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I'll Have Another


In the Toronto Star’s sports podcast, veteran sports reporter Doug Smith teams up with his colleague, rookie reporter Laura Armstrong to banter over pints about the latest sports headlines.


27 - Year-end spectacular! Team report cards, best sports moments and jeers of the year  

Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong eschew the bad of 2016 and focus on the good ― sports! ― while reviewing the year in the final episode before a month-long break. The I’ll Have Another co-hosts pick their beer of the year, their favourite stories in hockey, basketball, soccer and baseball as well as get in a few more praises and jabs with their most beloved cheers and jeers of the last 12 months. Plus, a report card for Toronto’s five main franchises: TFC, the Raptors, the Blue Jays, the Maple Leafs and the Argos. All in all, the verdict is in: Smith and Armstrong agree 2016 was the best year in Toronto sports history. Who gets the honour of being named the city’s team of the year? You’ll have to listen to find out. But who’s the real winner of this successful sports season in The Six? The fans, of course.

26 - Should a championship be decided by penalty shots? Who will win the Lou Marsh award?  

After sitting in a cold press box Saturday night watching Toronto FC lose to Seattle Sounders on penalties, Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong have much to dissect on this week’s I’ll Have Another. Some stalwart opinions prevail as the co-hosts look back on the Reds coming just short of the championship: the grassroots movement that is TFC fandom is some of the best in the city and no; a game of that magnitude should not be decided on penalties. Smith even has some suggestion for how to change it. Also on tap: MacKinnon Brothers’ Crosscut Canadian Ale, jumping in on the debate about which of Canada’s athletes should win the Lou Marsh award with an out-of-the-box suggestion and — no surprise here — slagging the upcoming World Juniors.

25 - TFC are going to the MLS Cup! Is Edwin Encarnacion really gone? A Houston concession stand gamechanger!  

Laura Armstrong told you Toronto FC was going to Major League Soccer’s cup final and she’s happy remind co-host Doug Smith of that in this week’s I’ll Have Another. Well, maybe she waivered during the Reds rollercoaster season. But that’s beside the point; TFC will play for the championship Saturday and between talk of forward Jozy Altidore, Seattle Sounders and the possibility of a parade, it’s kind of a big deal on this week’s episode. After a week’s hiatus, Smith and Armstrong also discuss the movement – or lack thereof – by the Blue Jays and whether or not the fact that the Toronto Raptors can’t seem to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers is cause for concern. Plus: Polly Wants A Pilsner, cheering Steve Kerr, medical marijuana and Houston’s Toyota Centre concession game, jeers for FIFA and Blue Jays fans and surprise praise for the Canadian Football League.

24 - Raptors buzzer beater beaten? Who is going to the Grey Cup?  

Sunday’s late night buzzer beater that wasn’t has everyone buzzing on this week’s I’ll Have Another. Doug Smith calls in from Sacramento to answer the obvious ― what exactly happened after Toronto Raptors Terrence Ross made that shot against the Kings ― and talk player reactions, the risk with replays and whether or not the away team would have actually won the game in overtime. Plus, what’s more worrying: the blown call or the Raptors giving up more than 30 points in the first quarter? Also on tap: coffee, sizing up the Grey Cup match up and whether anyone will actually attend, Toronto FC’s time to shine and double cheers for Jerry Howarth and the Canadian Football League.

23 - What are the Blue Jays thinking? Who is the Raptors all-time best player? Is the MLS crazy?  

It’s supposed to be a slow time of year for sports, but there is still a lot to talk about on the latest I’ll Have Another. Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong predict a downwards spiral for the Toronto Blue Jays, discuss whether DeMar DeRozan’s hot hands make him the No. 1 Raptor of all time and use United States men’s national team goalkeeper Tim Howard as the poster child for why international breaks during Major League Soccer’s playoffs is a bad idea. Also on tap: Whiprsnapr, all the way from Ottawa and cheering hockey — for once!

22 - TFC are on top, Demar Derozan is carrying the Raptors and what do pro athletes think of a potential Trump presidency?  

Need a break from the U.S. presidential election? The latest I’ll Have Another is just the thing. Co-hosts Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong spend a little time on Trump and a lot of time on Waterloo Classic pilsner, Toronto’s FC suddenly becoming the talk of the town and DeMar Derozan carrying the Raptors on his back. Also on tap: jeering Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban and Major League Soccer; cheering Raptors 905 trailblazer Nicki Gross and the NYPD; and debating which game will see more fans: Toronto FC’s home leg of the Eastern Conference final or the Grey Cup.

21 - Are player rivalries possible anymore? Who made the MLS playoff schedul? Does the Grey Cup rate in Toronto?  

