Guide profession. About friendship in the mountains, about risk management, trends within alpinism and the possible future of alpinism. David also talks about the darkest part of his climbing career with an incident on Ama Dablam, and about turning the tragedy into something good.

episode 15 - Max King  

He won the 100K World Championships 4 minutes ahead of Jonas Buud. His Marathon PR is at an amazing 2:14.36, he won the 2015 5K Obstacle Race "Warrior Dash", and he is aiming to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He came in second at this years Ultravasan 90K behind Jonas Buud and he is called "the renaissance man of running" - it is an honour to present a long interview with Max King. We talk about growing up in Oregon, how he came into sports and running and about his interesting basketball career. About leaving the safety of a good job as a pharmaceutical engineer in order to follow his heart, about mixing different styles of running, the joy of Obstacle Races and the joy of running fast. About the relation to his own body, about crashing hard in an Ultra, his nostalgia when it comes to running and about being a new member of the Salomon Running team since January 2015.

episode 14 - Maxime Chaya  

One of the best things with Husky is all the chances and opportunities that so often opens up. Who would have thought that I would get an e-mail from the husband of the Swedish ambassador to Lebanon telling me that they not only listen to Husky, but also asks if I would be interested in meeting a friend of theirs - Maxime Chaya, who is the sixth person in the world ever to have completed the so called Adventurers Grand Slam which is completing the Seven Summits AND crossing the North and the South Pole on foot. I am so glad and humbled to have had the chance to meet and interview Maxime about his background in Lebanon, his cosmopolitan upbringing, about his adventures and his mission to be a good rolemodel and ambassador for a troubled part of the world. He has also written a autobiography about his life so far called Steep Dreams.

episode 13 - Sigurdur Jonsson and the Aurora Arktika  

I remember very well the first time I saw the Aurora Arktika and her captain Sigurdur “Siggi” Jonsson; it was in the fantastic short movie Iceland – A Skier’s Journey by Jordan Manley. Somewhere along the way I came in contact with Siggi and I was offered a place on the boat for a week of skitouring in the Westfjords. This is episode thirteen of the Husky International series – get introduced to the wonderful town of Ísafjörður, the local backcountry community, the visitors and get to know the captain of the Aurora Arktika.

episode 12 - Katrín Káradottir  

About two years ago I happened to see a short interview with a Icelandic woman on the Swedish TV-show Kobra. I don’t really remember what it was about, but I think it was about sustainable fashion. The woman that they spoke to was described as a “fashion designer and Icelandic guide” and that sparked my interest. I wrote her name down and when I this winter planned my trip to Iceland I contacted her. Meet the very interesting fashion designer and Icelandic guide Katrín Káradottir who shares her time between teaching at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts and at Icelandic Mountain Guides where guiding on Greenland is one of her specialties. Hear about her childhood, about becoming a young mother, her way into fashion and jobs at Christian Dior. About refusing to be limited by what society expects of a woman and how the water smells on Greenland.

episode 11 - Antti Autti  

There is no doubt that one of the most influential snowboarders of his time is Antti Autti from Rovaniemi, Finland. He is one of two people to ever beat Shaun White in the Winter X Games halfpipe. In 2005 he was crowned double world champion in both Big Air and Halfpipe I met up with Antti in Björkliden where he was he was scouting the surrounding terrain together with Arctic Guides in search of new locations to ride lines and shoot movies. I highly recommend some of his previous projects like Approach & Attack that you can watch for free on Vimeo. Listen in on the interview to hear of his childhood, about being nervous to talk to the first sponsors, about competing all over the globe and about finding something new in the deep Japanese pow.

episode 10 - Rubin McRae  

Time has come for a long interview with the runner and running coach Rubin McRae for the Husky International series. In Sweden Rubin is famous for his company Urban Tribes and for coaching runners like Lisa Nordén and Kajsa Berg. Hear about Rubins childhood with a twin brother, sister, young parents and a running father. About New Zealand, about meeting the love of his life and moving to Sweden. About starting his own company, about coaching the pros, about the trends and future of running and his old dream to become a opera singer…

episode 9 - Javier Gómez Noya  

I am very proud to present a interview with the exceptional Javier Gomez Noya - four times ITU world champion, 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Olympic silver medalist and 2012 Xterra world champion plus much, much more! This interview is a very fine addition to the Husky International Series. During a hectic training period at Playitas Resort Javier took time for a shorter sitdown and interview. Hear about his way into triathlon, about the competition, about the changing racing scene with actors such as the Challenge series flexing their muscles. About being famous and about the cardial anamoly that once threatened his career but ended up helping him to appreciate his way of living. This interview was recorded at Playitas Resort in cooperation with Apollo.

