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ISBW #370: Gamification // Jason Chabot and Kylie Chan Interviews  

I discuss how I try to get work done using Habitica and 4thewords.com. Then talk to Jason Chabot and Kylie Chan!


ISBW #368: Post-depression writing  

Where I've been for the last two months, and two more interviews with Leanna Renee Hieber and Brooke Johnson!

(And I hadn't recorded in a while, so the wrong mic is grabbing the audio and I didn't realize till afterwards.)

And I've been podcasting 12 years! WOW!

ISBW #367: NaNoWriMo Special with Grant Faulkner  

I was lucky enough to talk to Grant Faulkner, the grand poobah of NaNoWriMo!

Are you ready for November?

ISBW #365: Editing is hard, and JD Horn Interview  

I talked about my continuity issues in my current book, and then talk to JD Horn about his book Jilo.

Oh, and did you hear there's going to be an ISBW BOOK? Yeah. There's going to be an ISBW BOOK. Holy crap sticks.

ISBW #364 - Feedback // Jon Skovron Interview // John Claude Bemis Interview  

It's another long show as I catch up with my late interviews! Jon Skovron and John Claude Bemis are both here to talk about their books.

With two interviews, this one is a long one!

Worldcon is this week! Are you going? Come say hi!

ISBW #363: Movie Options and TWO Interviews!  

I announced it a few days ago that Netflix purchased the option for The Shambling Guides, and I talk more about it here. Then I put two interviews in one show since I'm behind, so you get to hear from Mike Carey and Brenda Cooper!

ISBW #362: Glossary of writing terms and Helen Lowe Interview  

What do all those words I'm always saying mean? I go over several terms we discuss in publishing. I loved this idea, so if you have other ideas for terms you'd like discussed in more detail, let me know! Then I talk to Helen Lowe, author of Daughter of Blood.

ISBW 361- Feedback, Elizabeth Bonesteel Interview  

Covering feedback this time, including the importance of race in a story, ideas during depression, and more! Then we talk to Elizabeth Bonesteel, author of the excellent SF novel The Cold Between.

ISBW #360: Level up! Plus Dan Koboldt Interview  

I've leveled up as a writer, and I interview Dan Koboldt, author of The Rogue Retrieval.

ISBW #359: Feedback  

Feedback time again! 


ISBW #358: Periscope test and writing rules  

LORD GOD it's been two months? SHAME, MUR. SHAME.

ISBW #357 - Anniversary, with Raven Oak interview  

As of today, I've been podcasting 11 years. Whoa. 

I also talk to Raven Oak, one of the authors in the Joy to the Worlds anthology, out now!

ISBW #356: Feedback  

It's a feedback time, and so we're gonna talk. 

ISBW #355: Crippling Fear  

Coming to terms with my fear, and how it’s holding me back. So it’s time to embrace failure.


ISBW #354: NaNoWriMo Primer 2  

Haters got you down? Don't let them.

ISBW #353: NaNoWriMo Primer 1  

As we look forward two weeks to NaNoWriMo, I have to talk about something very unpopular. This year I challenge you to kill your darlings.

ISBW #352: Book Burnout // Peter Orullian Interview  

I'm still working on my book. I'm kind of focused, podcasting is hard. BUT we have a Peter Orullian interview!



ISBW #351 - Believe in Yourself - Fran Wilde Interview  

What happens when no one believes in you but you?

Then we talk to Fran Wilde about her new book Updraft!

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