As October turns to November, I’ll Have Another puts its focus on fall sports in a rare, largely baseball free episode. Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong talk Toronto FC, Raptors and even a little Grey Cup in the Halloween day episode. It’s probably no surprise to regular listeners that no one at the table dressed up. Pumpkin stout beer, it turns out, is one of the few beverages Smith won’t down. As is Yuengling, you’ll discover during this week’s jeers, which also includes shots at Major League Soccer. Also on tap: the North London derby, Auston Matthews meeting Connor McDavid for the first time this season and Pickup Truck Pilsner.

20 - Should the Blue Jays bring back Bautista and Encarnacion? TFC playoffs!  

I’ll Have Another reaches the 20-episode mark just as Toronto FC starts its playoff run and the Raptors kick off their season. It makes the episode right up the alleys of co-host Doug Smith, the Star’s veteran basketball reporter, and Laura Armstrong, the rookie who provides the paper’s soccer coverage. Smith and Armstrong praise the Reds for earning the team’s first home game in club history, to be played Wednesday, but doubt that will pull much attention away from the Raptors opening game against Detroit Pistons that same night. Also on tap: talking the Leafs “perfect” season so far, saying a proper goodbye to the Blue Jays and imploring the franchise to re-sign Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Plus, some Blue Collar Pale Ale to toast a milestone episode.

19 - Will the Blue Jays make the World Series? Oh, and go Leafs!  

As is becoming the norm, co-hosts Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong fall on opposite sides of the week’s big debate: whether or not the Blue Jays will make the World Series. Smith says yes; the team’s bats will get hot again and then nothing can stop them. Armstrong disagrees; losing the first two games to Cleveland means the Blue Jays have dug a hole too big to crawl from. Also on this episode: praising the Leafs, slagging the Argos, discussing whether it’s appropriate to play the ALCS game seven at your wedding and a belated jeer for Canadian pole vaulter Sean Barber.

18 - The Blue Jays clawed their way into a wild card berth, Raptors lock arms and TFC stumble  

The Toronto Blue Jays clawed its way to the Wildcard Game over the weekend, giving the I’ll Have Another team a lot to talk about. Did the team mess up its chances of progressing to the American League Division Series by using pitchers Aaron Sanchez and J.A. Happ against Boston over the weekend? Who starts against the Baltimore Orioles Tuesday, Marcus Stroman or Francisco Liriano? Will Buck Martinez remain as the voice of the Jays during the playoffs? But the question that causes the most friction between co-hosts Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong is more innocuous: What’s up with all things champagne showers? Have a listen to find out who’s pro-celebration and who’s a party pooper. Also on this week’s episode: talking the Raptors’ anthem stance, TFC’s recent tumble in the standings, sending good vibes to the best in sports fans, 16 year old Jonathan Pitre, and cracking open a heavily-debated brew.

17 - Who should be the Blue Jays starting pitcher in a wild card game? Raptors media day! Goodbye Jose Fernandez  

It’s (mostly) all Blue Jays on this week’s I’ll Have Another. With Toronto’s favourite baseball team entering the final week of the regular season, the IHA team once again welcomes the Star’s baseball reporter Brendan Kennedy to the pod to give his insight on what comes next for the Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki and company. Will the Jays make the wildcard game? Who pitches if the team does? Does a poor September mean fans should be panicking now? And how far into October will the Blue Jays be playing? Kennedy does his best to answer all these questions and more. Kennedy, co-host Laura Armstrong and producer Paul Watson also touch base with Doug Smith at Raptors media day to talk DeMarre Carroll’s fitness, calling time on Chris Bosh’s career and the odds Las Vegas is giving the Raptors for next season. All that and more — Cameron’s Brewery’s Captain Log Lager, cheering and jeering the World Cup of Hockey — is coming your way.

16 - Is it the beginning of the end for the Blue Jays? How would you rank the various Toronto Sports teams?  

Is it the beginning of the end for the Blue Jays? It’s not out of the question, according to the I’ll Have Another team. Co-hosts Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong take a closer look at what failure could mean for the future of Toronto’s baseball team, if the Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion don’t start turning around its disappointing September soon. As Blue Jays fans worry, Toronto FC supporters celebrate its second playoff berth in club history. What does it say about a team when it doesn’t get too exciting about clinching a sport in the post-season? Smith and Armstrong have thoughts, of course. Also on this week’s episode? Technical difficulties, Staropramen, ranking Toronto’s teams in terms of importance, picking a new coach for the Canadian men’s soccer team and a tribute to one of the country’s greatest baseball fiction writers.

15 - Is now a better time for Blue Jays fans to panic? Is anybody watching TFC? Is the World Cup of Hockey a sham?  

Do Jays fans have a legitimate reason to panic after dropping last weekend’s series to the Boston Red Sox? Maybe. Is the Jays’ bullpen an even bigger cause for concern? Definitely. Are casual fans watching Toronto FC? Debatable. Should they be? Of course. (According to Armstrong, that is.) And, the question of the month stands: is the World Cup of Hockey a sham? Both Smith and Armstrong think so, but might make up the vocal minority. It’s all on this week’s episode, as is a rare cheer for the Argos, discussing the best celebrations in sports and thoughts on FC Barcelona striker Neymar’s turn as a musician.