episode 8 - Julia Gajer  

When Julia Gajer ran her first marathon she finished in 2:47, so no wonder she was scouted for the Junior team of Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei. Hear a long interview where she talks about her childhood and her background as an athlete. About combining studies to get a PhD as a pharmacist and then her way into triathlon. In 2011 she ended up at second place at Ironman Roth just after legendary Chrissie Wellington, and on her premiere at the Kona Ironman she ended up at sixth place...Julia is up for good things ahead. This interview was recorded at Playitas Resort in cooperation with Apollo.

episode 7 - Anja Beranek  

Episode seven in the Husky International series is a long interview with the German triathlete Anja Beranek. We talk about her childhood and how she got into sports and triathlon. About turning pro, about the mental game behind long distance triathlon. About the dream of Kona Ironman and how she, inspired by MacGyver, managed to repair a broken helmet strap with hairpins while racing. This interview was recorded at Playitas Resort in cooperation with Apollo.

episode 6 - Jackie Paaso  

In the first episode of the year, and in the sixth episode of the Husky International series, I sit down with professional freeskier Jackie Paaso. Jackie is one of the top riders in the Freeride World Tour and the day after our interview she was heading south towards the Alps together with her fiance Reine Barkered in search of good conditions to start off the season. We talk about her childhood, the importance of mountains in her life and her transition from a freestyle skier into a big mountain and freeskier on the Freeride World Tour. We talk about being a girl in the ski industry, her ambition to attain more mountaineering skills, the dreams of backcountry expeditions, staying safe in the mountains and about learning swedish.

episode 4 - Simone Moro  

The fourth episode in the Husky International series is a interview with legendary climber and alpinist Simone Moro. Simone came to Stockholm for the first ever visit of The North Face Speaker Series in Sweden. Unfortunately due to some delays in Simones tight schedule I didn’t get the time first planned, but I am very grateful that Simone still took the time for me. Hear Simone about where home his, how important the sherpa are for the development of alpinism and what it feels like to be seen as a superhuman.

episode 3 - Engadin Swimrun and Ö till ö  

This episode will introduce some of the people behind the sport of swimrun, centered around the ninth edition of Ö till ö. I had the chance to follow the organizers to the beautiful Engadin valley in Switzerland where the first official swimrun race outside of Sweden was organized. The episode is not a race report, but a chance to get some insights and hopefully inspiration from the people who decide to take on these amazing challenges. You will also hear the story behind the bet that started all of this almost ten years ago. If you listen to the episode using the Acast podcast application you will also be able to see some of the amazing pictures from the race while you listen to the episode. Don’t forget to check out the official movies from Engadin and Ö till ö. Big thanks to the organizers Michael and Mats, all the racers letting me interview them, thanks to all the staff and media crew making all of this happened!

episode 2 - Chris "Macca" McCormack  

It is a true honor to present my second all english episode – an interview with one of the most influential and successful triathletes: Chris “Macca” McCormack. He has won the ITU World Champion title five times, he has broken the 8-hour barrier over the Ironman distance 4 times – the only man to break the barrier more than twice. Hailed by ESPN as the “world’s fittest athlete”, he has won more than 220 races during his career as a professional triathlete, with a stunning 76 per cent win rate in his race career events. Together with swedish tour operator Apollo I got the chance to meet up with Macca at the fantastic sport hotel Thanyapura, in Phuket Thailand, where he now is the Executive Chairman. We talk about his childhood, about the first time he saw the Kona Ironman on TV together with his mother, about discovering the world through triathlon. About being an outsider in the triathlon world, about the “mind game” and about being inspired by Muhammad Ali. And remember: a goal is a dream with a plan.

episode 1 - Scott Cole  

My first all English interview is with multisport and endurance racer Scott Cole that I met up with as he was participating in the Sweden Sky Race up in Björkliden, Sweden. Scott actually ended up winning the 57 km part of the race, more about that in the interview. We talk about Scotts way to become a very successful endurance racer, how he started out his Multisport and Adventure Racing career. About moving to Sweden and becoming obsessed with cross-country skiing in a magical winter landscape. About contests such as the AXA Fjällmarathon, about winning the Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge and striving for a top ten position in the almost mythical Coast 2 Coast in New Zeeland. We talk about how his thoughts on racing is affected by his job as a environmental economist and about upgrading a “C Race” to a “A race”, changing the game plan and winning a race…

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