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The world's premier comedically endowed and occasionally politically motivated football podcast. Surrealist comedy sketches, working class profanities and musical medleys are commonplace. Apathy aplenty. Football ferociously fetishised. Hosted by Joe Devine, attended by Martin Race, Alex Stewart & James Dutton, amongst others.


Season 4; Episode 20: Buffy & Vardy  

Alex Stewart joins Joe Devine for a whole podcast of talking. The moral ambiguity of Jamie Vardy is discussed at length. The rest of the podcast is a long list of better things to listen to. Enjoy.

Season 4; Episode 19: Fun-Maker  

Alex Stewart returns. This is a podcast.

Season 4; Episode 18: Um  

This is a podcast.

Season 4; Episode 17: Basil  

The boys are back, and ever so sorry for the minor, unintended break. Martin joins Joe for a wonderful scout through football pod-land, including visits to the Premier League city, a bout of pretend FA Cup talk, and mention of basil & Stewart Lee. Enjoy.

Season 4; Episode 16: AT  

Andi Thomas joins host Joe Devine to run through the final weekend of European qualifications. The pair chat Wales, N.I, England and ignore Scotland (forgot). There's also a Premier League preview and a bunch of fun to be had for all.

Season 4; Episode 15: Keane  

Host Joe Devine is joined by returning champion James Dutton. The pair discuss Liverpool, in depth, and the rest of the weekend's results a bit less so. Keane feature, as do other things I've forgotten about, and there's a bit of tension at one point, so listen out for that fans of awkward silence.

Season 4; Episode 14: Europe  

Host Joe Devine is joined by TIG débutante, football writer Andi Thomas. The pair discuss the various fortunes of England's Euro representatives, and preview the upcoming Premier League weekend (every game will be 5-5). Enjoy.

Season 4; Episode 13: Diseased Oak Tree  

Alexander Netherton joins host Joe Devine for some super serious football chat. They discuss Arsenal, and the never-ending Wenger circus, Manchester United and Fergie's lashes from obscurity, and loads of other stuff we've forgotten about but was totally good.

Season 4; Episode 12: Football  

Martin joins host Joe in THE room [how exciting] for the first time in a while. The pair discuss the weekend's football, and do a little preview for the midweek clashes.

Season 4; Episode 11: Basics  

James Dutton returns from travelling the globe to join host Joe Devine for this Thursday's episode. The boys review the English club's #UCL fairings, and preview some of the more interesting match-ups heading our way this weekend.

Season 4; Episode 10: Cheese  

Joe Devine is joined by Alexander Netherton to discuss some of the week's football. A shoddy internet connection cuts the pod short, so this episode is now a 'special' (meaning it's about 20 minutes long). It's all gold though, so don't you worry. We talk a bit about doping, and that's all I remember.

Season 4; Episode 9: Wealth  

Wealthiest man in the world, Alex Stewart, joins host Joe Devine for this edition of Illustrated Game podcast. There's a bit of Wayne Rooney chat, something you could barely get away with calling a 'Premier League Preview' and one-hundred-thousand tangents. Enjoy.

Season 4; Episode 8: Deadline Melt  

Alexander Netherton joins host Joe Devine to clear the fallout from Tuesday's deadline day. The pair discuss Charlie Austin, Saido Berahino, Matt Jarvis and Anthony Martial. Also, there's a preview for the international break, Wayne Rooney is discussed in all his glory, and is Van Gaal's job in danger?

Season 4; Episode 7: Dead  

Alex Stewart joins Joe Devine to discuss the weekend's football, pre-deadline day goss, and a lot of total nonsense.

Season 4; Episode 6: Circus  

Host Joe Devine is joined by long-time pod-guest Alex Stewart, to rifle through the week's football. The pair discuss Manchester United's midweek, Euro promise, and preview the upcoming weekend's games. Enjoy.

Season 4; Episode 5: Woodward & Pedro  

Host Joe Devine is joined by Alexander Netherton. The pair discuss Manchester United, Chelsea, Pedro and Ed Woodward. Norwich also make an appearance.

Season 4; Episode 4: Dead Dogs  

Host Joe Devine is joined by season débutante Martin Race. The pair discuss, Norwich, Manchester United, dead dogs and sex tigers. Please enjoy responsibly.

Season 4; Episode 3: The Doctor  

Host Joe Devine is joined by serial Liverpool fan James Roger George "The Duttoniser" Dutton. The pair preview bout two of the Premier League, and discuss Yaya Sanogo, and of course, THE DOCTOR.

Season 4; Episode 2: Apology  

Joe Devine is joined by Alex Stewart for this week's romp into the desolate caverns of the Premier League. James Dutton also makes a brief appearance to chat about Liverpool, and to apologise for being a mean, old man.

Season 4; Episode 1: Yes.  

We have returned. A new season. a new lack of enthusiasm.

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