14 - Why are Blue Jays fans panicking? Why do people think Canada is good at tennis? Who is Laura saying an emotional goodbye to?  

If Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong had it their way, Blue Jays fans would relax and World Cup of Hockey fans would go fly a kite. On episode 14 of I’ll Have Another, the co-hosts dissect the recent panic around today’s most successful Toronto team and the unnecessary excitement ahead of the hockey’s latest endeavour. Also on this episode: debunking the myth around Canada’s tennis prowess, jeering multiple aspects of the CFL and cheering one of the country’s biggest proponents of soccer.

13 - Doug is back! The Blue Jays and TFC are great, but when was the best era in Toronto sports?  

Doug Smith is back ― and Zika-free! ― for August’s last episode of I’ll Have Another. Smith rejoins co-host Laura Armstrong and producer Paul Watson to talk Toronto FC’s winning ways and the return of Blue Jays fever. But is now the second best time to be a sports fan in Toronto, as sports historian Bill Humber told Armstrong in a story last week? Smith says no, but even he wasn’t alive in the post World War II era that Humber points to as Toronto’s glory days. Also on this episode: Ace Hill pilsner, cheers for The Beaches and its non-sponsored Olympian parade and jeers to Toronto FC fans that produced an inappropriate, sexist sign during Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Montreal Impact.

12 - 'Ryan Lochte is an idiot.' Olympic wrap up and Josh Donaldson's cologne  

It’s all about Olympic wrap up — featuring a lot of Ryan Lochte jeering — on the latest episode of I’ll Have Another. The Star’s Morgan Campbell takes over the co-host chair for Doug Smith, who makes his long awaited return next week, to talk Canada’s track and field prowess, Lochte’s gaff, the brawl that wasn’t between Josh Donaldson and John Gibbons and much more. In the last week of poorly connected Skype calls with Smith, the podcast team finds out he’s alive — and, unfortunately, not much else. Also on this episode: Flying Monkeys, cheers for Kenya’s marathon runners and another shout out to the Ottawa Valley from co-host Laura Armstrong by way Olympic gold-medallist wrestler Erica Wiebe.

11 - How good are the Blue Jays and what's with Sanchez? Doug is actually happy in Rio? Hope Solo is a bad role model  

Baseball reporter Brendan Kennedy slips into Doug Smith’s chair to co-host episode 11 of I’ll Have Another with Laura Armstrong. Kennedy talks liking Aaron Sanchez’s situation, slams the idea the Blue Jays are better without Jose Bautista and picks his three favourite moves by the team this season. Plus, he and Armstrong talk the “science” of walk up songs. Reached over Skype, it’s Smith who has his song choice locked down. It’s not what you might think. Even more shocking? Checking in with the veteran reporter in Rio and learning he’s actually having fun in Brazil. Who would have thought. Also on this episode: Red Stripe and jeers for Hope Solo and Major League Baseball alike.

10 - Is the CFL dead in Toronto? Is Doug alive in Rio? Where does Giovinco rank among Toronto's pro athletes?  

The Star’s Chris O’Leary fills in for Doug Smith this week, joining Laura Armstrong to co-host the tenth episode of I’ll Have Another. After talking Toronto Argonauts ― touching on both the franchise’s off-field trials and on-field triumphs ― Armstrong and O’Leary connect with Smith, at a bus stop in Rio, to get an update from the veteran reporter about how the Olympics are treating him so far. Other topics include whether or not Toronto FC’s Sebastian Giovinco’s get the respect he deserves, and more jeers for the IOC.

09 - How are the Blue Jays post trade-deadline? Does Delon Wright's injury affect the Raptors? What is it like to actually cover a maligned Olympics?  

With co-host Doug Smith on his way to Brazil, Laura Armstrong is joined by the Star’s Sean Fitz-Gerald on the latest I’ll Have Another. Having covering two Olympics himself, Fitz-Gerald gives his take on the much maligned summer games and what it’s like to cover one of the biggest events in the world.And don’t fret: Smith gets his take, too. The veteran reporter chimes in on Toronto FC’s Trillium Cup win, the post-deadline Blue Jays and what the summer league injury to rookie guard Delon Wright could mean for the Raptors.

08 - Olympic preview with medal predictions! Will Doug survive Brazil? Also what does Bautista's return mean for the Jays?  

With Doug Smith off to the games early next month, he and co-host Laura Armstrong dissect Canada’s chances in Brazil, looking at predictions from Sports Illustrated and Infostrada. It looks like it’s going to be a game full of girl power for the Canucks, but can audiences and media alike get past the litany of worrying headlines out of Brazil to focus on the athletes? Plus, the two touch on Jose Bautista’s return to the Blue Jays after injury and the generation gap once again runs rampant when it comes to the Toronto Star’s own odd couple.

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