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ISBW #357 - Anniversary, with Raven Oak interview  

As of today, I've been podcasting 11 years. Whoa. 

I also talk to Raven Oak, one of the authors in the Joy to the Worlds anthology, out now!

ISBW #356: Feedback  

It's a feedback time, and so we're gonna talk. 

ISBW #355: Crippling Fear  

Coming to terms with my fear, and how it’s holding me back. So it’s time to embrace failure.


ISBW #354: NaNoWriMo Primer 2  

Haters got you down? Don't let them.

ISBW #353: NaNoWriMo Primer 1  

As we look forward two weeks to NaNoWriMo, I have to talk about something very unpopular. This year I challenge you to kill your darlings.

ISBW #352: Book Burnout // Peter Orullian Interview  

I'm still working on my book. I'm kind of focused, podcasting is hard. BUT we have a Peter Orullian interview!



ISBW #351 - Believe in Yourself - Fran Wilde Interview  

What happens when no one believes in you but you?

Then we talk to Fran Wilde about her new book Updraft!

ISBW #350 - Feedback  

Feedback time!

ISBW #349 - Brain Games // Andrea Phillips Interview  

Today I talk how my brain sabotages my creative process and I talk to Andrea Phillips about transmedia and her new book, Revision.

ISBW #348 - Stop kicking your own ass // Jen Udden Interview  

ISBW returns with an agent interview this time, and my plea to stop kicking your own ass. And by you I mean me.

Jen's podcast, Shipping and Handling.

ISBW #347: Meta, Feedback, John Chu Interview  

I'm back with a talk of what's going on, feedback, and a John Chu interview from Boskone!

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ISBW #346 - Feedback  

A short and sweet feedback show about royalties, copyright, and social media celebration!

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ISBW #345: The pride of busy-ness // Interview with Dora Goss  

Sometimes talking about how busy we are is a sense of pride and not something to fix. Maybe we should rethink that.

Then I talk to Dora Goss.

Ditch Diggers coming tomorrow!

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ISBW #344 - Feedback  

I'm back, with feedback.

Important links:

List of conventions Online Writing Workshop Critters
ISBW #343: Resistance :: Michael Underwood Interview  

I talk about resistance and the book The War of Art, and then interview author Michael Underwood. 


Younger Gods Michael's site Tor.com Novella Announcement! 2K to 10K  My award eligibility post

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ISBW #342 - Feedback  

First feedback of the year, lots of neat things happening, and we talk covers and memoirs and outlining!

ISBW #341 - Happy New Year  

So last week when I was working to put a bunch of audio on my site, I got a bit lost and didn't manage to actually post ISBW. Too many shows going on right now, I guess. So, uh, here is my Happy New Year post, and #342 that I recorded today will go up on Friday.

ISBW #340 - End of the year and feedback  

I'm doing the wacky thing of taking some time off this holiday season, no writing, little recording, and no stress thinking about writing and recording. This is a Big Deal. 


Then we talk feedback! Happy holidays and I will see you in January!

ISBW #339 - Ditch Diggers Sneak Peek!  

I talk jealousy and show a peek at the new show I'm doing next year, Ditch Diggers. It's still about writing, but it's brutally honest, not clean, and with co-host Matt Wallace. I figured, today being my 10th year anniversary of podcasting, I should unveil something big. If you like it, subscribe! If you don't like it, don't worry, Matt and I won't force you to listen. This will be the first and last Ditch Diggers in the feed.

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ISBW #338 - Feedback  

I say it's #339 but really it's 338. It's feedback time!

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