If I Were You

If I Were You

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Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz offer advice in areas they're qualified to talk about. Also in areas they're not qualified to talk about. Email them with your own sticky situations: IfIWereYouShow@gmail.com


Episode 287: Hypnosis (w/ Brian McElhaney & Nick Kocher AKA BriTANick!)  

Fellow comedy duo, BriTANick joins us to discuss olives, little sisters, the Mario Bros.

Episode 286: Lightning Round 3 (w/Geoffrey James + Interns!)  

In this special episode we grab Geoffrey James and HeadGum Interns to discuss nectarines, flying, freshmen, basketball, hamburgers, wallets, masturbation, Tinder, showers, swearing, and Los Angeles! Thanks to Reilly, Nic, Saba, Santos, Eagle, Lauren, John George, and Dylan for stopping by.

Episode 285: Sexiled Roommate (w/Gabrielle Elyse!)  

Friend/actress Gabrielle Elyse joins us to discuss crushes, condiments, and online college.

Episode 284: Jakes Moms Cookies  

In this episode we talk about braces, blow jays, and being a creep. And also, Jake's Mom's Cookies.

We're in Montreal for JFL this week! Get your tickets here.

Episode 283: Prank Wars (w/Streeter Seidell!)  

Friend and lover Streeter Seidell joins us to discuss catfishing, dick pics, and old videos.

Come see our live show in Montreal! July 25 as part of JFL comedy fest.

Episode 282: Is It Cheating If...  

In this episode we discuss getting grossed out and turned on. Also, tennis.

See us in Montreal! Live "If I Were You" on July 25.

Episode 281: Sex Party (w/Gaby and Allison!)  

Comedian and friends Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin join us to discuss polyamory, sexuality, and their book. Things get extra real.

Episode 280: Broken Wiener (live in Portland!)  

In this episode we discuss good relationships, bad shits, and ugly lovers. Recorded live at Mississippi Studios, in Portland, OR!

Brought to you by Spoke.

Episode 279: Mona Lisa  

In this episode we discuss pissing style, missing smiles, and kissing piles. Well, actually just the first one, but man it's fun to rhyme! Also, we talk about instituting some new segment ideas! Let us know what you think on twitter. Do people read these? Let's find out!

Episode 278: Street Fighter Sex  

In this episode we discuss class clowns, mad dads, and bad tats. Questions compiled by our new awesome summer interns!

Episode 277: Instagram Girlfriend (w/Mike Karnell and Dave Rosenberg!)  

Two Twinnovation boys join us to discuss dating apps, whipped cream, and snout outs.

Episode 276: Sweet Boys  

In this episode we discuss eskimo brothers, real brothers, and Duke Men's Basketball Coach, Mike Krzyzewski.

Episode 275: Hangover Routine  

In this episode we discuss bird names, Instagram games, and the rare F-Buddy Zone.

Episode 274: Butts and Butts  

In this episode we talk about geography, flatulence, and the unbearable lightness of woke.

Episode 273: Shallow Boyfriend (Live in Denver!)  

In this episode we discuss good friends, bad people, and ugly voices -- live at Comedy Works in Denver, CO!

Episode 272: Return of the Game Boy  

The Game Boy returns to discuss crushing, sweating, and Jake's feet.

Episode 271: Two Cam Girls  

In this episode we talk about airplane problems, Buzzfeed quizzes, and weed.

Episode 270: Nipples  

In this episode we discuss cats, threesomes, and terrible TV Etiquette.

Episode 269: Mom on Blast  

In this Twitter lightning round episode we discuss pigs, jeans, candy, beards, Los Angeles, ice cream, bangs, the kiekel, and the worst kind of person!

Episode 268: Sex Diary  

The Gameboy invites us to his house to play a round of his sick game. We discuss sex diaries, walking with your mom, and the most illegal things we've done. This episode brought to you by Article.com. Head to http://www.article.com/ifiwereyou for $50 off your purchase of $100 or more. Watch this episode at http://www.youtube.com/ifiwereyou

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