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Podcast Beyond : Podcast Beyond Episode 507: Uncharted's Lost Legacy, Biomutant, Yakuza Kiwami & Fear Effect  

This week, join Max, Marty, and Jonathon as they FINALLY get to talk about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which is out today, and which Marty reviewed. Everyone else is at Gamescom, getting hot scoops on games like Star Wars Battlefront II, Jurassic World Evoluton, Fe, and Biomutant. In other news, the Playstation classic (?) Fear Effect is getting a big huge remake/remaster. Maybe you remember Fear Effect from its controversially horny ad campaign. Meanwhile, some cool cyberpunk games dropped last week, Observer and Tokyo 42, and next week Yakuza Kiwami is out so go check out our review.


Podcast Unlocked : Unlocked Episode 310: Recapping Xbox's Gamescom Briefing  

On this week's Xbox show, we recap and analyze Microsoft's Gamescom announcements, including a new Jurassic World game that probably isn't what you're expecting, some family-friendly Kinect remasters (yes, really!), the stunning special-edition Minecraft console, Crackdown 3's delay, and much more!


Nintendo Voice Chat : NVC Episode 369: Sonic on Switch Is a Blast  

The NVC team shares impressions of Sonic Mania for Switch, debates flight vs. invisibility, and suggests five improvements to make Splatoon 2 even better.

IGN UK Podcast : IGN UK Podcast #397: Adam Wingard and Our American Super Friends  

This week Gav and Rory talk to director Adam Wingard about his new adaptation of Death Note coming to Netflix, and we're also joined by our lovely American brethren, Andrew Goldfarb and Zach Ryan.


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IGN AU Pubcast : IGN AU Pubcast 159: Dude Pistons and Lady Nethers  

Tristan, Lucy and Luke talk Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Hellblade, Wolfenstein 2, Mario Kart VR and more!

Podcast Unlocked : Unlocked Episode 309  

On this week's Xbox show, we discuss Microsoft's desire to revamp Achievements. Plus: Ubisoft's new studio and their first game, PayDay developer Starbreeze announces a new game out very soon, a classic comes to Xbox for the first time, and more!

Game Scoop! : Game Scoop Episode 449  

Hellblade, Starcraft, Agents of Mayhem, and more.

Podcast Beyond : Podcast Beyond Episode 506: Sonic Mania, Nidhogg 2, and Gnomageddon  

Hey everybody! We're back once again (that is, Max, Marty, Brian and Dornbush). A ton of games are out this week, including Sonic Mania, Nidhogg II, Cities: Skylines, Tokyo 42, Agents of Mayhem, and plenty more. We also got wind of a cancelled PS4 game called Gnomageddon, and we almost manage to have a discussion about that.

IGN UK Podcast : IGN UK Podcast #396: The Defenders Special  

We speak to The Defenders showrunner Marco Ramirez about the upcoming new Netflix show, go raiding in Pokemon Go, and bang on about Overwatch's latest update.

Nintendo Voice Chat : Nintendo Voice Chat Episode 368: Rocket League's Road to Nintendo Switch  

We welcome a special guest: VP of Publishing at Psyonix, Jeremy Dunham. Jeremy made the jump from games media to game development almost eight years ago. Tune in to hear him talk about his personal journey, as well as the fascinating success story of the company's flagship title, Rocket League, and its journey to Nintendo Switch later this year. 

Podcast Beyond : Podcast Beyond Episode 505: Hellblade, Nier, Little Nightmares, and Mental Illness  

This week, join Max, Marty, and Alanah to discuss the hottest new Playstation game, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, which released today. In spite of minimal pre-release buzz, it's very cool and you should check it out (or at least check out Brandin's review.) Anyway, we also discuss some other, less new games, like What Remains of Edith Finch, Little Nightmares, Nier: Automata, and Spec Ops: The Line

Oh, and we're giving away a copy of the Final Fantasy XII collector's edition. To enter, head to our YouTube channel, subscribe, and comment on this week's episode (#505) with a Square RPG you want to see remastered next.

Podcast Unlocked : Unlocked Episode 308  

On this week's Xbox show, we answer your Xbox questions, including our feelings on Shadow of War and other games implementing "loot box" microtransactions. Plus: Titanfall's future, Rainbow Six Siege's success, and more!

Game Scoop! : Game Scoop Episode 448  

Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, new retro games, and more.

Podcast Unlocked : Unlocked Episode 307: More Wolfenstein, BioWare News and More!  

On this week's Xbox show, we detail the new adventures to come in Wolfenstein 2, discuss EA's internal merger, lament the loss of BioWare designer Corey Gaspur, and more.

Nintendo Voice Chat : Nintendo Voice Chat Episode 367: New Switch games announced! Plus, our impressions of Mario + Rabbids and Metroid: Samus Returns  

The IGN NVC crew shares their latest impressions of Metroid, Mario + Rabbids, Slime-San, Retro City Rampage, and much more in our weekly podcast.

IGN UK Podcast : IGN UK Podcast #395: A Game of Porcelain Thrones  

This week the boys get bogged down in some hot Game of Thrones chat! Plus, Joe's played Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Dale n Alysia got spooked by a child and Gav's not having any of Luc Besson's new film, Valerian. All this under whilst one member tries to keep his insides from exploding live on the podcast. 

We've also got the best of your feedback and another absolute banging round of Keyword Countdown. 

If you want to get in touch, email us: ign_ukfeedback@ign.com 

Podcast Beyond : Podcast Beyond Episode 504: Pyre, Fortnight & Hellblade  

This week, Max, Marty, Brian, and Dornbush break down the smattering of smaller releases this week, including the long-awaited Fortnite, Pyre, Sundered and the oddly under-hyped Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Meanwhile, Playstation VR continues to get supported with new games like Dino Frontier, but it's still hard to tell what the future of that high-tech hat has in store.

Game Scoop! : Game Scoop Episode 447  

Metroid, Amiibo, Street Fighter, and more.

Nintendo Voice Chat : Nintendo Voice Chat Episode 366: Switch is a hit! Plus, Nintendo Online and Metroid Prime 4 talk.  

IGN's Nintendo-heads played more Metroid and Mario, tested Switch online chat, and wonder who should make Metroid Prime 4.

IGN UK Podcast : IGN UK Podcast #394: Spooky Mavericks  

We look back at our highlights from San Diego Comic-Con and go in search of Dana Skully. Long story.

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