I Was There

I Was There


Historic moments from history told by those who lived through them.


Decriminalisation of homosexuality  

Three gay men tell Adrian Chiles how the 1967 decriminalisation affected them in different ways – including a 94-year-old man, who hid his double life until his 80s.

Raoul Moat  

In 2010, in a small village near Gateshead, Raoul Moat shot & injured his ex-girlfriend & killed her new partner. For a week after the shootings he was on the run from the police.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  

Adrian Chiles speaks to those who were part of the making of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

2012 Olympic Torch Relay  

Adrian Chiles talks to those involved with the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay as it traveled round the whole of the United Kingdom.

Brink’s-Mat robbery  

We retell the extraordinary events of 1983, and one of Britain’s biggest-ever robberies.

Concorde crash  

We revisit 2000, when Concorde crashed near Paris killing 113 people, and talk to those involved at the time – include a British tourist in the hotel which the plane crashed into.

Grayrigg train crash  

Those caught up in the 2007 train crash, including the driver and the son of the woman who died, tell Adrian Chiles about what happened, and what the effects were.

The start of Breakfast TV  

Stars from ITV and the BBC tell Adrian Chiles about the heady days of 1983 when Breakfast TV first started broadcasting on British TV.

Tony Bullimore’s rescue  

Yachtsman Tony Bullimore tells Peter Allen about being rescued from the Southern Ocean in 1996.

Land Speed record  

Thrust SSC project director Richard Nobel and pilot Andy Green tell Adrian Chiles about setting the new land speed record of 763mph in 1997.

Blur v Oasis  

We revisit the famous chart battle of 1995, when Blur’s Country House went up against Oasis’s Roll With It.

Diana’s Panorama interview  

We go back to 1995 and tell the behind-the-scenes story of Princess Diana’s famous 1995 Panorama interview – with those who were there at the time.

Ronald Reagan’s election victory  

We talk to people who witnessed Reagan’s victory speech in an LA hotel in November 1980 after he was elected US President – and look at comparisons (or otherwise) with Trump’s victory.


Choose life. Choose to listen to what it was like making Trainspotting in 1996, with guests from the crew and Rick Smith from Underworld.

Open University  

It’s not often celebrated, but Adrian Chiles talks to some of the first Open University students to get their degrees in 1973.

South Pole  

In January 2000, two women became the first female Brits to reach the South Pole on foot. Adrian Chiles talks to them and their companions.

Thrilla in Manilla  

Back to the heady days of 1975, and the legendary boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, told through the eyes of some of those who were there at the time.

Manchester bomb  

We go back to 1996 and talk to those caught up in the bombing of Manchester City centre by the IRA.

Shooting of John Lennon  

We revisit the tragic events of 1980, when John Lennon was shot dead, by talking to those who were there that night.

Diana and the minefield  

The day Princess Diana walked across a minefield.

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