IGN AU Pubcast

IGN AU Pubcast


The Aussie IGN team break down the biggest gaming news over a few cracked tinnies. Everybody wins.


IGN AU Pubcast 139: New Levels of Cuss  

It's the obligatory E3 special, with extra Jem Gold! Chatting VR, Forza Horizon 3, Zelda, Spidey, Zero Dawn and a whole lot more.

IGN AU Pubcast 138: Delicious Clown Baloney  

The AU team on VR, Overwatch, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Dangerous Golf and more!

IGN AU Pubcast 137: Don't Look at the Sky!  

The Aussies chat about Dishonored 2, X-Men Apocalypse, Doom and so much more.

IGN AU Pubcast: Hearthstone Special  

It's Card Corner for real in this special bonus episode, as Cam and Joab discuss Hearthstone's newest expansion.

IGN AU Pubcast 136: Crate Scott!  

The Aussies chat Uncharted 4, Shadow Warrior 2, Bad Neighbours 2, Dark Souls 3 and a whole lot more.

IGN AU Pubcast 135: Garbage Fake Real  

The Aussies chat Vive, The Division, Quantum Break, Enter the Gungeon and more. Your move, CLANCY.

IGN AU Pubcast 134: Batman Rules, Superman Drools  

Chatting Batman v Superman, Quantum Break, PlayStation VR and a whole lot more.

IGN AU Pubcast 133: 985% Updated  

The Aussies (and one Kiwi) chat Superhot, Far Cry Primal, American Truck Simulator and a whole lot more. It's an epic episode!

IGN AU Pubcast 132: Better Than You've Heard  

Chatting Deadpool, Triple 9, The Witch, Firewatch, Unravel and more.

IGN AU Pubcast 131: Book 'em, Pikachu  

The team talk The Witness, Far Cry Primal, Aviary Attorney and a whole heap more!

IGN AU Pubcast 130: The Bedside Commode  

Tristan, Cam, Lucy, Luke and special guest Jem Gold talk The Hateful Eight, Making a Murderer, VR, 2016 predictions and more!

IGN AU Pubcast 129: Bringing You Christmas Beer  

The team on Fallout 4 hoarding, the awesomeness of Jessica Jones and the unbearable wait for Psychonauts 2. Plus, an impromptu Card Corner.

IGN AU Pubcast 128: Surprise Statham!  

Tristan, Cam, Luke and Lucy talk Fallout 4 exploits, Steam Link impressions, Civil War, Star Wars Battlefront and more.

IGN AU Pubcast 127: From Paris With Love  

The team chat Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, SPECTRE, Black Ops III and a whole lot more.

IGN AU Pubcast 126: Conjoined Balls  

Recorded during PAX Australia! We chat about Aussie indie games, PlayStation VR, Need for Speed, Just Cause 3 and plenty more!

IGN AU Pubcast 125: Welcome to the Party, Pal  

Tristan, Luke and Lucy talk Rock Band 4, Broforce, The Beginner's Guide, and why Die Hard 6 is a really bad idea.

IGN AU Pubcast 124: Proudly Hated by Tim Burton  

Tristan, Luke, Cam and Lucy talk AC Syndicate, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk 5, Soma, our gaming tour of Tokyo and stacks more.

Pubcast Happy Hour 16: Rise of the Tomb Raider Special  

The team chat with Michael Brinker, senior designer at Crystal Dynamics about Rise of the Tomb Raider and the series in general.

IGN AU Pubcast 123: Pass the Chumbucket  

Tristan, Cam, Luke and Nate talk a surprising amount about actual videogames (for once). Normal nonsense will resume next episode.

IGN AU Pubcast 122: They Say It's Our Birthday  

The Pubcast is turning five, apparently. To celebrate, we drink whisky and talk about Forza 6, Crackdown 3, Hitman, Tacoma, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Dark Souls 2 and a whole lot more.

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